Bite of the Lovebug

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It was a quiet evening that I was just sitting home when a knock came to the door, it was Gene with this real hot blonde (Debbie); and he asked if he could use the phone. Go ahead, Gene.
Debbie was looking me up and down as I was doing the same, she had a hot body, and her bikini left no blemishes of what may be hidden within.I had to have some of this, I told myself.
I directed Gene to the kitchen, so he could have the privacy needed for the call, and I would entertain his guest. Well it wasn’t ong before his guest was being entertained as we exchanged some kisses, and her hand grab my straining cock, as I felt her body melt into my own, Debbie got down on her knees and unharnessed me throbbing manhood and taking me in her mouth and giving me one hell of a head job, al I could see was this blonde hair swaying and these two tits flowing with the hair as she gave me a dynamite blowjob, andmy wad just erupted as Gene waked in and Debbie was wiping off her mouth.
Gene called Debbie a dirty cock-sucking bitch, and I stepped in and told him, “no way, she sucked me clean, bro”; then Gene tod me that I could have her and he left.
That is all I needed to hear, I stood Debbie up and got her bent over and dropped her bikini bottoms to see the prettiest pink pussy ever, and I had to get me a taste of it, so I buried my tongue along that glistening slit, working it in and out, savoring the womanly scent, I was encountering as she was grinding her back side to me my tongue, I knew she was on the final verge of release, so Igot up and buried my throbbing manhood into her juicing womanhood, releiving the both of us into torrents of cumming sessions, feeling Debbie’s ass grinding into my cock, with a hunger of desire, as we exhaust ourselves, together.
Debbie said, “we got to do this again, some time soon,” and that is my intention.

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