Hometown Surprise

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Hometown Surprise
The last time I was home in Mississippi on vacation I met a class mate named Shannon I had not seen in years in the grocery store. We were talking and catching up when she suggested I come see her and her husband for a while. I told her that sounded great and she gave me directions to her house. I headed back to my Mom’s house and told her I was going to see Shannon after we put the groceries away.
I pulled into Shannon’s yard and they were standing in the front yard. Shannon’s husband is a Pentecostal preacher and she always wore skirts and dresses in school with long hair and no make-up. They had been working in their flower bed and Shannon suggested she and I go in for a bit while her husband Hank finished up his chores. We sat down to iced tea and Shannon said “John I will get right to the point. I heard some rumors about you a few years ago before you left town. If what I say next offends you I apologize. Hank likes to have a man once in a great while and if you let him pleasure you he will let you do whatever you want with me sexually.”
I was blown away but interested. I said “Well I guess you two will be discreet about this?” with a big grin. She laughed and said “Oh yes! We won’t blab!” “What will Hank want from me?” I asked. “He will suck you off if you let him.” Shannon said “and that is all. You can do more with him if you like.” “Ok then, one more question. Will YOU let me do whatever I want sexually to you?” I asked seriously. “Oh I will enjoy it.” she said smiling. She went into the kitchen and came back with a Viagra. I took it an smiled at her. “Hank already took one just in case” She said.
Just then Hank came in and said “I am going up to shower and will be done shortly.” He headed upstairs. Shannon told me to follow her and we went upstairs and showered in the guest bathroom. I had dreamed of what Shannon’s big butt has looked like for years in school since the sixth grade. Now I was washing it and getting hard as heck! Her ass was beautiful! It was round and thick for a white girl for sure. She soaped up my hardening prick and gave it several slow tightly gripping strokes. I leaned forward and licked her boobs. They were beautiful full C cup size with delicate little nipples. She pulled away and we got out and dried off. She dropped her towel and headed for the master bedroom. Her big butt looked delicious as I followed her.
As we walked in Hank was on his knees in front of the bed. He smiled and waved me over and had me stand in front of him. Shannon stood beside me and took me in her hand. She guided me into Hank’s open mouth and he began softly sucking just the head. He was good at sucking cock I have to say. He worked up and down my cock for a few minutes slowly taking me further into his mouth until he had all of my slim six inches inside. He paused there and just held me in his mouth with my balls resting against his chin.
I had been playing with Shannon’s butt the whole time as he sucked me. I was exploring all I could with my right hand and had finally started just gently rubbing my middle finger against her butt hole. I would occasionally press into it seeing if she would let me slip it in a little. I felt Hank slip completely off of my cock and felt him lick my balls as I looked down at him. I looked over at Shannon and she was transfixed. Staring at Hank and what he was doing to me. Her face was flushed and her nipples were hard. Hank sucked one of my balls into his mouth and sucked it deliciously. Damn it felt good!
I decided to change things up and asked Hank if he would lay on the bed crossways. He got up and lay down. I told him to let his head hang off the side of the bed and he smiled. He opened his mouth and closed his eyes. I guided my throbbing cock into his mouth and began to slowly fuck it. I spread my legs a little and told Shannon to kneel behind me so she could see it all. She smiled and did as I asked. I began getting faster and felt my balls start to rise as I got ready to shoot my load into Hank’s mouth. I looked down at Hanks cock for the first time and saw that it was good size. It was probably 7 inches and thicker than mine. It was uncut and purple as hell. I had never sucked a cock before but I decided to try it. I leaned forward and took the head into my mouth just as I started coming. I could not keep him in my mouth as I exploded into his mouth. He clamped down greedily and sucked my dry. When I had stopped spurting he just held me in his mouth keeping suction on my cock. I felt him release the suction for just a minute and swallow my load. Then he started sucking me again as I held myself there as far in his mouth and throat as I could go.
I felt Shannon stroke my balls slowly with her fingernails and felt like I might come some more. Then she rubbed a finger over my butt hole and I shivered. I pulled myself out of Hank’s mouth and turned to her. I had Shannon lay on the bed on her back. I had Hank straddle her face facing towards me and dangle his balls over her mouth. I told Hank “Now Shannon can suck and lick your balls while I try out her pussy.” “Sounds good to me!” Hank said.
