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Night has slowly crept up in the city like an old and familiar lover, cradling the city in its soft, dark embrace. As the sky fades from the brilliant blue of the day to a golden rose to a soft mauve, I sit in my office, finishing off the work of my client. As the sun is replaced by his sister moon, warm fire replaced by a cool glow, so I finish my last remaining reports on my computer, the artificial blue of the monitor lighting the room.
A million tiny lights sparkle in the city’s skyline. I stand up from my chair, and walk to the window. This nighttime world at my feet is filled with unspoken possibilities.
A soft knock at my door… and you enter, not unusual for you to be late nor is it for me. Ties are loosened, jackets are taken off and sleeves are rolled up as we settle into a comfortable conversation. I can feel your smoldering gaze travel from my lips to my breast down my legs to my feet, still in heels. So prim and proper yet full of possibilities. Music softly pumps in through a stereo…the soft throbbing of Portishead.
I send you a smoldering look, something to burn you by, and tilt my head in invitation. Something so forbidden, yet seemingly so right…
You come around and fall on you knees at my feel. My fingers curling the arms of my chair tightly as you slip my right foot out of its shoe. Your fingers slowly yet sensuously explore my stockinged foot. I lean back, a soft sigh escaping from my lips….
You run your tongue over my foot, exploring as you go, sucking and tugging at places I never knew exsisted that could radiate such pleasure…I feel my very core melting and seeping out, soaking my panties… your lips and tongue moves further up my leg, until you find the top of my stocking. With one slow, deliberate move, you pull it down….
Lips meeting, tongues entwining, desperate to find release….
You find the spot on my neck, that graceful curve. My body shudders as your run your tongue lightly over the spot. My hands wander down your chest, your abs and down to where hard and soft meet, your cock springing to life at my touch.
“Please…” I breathed” Please…” asking for the release as my body burns in anticipation of your touch…
‘Soon.: You promised as you unbutton my blouse. You lightly run your fingers across my nipples, teasing them… again, a soft moan of pleasure escape from my lips as your take them into your mouth to suckle them.
You take my enflamed body and lay it on the floor, and with one hand trap my hands above my head. With the other you unbutton your trousers… you gently urge my legs apart and discover with a soft moan I’m dripping with anticipation.
Our burning lips touch mine again as you roll my panties down my legs and free yourself from your pants. My body shaking as your cup me in your hands…
With a single stroke you plunge into my body… from soft velvet to silk to damp satin. Filling my very soul…..
We devour each other like wild beasts, my body contracting around you as you stab again and again, each tome harder then the last. Higher and higher… each thrust faster, hotter, wetter then that last….
The music changes to the soft crooning of Sade.
My release hits like a fist in the gut… causing me to cry out in triumph. Starbursts exploding behind my eyes…
With a final thrust, your body shudder as you cum inside me….the room filling with the smell of hot, lustful sex……

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