Fresh Flesh

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“Fresh Flesh”

This story takes place in a small town out in the country,where few visit and many never have even heard of this place.

I was vacationing in a bed and breakfast at a country home up north in the mountains. It was beautful time of the year i was looking for peace and quiet and not the fast pace of the city life. I had been over working and my body needed some just good rest and relaxation. My freind had told me about this nice little bed and breakfast,she went there also when she was feeling drained by work and needed to get away for a weekend. So she gave me the number and i called and the place was available,so i booked it for a week ,i had vacation time accumulating and finally decided to use it. So off i go up north,it was a nice drive,nice time year not hot yet not too chilly either.As i approached closer it was a very deserted area,no other homes around for miles,i was so glad,i could enjoy my peaceful surroundings. I pulled in driveway and went to offlice where they gave me my keys,i had already paid in advance,so that was not a issue to take care of. It was a lovely almost like a apartment in the back of the house,it was very private with its own entrance and i was glad. So the office had informed me everything was set and waiting for me. I replied by thanking them and on my way i went. I opened the door and it was a lovely big room,with a canopy bed. There was fresh flowers in the room and i had my own private bathroom with a beautiful garden tub and shower. I thought to myself omg this is beautiful no wonder my freind enjoys coming up here. The birds were chirping and there was a beautiful breeze,i unpacked my suitcase and put my things in the closet and decided it had been a long drive and decided to take a nap. So i layed down on this beautiful bed and fell to sleep.When as I was beginning to dose off I heard a voice,are u asleep they ask ,I replied by saying no I was just going to take a nap.By the way what are you doing here,it was my friend the one who had recommeded the place for me. I didn’t realize thie was your week,I came up to spend the weekend and I found out there was a error on my part with the dates,so I just wanted to say hello and im going back to city,she replied. Oh hell this is big enough for both of us,spend the weekend,ive got all week here,its getting late and no sense of you driving back at nite this late alone,I replied. Im so sorry she said I really feel terrible,I messed up dates. Its okay I don’t mind the company. She was a very beautiful woman but she seemed lost,like myself I thought to myself. Well are u tired I was just laying down to take a nap it was a long trip,well yeah I am she said, well crawl in ,theres only one bed in here so we will have to share it for a couple nite that’s you are here. I don’t mind,she replied.

I woke up to shortly after we feel asleep,she was still sleeping ,so I was quiet as not to wake her. I decided to take a nice bath and relax,while she was sleeping. There was some scented candles that I lite up and bubble bath and I was good to go. I had purchased some wine out of the front office,they had a small little store there,I loved to just relax and sip on wine.So as the bath water was running I went and got my glass of wine,hell I brought the whole bottle with me. I then slipped off my clothes and got into tub,awwwww the smooth silky feeling of the bath oils and the fragrance of the candles was so relaxing while I sat there and sipped on my wine.This was just what I needed,relaxation,peace and quiet.When I heard the door open and it was my friend shelly,oh im sorry I didn’t realize you were in here, I woke up and was thinking about exactly what your doing,she giggled. Well you might as well climb in we are sharing a bed this weekend ,we might as well share the tub too,I replied chuckling. No she said that’s just too much,I can wait,I don’t mind she said. Are you scared I asked? Well ive never bathed with another woman especially my friends,well hell neither have I this will be a new exsperience for both of us I replied. I could see she was blushing,would you like some wine I asked,it might help relax you. Yes shelly said,that would be great,well ill grab a glass and be right back. Ok I said. I couldn’t believe I was going to take a bath with my friend,but what to hell,this week was about relaxing and I was bound and determined I was going too. Shelly came back ,here ill take your glass while you get in tub. She began to remove her clothes,she had very nice firm breasts and a neatly shaven pussy which surprised me being she was always so timid and shy.not that I was looking. Oh this is nice and warm she replied about the water as she sat down in the tub.Heres your wine,lets relax I replied. I want nothing but too,shelly said. Its been hell of a year for us both at work. Shelly shocked me as she asked me would you like me to wash your back,ummmm I guess you can if you want to shelly. Yes or I wouldn’t of suggested it,she says. She began to run her hands over my back lathering it up with soap. I was trying not to think about how her hands felt so nice on my skin. Does this feel alright she asked. Yes its wonderful,I replied,I could feel her move closer to me and her nipples were pressed up against my back. I didn’t want to but the thought of it was making my pussy twinge. Okay I replied fairs fair,its my turn,you turn around. No she says you don’t have too,im fine.No its ok shelly I don’t mine,really. She then turns around as I grab bath soap and sponge and begin to run the hot soapy water over her back , damn that does feel nice she softly said. I know you did a great job on mine shelly,I moved myself closer to her as my breast touch her back I rubbed them against her as I began to lather her sides up ,I reached around and ran the sponge over her breasts as she leaned back into my chest and she wasn’t stopping me.Instead she turned around and looked at ne and reached forward and kissed me slowly sliding her tongue inside my mouth. I quickly pulled back.I had never kissed a woman before, and I thought nor had she,but now I was wondering.

