Finally satisfied (by mala n se)

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We both knew that we were playing with fire. Our temptations were great as were the risks. The sexual hunger that went on in public with only the two of us knowing was enough to make me cumm on several occassions. It made it possible for me to feel alive with passion in times that he wasn’t even aware of. This was not ‘love’ this was just a human being that held the same longing for pleasure that I had. Now was the time to see if the passions that we yearned for for be a reality. It was not long after out ‘dirty’ little talks that we were both to go out of town for business, alone, far from our families and anyone who could connect us. We never discussed anything that might happen. For most people it would be just a passing fantasy, for us I felt it would be some of the best sex ever. I had longed to touch his body and make it respond they way I knew I could. Once we were in the car and on the way, the quiet took over. It was obvious that we both had a lot on our mind. We tried the common chit-chat and that helped pass time until we arrived at the hotel. Once we check in our adjoining rooms, we went to the hotel restaurant for dinner. Dinner was driving me crazy, I wanted him to touch every part of my yearning body. Most people in the restaurant would have assumed 2 people in love. I did care for him but not in way that I wanted him to share my life. My life was happy at home with the man that I loved and the children who loved me. But I was so in need of what this man had to offer. His wife and my husband would also make great lovers, they would never be able to feel the amount of raw lust and desires on the level we do. We had confessed to each other over the past few months in the few times we were alone at work some of our hidden passions. Over time we would joke around with others some things that we liked to find that most people were not into things that we both found pleasurable. We had jokingingly spoke of all kinds of sex ranging from video, toys, oral and my all time favorite, stories. I must admit I love to read about other people having sex, my favorite involve lustful seduction. I was finally going to get what had been haunting me. As we both reached for bill, our hands finally touched, they stayed connected as our eyes found each others and held the gaze of desire. We both knew that the alcohol had only help ease our hesitations. For one rare moment we both become uncomfortable and decided to leave. Once in the lobby we started to our rooms, the quiet almost too much to handle. There was no reasons or excuses left at this point. When we reached our rooms, it was me who said, maybe this isn’t a good idea. He looked disappointed and that was the emotion I had hoped for. I certainly did not want to be the only one feeling like this was what I had wanted. He quickly disappeared into his room making me even hotter. I was ashamed to admit that I wanted it even though I had gone to all the effort to shave completely and buy the silk and lace that my husband had never craved as I was sure that this man would. I took great care in the store when picking out my white satin and lace undergarments. It had been years since I fulfilled my desires of a garter belt and silk stokings. They felt so good putting them on that had to pleasure myself at home once I saw how sexy it looked all together. Now it was time to give in to everything if he was willing and every nerve in my body hoped that it was. After some primping and perfuming I walked to the adjoining doors and held my restless breath. I gently open my door a little to notice that his door was also just barely open. From this spot I could see him on the couch watching tv. While trying to decide what to do next, I noticed that he was watching porn on tv. I became immediately aroused wondering if I had helped him get that hot. I watched the tv from the spot and noticed that he had already released his member from his pants. It was just as large and thick as I had immagined it would be. I tried to decide if I should just go and come back later, but my own juices held me there. I watched him begin to stroke what I had always thought was a lovely sight. I could not control my body from reacting to the movie (some guy fucking a girl like he was in all control) and watching him get the same pleasure on his body. I sensed my nipples harden against the coolness of the lace bra I was wearing. I had been wet most of the trip already but now I was sure I was going to explode. I had to fight the urge to moan watching him so as not to interrupt. As he continued to stroke I could feel my body against the door frame and my mound alive with sensation. He was really into the movie and didn’t notice me. I became breathless with anticipation and as he finally gave his cum up for the movies, I dripped down my own leg with desire. I froze trying to determine my next move. It was then that he quietly asked if I had enjoyed myself. He, unknown to me, had known I was there the whole time. The show was excellent, and while I stood there post orgasmic myself, he approached me and got as close as two humans can get and with his breath on my bare neck and chest told me that he was going to take to places that only he could. This would be only the beginning of our exploits, I desired each one more the that previous. This was going to be a wonderful 2 days and nights.

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    It made me remmber an incounter that I had a while back…..Vey nice

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