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I am 21 and have had a crush on my best friend Billy’s mother since I was 16. Her name is Laura and she divorced Billy’s dad two years ago. She is not a classic beauty; she is 5ft,4in. tall, short brown hair, very full bust ( a D cup),a little overweight, shapely legs (a little heavy). I had been working up the nerve to approach her for about a year. One day I decided to go for it. Billy was away at college so I just went over to his house one afternoon and knocked. Laura answered the door and was surprised to see me. “oh, hi Jeff” she said.”what brings you here? Billy is away you know”. “I know” I said” I came here to see you”.”Oh, what about?””I’m going to get right to the point” I said”I’ve been attracted to you for years and I have to do something about it”. She was dressed in a white T-shirt which accented her great bust and navy sorts. I pulled her to me and kissed her. She didn’t kiss back and put her hands on my chest but didn’t push me away.”Jeff, please. This is crazy. I am old enough to be your mother.” I just kissed her again sliding my tongue into her mouth. She began to kiss back. Then I began kissing her neck and her ears while running my hands over her back and pulling her butt into me. “Jeff, we have to stop. This is not right”.”Laura”I said” I have waited long enough. I have to have you”.”Oh my God” she said “What are you going to do?” ” I am going to make love to you” I said. I led her over to the sofa and pushed her down and began kissing her; her lips, neck, throat, all over. Then I puhed up her T-shirt, unsnapped her bra exposing her beautiful tits.I immediately began squeezing them and sucking on her nipples. She had her hands on my head and was moaning. I then unzipped her shorts and pulled them and her panties off. She lifted her butt so I could so I knew I had her. I dove into her pussy, licking and sucking on her clit. She had her hands on my head and was moaning and squirming. I got up and stripped, my cock standing straight out. She looked at me, her eyes half closed her legs spread. I got on top of her and began kissing her as I slid my cock into her. She let out a moan then began moving with me. I wanted her to cum so I went slowly and kept squeezing her tits as I fucked her.Finally she began to breathe hard and said “Oh, Jeff, you’re going to make me cum”. And she did. Then I fucked her faster and I shot my load into her. We just laid there together for a while kissing. Then she said” That was great but crazy. You are a handsome young man and I am flattered that you want me but “. I cut her off. “I don’t want to hear anything negative. I’ve waited too long for this and I can’t let it end. This is just the beginning. I want a sexual relationship with you.””Alright, Jeff, but I expect you to be faithful to me or it’s over. Agreed?””I just want you, Laura,everyday”. Then I began kissing her again got on top of her and slid my cock into her again.”Take me whenever you want me, Jeff”.We have great relationship.

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