Fact or fiction?

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I feel your hand slowly moving up my thigh, I have been waiting for so long for this…….I am awoken by the alarm, again I have dreamt of you.

As I shower I think about whether or not today will be the day we give in to each other. The way to work is the same as every other day as I think of you and I closing late tonight, whether we will be alone or accompanied by one of our co-workers.

I arrive and strut in knowing your looking at me, I glance your way through my dark glasses and get that rush I always do when I first see you and imagine us…….
Later, Im bending over and I know your watching thinking of what will happen when we are alone, the knowledge makes me wet with anticipation, and I know you know what you do to me. You love it , you thrive on it you know that the chemistry between us is electric and I can’t control myself the way you do, the knowledge is in your eyes mixed with lust everytime our eyes meet.

Everyone is gone, it’s just you and I. Planned like this, made me do extra so I would be alone with you, I bend over your desk giving you a glimpse of my breasts spilling over the top of my bra, our eyes lock, and I know your expecting me to make my move, but I’m not giving you the satisfaction, no you wont win this game. I lean close to your ear to tell you I’m leaving but your ready for me and you grab my hands and push me against the wall kissing me hard with urgency the releif is momentary, then Im overcome with lust and I have to have you inside me you pull my shirt off only taking your lips from mine for a second, your hands roam my breasts and I ache for you to remove the restraint you do finally and drop to my chest to suck at each of my breasts in turn. I pull at your shirt and it’s off, my hands now concentrating on your pants, undone you pull me to the desk and place me upon it, hands under my skirt caressing my thighs, I am aching for you. Pulling off my tiny thong you dip your head to taste me and I moan,the pleasure unbearable, I pull you up to me but you are to strong you want me to beg for you inside me “I won’t give in, untill you beg me to fuck you”. Dipping your head back to my pussy you drink from me as I finally give in to you and beg “please fuck me fuck me hard” you look up at me and grin licking your lips as you come level with me you pull me off the desk and turn me around, “Bend over” you instruct, I oblige and give you a special veiw of my glistening centre, you moan and pull my hair back to whisper in my ear that you’ve been wanting this for a month,you kiss my neck and I moan backing up to you, wanting you,finally you give in and plunge into me, I cry out in pleasure. You thrust harder and harder deeper inside of me untill you feel me tighten around your cock you call out my name and we come together.

Till tomorrow………

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