her date wid new guy made me hard

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hi im kiran mentioned in previous story that through which stage v were passing now im posting new story to tell u v took first step.
i was daily taking this topic when she was in office i use to tell her baby go n flirt wid ur friends i vl not say anything i told her even if u get kissed its ok but tell me.she use 2 say no.after few days i stoped convencing her.
after few days she has gon out to her friends place.his name is amit.and that day nothing was in my mind n even i was not convencing her.that evening when she reached to his house she send me txt msg on my mobile saying kiran u were asking me to do something kinky if anything happens 2day i vl tell u.i called her up n asked what happened she said his parents r not at home he is alone n he is looking too hot n im geting wet by thinking what if anything happens between us 2day. i got very hard by listening to her n i thought this is time where i vl not have to convence her so i just smiled n said i love u baby do whatever u want n keep sending me txt msgs n i hang up.
i was waiting for her msg after 1 hr i msgd her what happen send me msg.
i got reply but it was disappointing she said nothing happened he is being very descent.so i said ok i vl guide u i send next msg asking where ur seating n where he is i got reply she is in chair n he is on sofa n they r having formal talk.
i said start talikng flirty n take topic to his previous relations n experience.
she asked him amit u had girlfriend hv u ever kissed her.he laughed n said i did sex so y ur asking abt kiss.my doll laugh in seducing voice n said i thought ur very shy guy so u dont even know how 2 kiss a girl.they both laughed.
my gf txt me all dis n asked my suggestion what to do next i replied her.
then she got up n seat close 2 him on sofa n said i bet u r not good kisser he said is it challenge my horny doll who was already wet looked at him gt more close n said in seducing voice ok u prove me how good kisser ur.that guy was shy guy so he dint did anything she msgd me kiran im confused should i do it or its bad but i want to do it im finaly asking u.by the time just imaginig what was going there i was vry hard so i replied plz do it u dont know how much im njoying it plz do it n send me msg.
she then got up n swith off light xcept dim light it was 9p.m.
n she again sat close to him n she said u know im girl i cant take first move he asked what do u mean then she got more close she took her lips close to his lips n said r u gng to prove how good u can kiss.there was silence for 2min then amit got guts he put his lips on monas lips n stated kissing her he kissed her hard my cat has bcum wild she sat in his lap crossing her legs around his waist n now she was kissing him hard on lips ,neck,biting his earlobe.then after 15 mins they stoped n she send me all these details i was reading msg n rubing my own cock .i replied her ok go ahead i will not disturb u by sms n now cat is out of bag so u better know what to do.i said im waiting for ur msg after hvng fun msg me.n v hang up.
she msgd me after 45 mins till that time i was so horny so i gon to bathroom had shower n i was imaging her.i mastrubated imagining she is gvn blow.again i was hard i mastrubated twice.
after hanging up phone she gt on sofa n now she started kissing him she slowly removed his shirt n started kissing his chest he was pressing her boobs n butt she moaned loudly aaahhh n took his hand she kissed his hand n she put his hand between her legs n he stated rubbing her pussy.then she screamed loudly can u fuck me in my ass.he started kissing her buttoks she said plz make me naked he moaned n said i love 2 do it mona infact i mastrubated so many times thinking how sexy ur.but my parents can come at any time.she pushed him back made him lie on bed n said ok but plz just take ur hot rod out of ur jeans chain he did wid in second it she got on knees n sucked it hard she moved tounge on tip of it she started mastrubating his cock n kissing him he shoot his load.n after 5 min his parents came he said v vl go 4r date next sunday 2 any resort my grl said im waiting for sunday n i wan eat ur body i vl show u next sunday n kissed him.n said ok ur a good kisser but u hv 2 prove nxt sunday how good ur in bed.
then after leaving she called me she was in cab n xplaing how wet she is.i told her dat i mastrubated twice n again im hard its really hot she said yah it really spiced up our relation i again started mastrubating on phone i was moaning she said she also feel like i said ok now do phonesex she said im in cab i convenced her she closed mirrors n said driver plz adjust ur mirror he adjusted n asked what happen she said u vl cum to know n she put her hand in jeans i was moaning on phone i said u wan blow driver she said no i vl just gv him show n stated fingering her she said she can see growth in drivers pant we both started moaning n climaxed after geting climaxed she ask driver 2 stop cab n she changed cab as she was feeling uncomfortable..
i was hard through out week n she was wet waiting for sunday i will post next story about her date on sunday…
plz reply me how it was on my new email id its monas341@gmail.com


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