Halloween trick and treat

Fifteen months ago Gina treated me to some of the best damned sex I ever had. Unfortunately Gina had a severe attack of morality and no matter how hard I pressed the topic of getting it on one more time, she refused. In fact she went from letting me see her nude, as I had always been privy to prior to us doing it, to taking extra precautions not to allow me to see her nude. When I questioned her about it she simply informed me that it was way too much temptation for me. She told me she loved fucking me as much as I enjyed it with her but that she really wanted to stay faithful to her boyfriend, who she had been with for well over 2 years now. I respected that but boy did I miss being with her. Jokingly she said if they ever broke up tht she would call upon my services to keep her sex life alive. What was even more frustrating for me was the fact that Gina went on a real health kick and had breast implants this previous spring and she was about as hot as hot could be. I was dying to see her new breasts but all she ever did was pull her top down to a point where you were a hair away from seeing nipples. She proudly told me she was a full D cup too. Gina drove me crazy and I was not sure if she was doing it on purpose or just because she was who she was.

One day this past October Gina invited me over for a really good steak dinner because she felt we needed to finally clear the air about all our issues. I told her I would love to do this even though she has been known to destroy a good steak on occasion. She asked that I bring dessert and promised to cook up the steaks right this time. I arrived at 5:30 and Gina was late as usual. When she got home, she said traffic was to blame. She was dressed in typical business attire but quickly changed into sweats and a tee. Even frumpy looking clothes like this could not hide her magnificent physique. When I told her that, she blushed. Gina whipped up a great meal and the steaks were as good as promised. She then told me it was time to get down why she wanted to talk to me that night.

In her most gentle and polite manner she told me she felt the pressure from me about sleeping with her again and that in some ways it was exciting but in other ways she felt like she was under pressure all the time from me. She said though she loved having sex with me when we did it the previous year that she felt she did it because she was angry with her boyfriend that year. She said she used to feel so comfy being nude in front of me and now she felt like she was advertising should she allow me to see what she she used to reveal. I apologized and told her I meant no harm. She told me there was no reason to apolgize but she would love to be able to go back to the days when our comfort level was so high that we could talk like used to and not feel funny nude around one another. I told her that it was a done deal as far as I was concerned. With that we hugged and kissed but only a gentle one. With our new agreement in place, Gina in one of her typical and outrageous behaviors, asks me if I am finally ready to see her brand new boobs. Having never seen implants before and dying to see what it did for Gina, I quickly accept her offer. Gina pulled up her tee and bra and I was stunned. Red faced for a second, Gina immediately regained composure and stood there proudly showing off the best pair I ever saw. She reminded me of how she kind of had no cleavage before and how now it is exactly what she wanted. She was really bold but I think it was more of a test when she asked me if I wanted to feel them. I couldn’t refuse and enjoyed feeling my first implants. Gina asked me what I thought of her new body. I laughed because I only saw the part of the body that she paid a doctor to give her. She said when she went for the implants she chose to change her whole body and that included diet and exercise. With that, Gina undraped and stood before me in her birthday suit. She was perfection. I told her that too. No wonder her boyfriend worships her. I laughed and told her that it wasn’t fair that I had to miss out on the new and incredibly improved body. Gina told me that even her boyfriend had trouble controlling himself after he got to experience her new body and that even today he goes crazy when I take off my clothes. Gina told me that even though she wants us to behave, she still gets the urge to rcok my boat too wither new bod. She just left the door open with that comment.

The night before Halloween this year Gina called me and asked me if I remembered our chat at dinner a couple of weeks earlier. I said I did and Gina giggled. She fumbled and stumbled with her words but then was able to say what she was thinking. She asked me if I knew about that new exotic motel that opened up about 20 miles north of where she lived. I had no idea what she meant. She told me it was the one with king size waterbeds, wall to wall mirrors, in room hot tub and huge 46 inch TV’s. When I told her it sounded morelike an amusement park than a motel she laughed and told me that was exactly her feelings. So why was she telling me? She told me she had always been dying to go to a place like that and…. There was a brief pause before she said that her boyfriend had no interest in going to a place like that and she was dying to check it out. It finally dawned upon me that Gina was inviting me. She just couldn’t come out with the words. When she finally could say what she wanted she told me she was dying to do it in a waterbed and see herself with mirrors. I told her I would have to think about it but she knew I was teasing. She asked me after finally finding her nerve if she should reserve for a short stay or a night. I thought a whole night was a good idea and so did she but wanted to make sure we agred. It was going to be fun.

On Halloween night, Gina and I went to this motel, checked in and went to our room. When the door swung open you knew the place was for one purpose and it wasn’t for weary travellers. Jokingly I picked up Gina and carried her over the threshold. I plopped her down on the bedand it rippled like the waves on a small beach. Gina just closed her eyes and savored that feeling. We checked out the place and wherever we looked there were mirrors. Gina said she felt horny and weird at the same time. She said she didn’t expect to feel the way she did and asked me to understand if she backed out if it was too much for her. We decided to take it slowly and just make the best of it. She leaned upwards and kissed me in a sweet way. She suggested we change into the clothes she purchased especially for that night. She went into the bathroom, which of course had more mirros, and I changed into my attire in the main room. About 5 minutes later, Gina opened the door a crack and asked me if I was ready to see her. I was beyond ready. Gina slowly opened the door, revealing what was the sexiest black negligee’ I ever saw on anyone. I was left speechless. She also put on this intoxicating perfume and made her self up too. She was stunning. A feeling came over me like never before and I didn’t know what it was. I walked over to Gina and asked her what she was feeling. She said she didn’t know but it wasn’t just arousal. We hugged and kissed and couldn’t understand what we felt. We thought when we got there that we might even chicken out but for some reasom it wasn’t about doing it anymore.

We climbed on to the bed and Gina looked and smelled just perfect. We both slipped off our clothes and lay there, pressed against each other. Our eyes met and we finally clicked on our thoughts. I stared at Gina and asked her the question neither of us ever expected me to say. I asked Gina to be my wife. For a moment Gina lie there motionless, not knowing what to say. It seemed too surreal for her as well as me. She gave me this lush kiss and inside the kiss was a very soft “yes”. I do not remember the next minute or two but I do know that Gina and I started making love and with every movement we made o
ne of us would soflty
say “I love you”. We were making love and not really fucking like it was meant to be that night. We must have been at it all night before we could stop. We would start, do it, stop, sleep and do it again. One time we fell asleep while I was inside of her.

The following morning Gina called her bofriend and broke it off with him. What was supposed to be just a night at the fun house turned out to be a night of changes. I think I always loved Gina but it took that outfit she wore, some intense perfume and our high comfort level to convince me she is the woman for me. To make sure it wasn’t something of a crazy one night thing, Gina and I have been together day and night since and have had a years worth of lovemaking in about 9 days.

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