Forbidden Meeting

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You show up at the hotel…your nervous and are sure you shouldnt be here but you cant help yourself….you knock and feel your pussy involunteeraly shudder and you get wetter….i open the door and see you as i smile and look directly in your eyes…you are wearing a long flowing dress and you made sure it emphasised your breasts and cleavage, since the guy at the desk couldnt take his eyes off them.
I tell you to show me what you have underneath…you go to step into the room and i block your path….i tell you again to show me and you start to protest that youll do it in the room…i tell you now or never….we are both looking in one anothers eyes….you suddenly feel weak kneed… quickly look up and down the hallway and then pull your dress up exposing your black lace panties to me….you go to drop your dress but i tell you to stop…your standing there exposed and in total view if anyone happens upon us….i ask if your wet and you gasp that your soaked and your panties are stuck to you.
I move back and allow you into the room…you hesitate as your still torn….i tell you the choice is yours as im standing back from the opening and holding the door….without being aware you are then in the room and the oor is closed…i put the extra lock across and your whole body tingles from head to toes… behind you and you can feel me close to you…my breath on your neck….not touching you but close enough you can smell me and feel me
I tell you to move into the room….it is dominated by a king size bed and some drawers with a flat screen TV on it. Your eyes are drawn to the tv and you see its on then realise that there is porn on it and then you hear the noise and see a girl being eaten by a guy as she swallows another guys cock…your body betrays you again and your knees can hardly hold you…i then am on you from behind and grab you pulling you back onto can feel that im hard thru my jeans…and i bite your neck and run my hands all over your body hearing you moan and feeling the last of your will power drain away….i whisper in your ear you are my slave tonight… answer before even thinking …yes baby, anything
I slip my hand under your skirt…i can feel how hot you are and even without saying a word you spread your legs to allow me access…..i grab your panties and slip my fingers inside them and yank them off you….down to the floor and you step out of them…and your juices asre literally gushing all down your legs and pussy
I spin you around and grab you…arms engulfing you…and kiss you hard….tongue deep in your mouth as i pull you hair and press hard onto you…just as you respond i step back and break the kiss….we are looking in each others eyes again and i tell you to stay there….i move to a chair and sit in it…i tell you to show me your breasts….you slowly slip your dress down and stand there soaked and exposed to me…i tell you to play with them for me and you do….pulling nippples and cupping your breats…the whole time you can see the porn playing and you are turned on beyond belief….i tell you to strip naked for me and you slowly slip the dress down and step out of it till you are standing there completely naked
I tell you to move to the bed and get on your handsand knees there…you do and then i move to you…you dont see them till im there but i have silk ties on the bed and i tie your wrists and ankles and then look you in the eye and tell you i have more surprises….i move the curtain and there is a video set on a tripod and i press record
You know your not going to be able to keep going long…you look at me and beg me…hamish PLEASE touch me….i smile and move to you then without warning slam 2 fingers hard into your soaked aching pussy…you cum instantly…screaming my name and convulsing…showering juices all over us both and the bed…body shaking and if it werent for the restraints you would be rolling all over…. then before your first orgasim has finished i order you to stop moving….with great will power you do….you then feel me spread your legs wider and your pussy opens….i then firmy and quickly slip a dildo all the way into you….you gasp and push back…i slap your ass and tell you again not to move till i say you can… say yes baby
I move it in and out of you…slowly increasing the tempo….using my fingers to rub your clit…i slip the dildo completely out of you and rub it all over your ass…slapping the soaked dildo on your ass and then inserting the tip into your ass… moan but still are able to stay still…you really dont want me to stop….you know your going to cum again soon and so do i… directly behind you and feeling your heavy full breasts as they hang there for me to play with….then as an extra surprise you feel me slam my cock deep into your pussy…you have been so obsorbed in everything you didnt even hear me unzip my jeans….with the dildo still pobing your ass and your pussy filled with hard throbbing cock you cum again…..shaking and not beoing able to help push hard back onto me
I slip out of you and for a fletting instant you remember your partner and then he is forgotten as i rub your clit with some of your gushing juices….i untie your ankles and order you onto your back….your lying there naked, drenched, shaking looking at me with my hard cock exposed from my jeans, covered in your juices…which are dripping off me….i retie your ankles and as i look in your eyes i lower my mouth to your sweet pussy, smiling the whole time…..then i slowly blow hot breath on you….gently touch you with JUST the tip of my tongue and keep doing this for a while till you are squirming and ready to explode…you keep begging me over and over to give you more…please give me more hamish…please baby…anything please….just more
I finally relent and devour your pussy…clit, swollen lips, running my tongue in and out and down to your ass and into that too….the sensations are breathtaking and you are pulling on the ties, arching your back, moaning louder as the seconds tick by….then i slip 2 fingers into your pussy and one in your ass and lapping your clit….it is all you need and you explode again…screaming…juices all over us both and all over the bed…

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