Bathroom quickie

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I had always had a thing for Daniel. I loved the way his body looked in gym class, always taking off his shirt to give the girls what they wanted. So many times I had dreamed of touching him, kissing him, I wanted to feel him in me.

For the first time he had spoken to me. I felt almost numb as he made small talk until the bell rang. “I really like that skirt.” He called over his shoulder. That gave me an idea and I quickly removed my panties. I stuffed them in my locker and headed to class.

Daniel and I were in the same class, but I decided not to walk with him so I could begin phase one. I had a plan and I was going to fufill my dream. I got to class early and took the opportunity to take a seat close to Daniel, happy he liked to sit in the back. As the bell rang everyone settled in and our history teacher began a long boring lecture.

With Daniel so close my pussy started to get wet. Just what I wanted, and I spread my legs and stroked my clit. My foot slipped “accidently” to Daniel’s and nudged him. He looked over and I pretended I didn’t notice he was looking, I continued to stroke my wet cunt.

A side glance told me he was very interested and I stopped for a moment to look at him. My eyes darted to his pants and spotted his bulge. I smiled seductively and chewed my lower lip. He smiled back and I Raised my hand.

“Yes, miss Pearsons?” Mr. Caldwell drawled.

“I don’t feel well. May I go to the nurse?” I asked, putting a hand on my stomach.

“Yes. Someone please escort miss Pearsons to the nurse.” He replied hardly breaking his lecture. I took my time to stand and walk to the door. I looked expectantly around the room and Daniel picked up immedietly.

“I’ll go.” He called. Mr. Caldwell nodded, and we escaped outside.

I motioned for him to follow me, noticing he was still hard. We strolled the empty halls, headed for the bathroom. I pushed open the door and Daniel followe me inside. As soon as the door closed he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me.

I gently probed his mouth with my tongue, savoring his taste. Without hesitation I bent and unzipped his pants. Daniel’s cock sprang forth and I took it in my mouth. He grabbed my hair and pushed me closer sending his cock to the back of my throat.

I pumped hard, making him moan. He pulled at my hair, face-fucking me. Finally I couldn’t take any more, I stripped off my skirt and pulled away, taking his dick in my hands I rubbed the head against my dripping pussy.

Daniel kissed me hard as I swirled his cock around my clit. He continued to kiss me as he eased into me. I groaned and pushed against him, grinding my pussy into him. My moans echo through the bathroom, blending with his.

“Shit. I’m gonna cum.” He gasped. I rubbed my breasts, pinching and squeezing. He groaned and came inside me, sending me over the edge. My pussy convulsed and I came on his dick.

We dressed quickly and headed back to class just as the bell rang. I hurried to class to grab my bag, and Daniel followed behind me. I picked up my things and headed out the door, before I walked out I turned to Daniel.

“See you tommorow Danny.” I winked, and bounced out to my car. The whole time smiling, I had seduced the hottest guy in school and fucked him in the bathroom.

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