Im sorry shelly replied as she stood up and went to get out tub when I grabbed her hand and brought her back to me and said no,please stay but but she replied. No I want you to stay,I was just startled,ive never kissed another woman before,well I have but never my close friends. Please kiss me again,I asked, are you sure she replied.Yes I am sure.As she leaned forward she ran her hands over my breast and kissed me sliding her tongue into my mouth exploreing the inner sides of my mouth.She then took my hand and placed it on her right breast I felt her nipple glide under my fingers as I rubbed along it,feeling her nipple getting more and more erect as I moved my fingers over it pinching it as she softly moaned. Shelly then lowered her mouth down to my breast and began to suck on them and nibble on my nipples,oh it felt so good she was making my pussy twitch even more.Then she moved her hand under water and between my legs and began to finger my pussy,oh it felt so good,her sliding her finger in and out as I began to moan with enjoyment and excitement from her gentle touch. I placed my hand around her back and ran my hand downward over her ass and around the front slightly squeezing it on the way. She then sat next to me ,taking my hand and gliding it between her legs .I ran my fingers over her clit and down to her hole where I placed a finger in and gently began to move it in and out of her like she was doing to me as she kissed me I could feel my pussy pulseing more with every movement and she bagan to move her hips fucking my finger in and out of her. Oh mmmmmm shelly that’s so nice I quietly told her she nicely replied your doing a great job on me sweetie for being new at this, I could feel my face blush,but we were over there,there was no stopping now and I didn’t want too,nor did shelly. Stand up she said to me,what for,just do it she replied. I stood up as she moved her self between my legs taking her mouth and putting it over my pussy and slidin
g her tongue betwe
en my lips and over my clit.Damn she was eating me and it felt really good ,so good that by this time I was taking her head and pulling it deeply into my pussy.Mmmmmm that feels so good,oh she moved her tongue into my hole moving it quickly in and out faster and faster ,wow I was thinking to myself ,I think she has done this before,or shes just damn good at eating me.I was feeling the pulse get quicker and quicker between my legs I was about ready to cum and she was going to lick every drop of it.When she stood up and said ok show me what you can do,she replied. She took my head and placed it infront of her clean shavin pussy as I moved forward and began to lick and flick my tonuge over her clit ,oh she tasted sweet but damn good,I was likeing this more and more I began to tongue her hole as she began to grind her pussy into my face the more I ate her the more she moaned I could tell she was about to come and I sucked and licked on her clit,oh she tasted do good,her sweet juices all over my face,She began to move her hips and I was fucking her hole with my tongue.Oh yes oh yes im going to cummm she moaned I took ym mouth and sucked her clit as she came ,as I licked her cum all up.Now shelly replied,lets really finish you,I was almost ready to cum just by her getting hers when she sat back in tub and said come here bring that pussy to my face,let me eat until you cum for me,I straddled my pussy over her face as she grabbed my ass cheeks pulling my pussy into her mouth as she sucked on my clit I was so ready to cum I began to grind my pussy in her face and girate my pussy over her tongue as I began to cum as she licked and sucked all my juices,and kept sucking on my clit. Wow that was nice shelly replied,yes your very good at that,and do arnt you for this being your first time shelly replied. How did you know,I knew,you don’t really think I got the dates wrong ,did you,she asked? Well ,yes I replied. No I came up here to be with you ,ive wanted to eat you for a longtime and I was hopeing this was going to be my chance too finally. Well and it was and it was awesome,I hope you enjoyed yourself as well natalie, shelly asked. Yes I did shelly ,I didn’t know how great it really could feel being with another woman,I replied,. Well natalie the weekends only just began. To be continued

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