Feeling Neighborly

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When I saw him I was immediately drawn to his rippling muscles under his tight white tank top. My friend introduced him to me and he seemed easy to talk to. I found out he was a talented musician, playing the guitar and the drums. As I talked to him, I began to daydream a little, wondering what it would be like to be held by those strong arms. Then I thinks to myelf, “What am I thinking? I am married!” I excused myelf and went back home, but couldn’t help thinking about him. I was married to a man much older than myself, and he was not attractive at all. In fact, we had not had sex for a while, and the last time we did, it did not do much for me. We could not do my favorite positions anymore because he had grown too fat.
The next day I went across the park to my friends house to find my daughter. My friend tells me that my daughter had gone across the street to try out the drums. My heart leapt at the opportunity, and I went and knocked on his door. He looked surprised to see me but invited me in. I watched my daughter play the drums for a minute, and then I went into the living room to talk to him. Somehow the conversation turned personal, and I told him about the problems with my husband. He told me he had just broken up with his girlfriend and was thinking about moving out. She had a new boyfriend and was gone with him a lot. He mentioned that he knew a lot of kama sutra and that my husband I should look into it, as it might help. As soon as she heard that, I felt a slight warmth between my legs. I had read about kama sutra and knew it was very intense, erotic sexual positioning. I began thinking about how I could get this guy to show me PERSONALLY this kama sutra stuff! I mentioned that I knew of an empty trailer a few doors down if he would like to demonstrate personally. He was nervous about the idea, because of the fact that I was still married, but I assured him that I had no interest in sex at home, and that my husband would not find out. About that time the drums stopped, and my daughter was ready to go home. We left as he promised to think about what I said.
A couple of days later I went to see if he was home. He was still nervous about the idea, but it had been a while since he had sex with anyone, so he was persuaded quickly. We went towards the empty trailer, and I went in first. He snuck in a couple of minutes later. We went through the trailer ad discovered there was still a bed in the back bedroom! I turned to him and put my arms around his neck. He asked me why I wanted to do this, and I simply replied “Because you’re sexy as hell!” Then he put his arms around me and kissed me. It was even better than I imagined!
We backed up and he laid me down on the bed. He trailed kisses down my neck, then lifted my shirt to seek out my breasts. I ran my fingers through his long hair as he unfastened my bra and began to tease my nipple with his tongue. My hands trailed down his back then around to unfasten his pants. He pulled down my shorts and underwear, and then knelt down to lick my clit. Oh wow! I groaned with pleasure. While he was doing that, he was wriggling out of his pants. The moved back up to kiss my breasts again, then he entered me. I was in ecstasy! He lifted my legs and rested my feet on his shoulders. With firm, even strokes he pumped as I gasped with pleasure. Then he put my legs down, and moved slowly back and forth as he leaned down to kiss my breasts again. No one I had ever been with before had been the right height to do that, and it was an amazing feelilng. That brought me over the edge, and I clawed at his back as the waves of pleasure washed over me. Once he knew I was satisfied, he started to thrust quickly, and shot his load deep inside me. I held him until I was sure I had every last drop. Then he laid down beside meand kissed me gently. I thanked him and told him that no one had ever made me feel that good before. He blushed and said maybe we could do it again sometime. Then we decided we had better get dressed before someone came looking for us. We dressed quickly, and I watched him out of the corner of my eye. He was so sexy! I could hardly wait for our next encounter.
I told him I would see him the next day, and I peeked out, then quickly exited the trailer and walked home. He left and went back to his house, but as I looked back I caught him looking back at me. I believe this is the start of a beautiful friendship!

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