College; junior year

She walks into the classroom wearing a red plaid & pleaded mini skirt, white lacy blouse with a black bra underneath. Black stockings with black high healed knee high “fuck me” boots. Every head turns to look at her whether male or female.
The hot teacher walks in the room with a stern look on his face. “Good evening class please sit down.” The students sit down except Jasmine who is talking to a young woman behind her. “Miss?.” She turns to the teacher smiles, “yes sir?” He looks at her she looks at him. He walks up to her “take your seat please.” She nods her head and sits down. He looks at her with serious blue eyes. Looking her up and down clears his throat and says “thank you. Let’s get down to business folks, shall we?”
Mr. Wrasse proceeds to discuss the syllabus, the required materials etc. During the course of the evening Ms Lowe continues to disrupt the class. Three times the teacher asked her to quite talking, to pay attention and stay seated. Every time she says “I’m sorry….”
Class is just about over. Jasmine remains quiet and listens to subject at hand. She watches the teachers every move, secretly admiring him. “wow, he is hot. Wonder how it feels to kiss him. I wonder what his cock looks like.” She thinks in her mind. She blushes when he looks at her. She can feel her nipples and pussy tingle every time Mr. Wrasse talks or looks her way. When the class ends and the teacher excuses everyone, Jasmine gets up to leave.
“uhmmmm excuse me Ms. Lowe may I speak with you please.” She smiles to herself than conceals it before turning towards Mr. Wrasse. Walking slowly and seductively to the desk. She stops just in front of it. “yes Mr. Wrasse?”

“I do not appreciate you disrupting the class. Seeing as how this is the first day of class I will let this slide. But in the future please be more considerate of the other students. Is that clear?”

“yes sir. Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” I walk up closer to him. “are you trying to bribe me.” Stammering, N-n-no Sir I was just….”

He frowns, looks me up and down a few times. “Turn around. Good, now bend over.”
I did as he asked. I hear his deep breath intake. I know he can see my white thong and sexy ass. He reaches out to lift up my skirt a bit more. He slides his hand from my ass to my pussy. “very nice now spread your legs. Yes that’s it.” I feel his hand on my ass and his middle finger against my pussy. I can feel my panties get wet. He kneels behind me. His mouth kisses my ass cheek softly. He spanks the left cheek. Kisses the other cheek then spanks the right one. Suddenly I feel his tongue against my pussy. He spreads my cheeks open slips his tongue inside my pussy hole. I gasp at the feeling. He pulls down my panties then spreads me wider. Then his hot tongue is on my pussy and licking slowly at first then faster. My juices are starting to flow now onto his tongue. I hear his low groan. “put your hands on the desk. That’s it, now spread your legs wider so I can see your beautiful pussy. Hmmm yes that’s it.” Suddenly I hear him unzipping his pants. Then something warm is against my ass. I realize its his cock. He slides it up and down between my ass cheeks then to my pussy and back up. He does this for a few minutes. His hand caresses my ass slides down to my pussy. He slips his middle finger into my dripping pussy. “you are very naughty Ms. Lowe. I’ll teach you to disrupt my class.” He smacks my ass a little harder this time. Then I feel his hard cock pushing into my pussy. I tense up but he grabs my hips and pulls me back against his hardness. His cock pushes further inside then with one swift move he thrusts hard and deep inside my sopping pussy. I cry out “oh god please stop.” He pulls out slowly than thrusts back in harder “you are getting punished.” Instead of being mad I started to enjoy this treatment. The next thing I knew Mr. Wrasse is fucking me harder and harder. I gasp when he pulls out completely then rams his thick hard cock back in and starts fucking me even harder. “oh god yes…that feels so good.” His hand moves to the front and starts caressing my aching pussy. “will you be a good girl from now on?” he is thrusting deeper “yes….oh…….I’ll……be……good.” suddenly he pulls out spins me to face him. He leans me back on the desk and bends down to suck my wet pussy. Then he positions himself to my pussy and slides in slowly then starts pumping hard and fast. He kisses me hard on the mouth then kisses down to my neck. All the while he is fucking my pussy with deep long thrusts. I can feel him tense up as he prepares to cum then two seconds later he holds me against him and shoots his seed deep inside my hot pussy. He pulls me off the desk.
“now suck my cock.” Unhesitantly, I kneel before him notice the hard fat 8 1/2 in cock with and 3/4 inch thick. I start sucking his monster of a cock. I suck him in and out of my hot mouth slow and fast. He grabs my hair and starts fucking my mouth making his cock hit the back of my throat causing me to gag a little. I suck it harder and faster for five minutes until he cums deep into my mouth. I swallow it all down and milk him for all he’s worth. He swats me hard on the ass and tells me to get dressed. “from now on try not to disrupt my class in the future. Understood?”

Yes Mr. Wrasse. I will not disrupt the class anymore.” I fix my clothing quickly. Smiling to myself. I walk out of the room. I think to myself. “if I get that every time I misbehave, I’m going to be bad everyday.” With a giggle I get into my car and go home.

The End

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