I knelt down and started licking Shannon’s pussy. It smelled like honey and tasted great. I leaned back a little and spread her legs wider. She had beautiful thighs! They were thick but smooth. The skin was almost flawless. I carefully inspected her pussy lips and clit hood. She had huge pussy lips and her mound looked like a large half orange with a slit in it. Her clit was swollen and twice the size of one of her nipples. The most astonishing thing was the bright pink color of her outer lips and her butt hole. Not a hint of brown anywhere it was all white skin and pink perfection.
I licked her clit quickly for a bit and the smell of her pussy changed. It was a sweet but muskier smell and I slipped my tongue inside her. As soon as I tasted her I stood up and plowed into her all the way. Her pussy hole was tiny! She was slick and wet as hell but extremely tight. I started fucking her as hard and fast as I could and soon was ready to come again. I felt her relax around me and her hole loosened its grip. My orgasm faded and I knew she was more of an expert than most strippers and prostitutes in pussy control. She would gently tighten herself around me and get me ready to come again and then relax. The third time I was too far gone and she realized it and tightened her cunt up till it almost hurt as I thrust into her. Hank was watching me and I looked down and saw he had his butt hole planted firmly on Shannon’s mouth. I was going like a piston and soon exploded into Shannon’s squirming red hot cunt! “Mmmmmmm” I moaned. I looked down and Hank was shooting a load onto Shannon’s tits as I filled up her love hole with mine.
Once we both stopped coming and settled down a bit Shannon hopped up and put on a robe. She came back with three big glasses of iced tea, my cigarettes, and lighter. I took a big swig of tea and lit up. I told Shannon how well she had kept herself up over the years. Hank drained his tea and asked me for a cigarette. I was surprised and he smiled. “About every 4 to 5 years we do this and I have a smoke or two as part of it” Hank said. He reached over and soft stroked my cock gently. He looked at Shannon and she knelt in front of me. She opened her mouth and he stuck my still soft cock into her mouth. I saw her cheeks hollow as she sucked it hard. It felt like a vacuum cleaner. She did not move her head she just kept a constant suction on me till I was fully hard. “What else do you want from Shannon?” Hank asked. “Well she could watch me blow you and fuck your butt” I said. Hank looked shocked. “Will you really?” Shannon said. I had Hank lay on the bed and I lay down with my head in his lap between his legs. I took him in my mouth and began to suck him off. I stopped and told Shannon to get behind me and lick me for a bit and then watch me do Hank.
As I settled back down again I took Hank’s cock into my mouth I felt Shannon’s tongue slowly begin to lick my butt hole. I concentrated on pleasing him and soon he was ready to come. Shannon had stopped licking me and was sitting by Hank watching my every move. I got him close and told her to catch his load. She leaned down and sucked him just as he started to come. Hank really came hard and long.
Then I told them I wanted to take both of them in the butt at once. Hank got up and got some KY out of a drawer. Shannon lubed his hole and my cock up Then I lubed her up and she settled into the doggy style position beside Hank. I pressed my cock against Hank’s hole and it slowly slid in. I began to slowly stroke into him till I was buried and gave him a few hard strokes. Then I pulled out of him and pushed my cock head against Shannon’s beautiful back door.
At first I could barely get the head in. I felt her butt hole flare open and felt her fart lightly around my dick. It smelled like warm butter. She started laughing and let out a couple of more small ones as I glided in. As soon as I got all the way in her I started stroking into her hard but kind of slowly. I gave each of them a few strokes each as I went back and forth. I had never done this before with a man and his wife. After a bit I was ready to come again as I fucked Hank. I told Shannon to turn around and watch us. I slowed down and ground into him hard. I would pull out slowly and then ram my cock home up his ass. I would stay there for 2-3 seconds fully buried in his ass then pull out slowly again.
Hank started coming and I kept at him. I was ramming into him as hard as I could with each stroke. Finally I lost control and fucked him as hard and fast as I could for 2 minutes. Then I exploded into his ass. I buried myself all the way into him and froze as I blew spurt after spurt into his ass. I looked at Shannon and she had two fingers in her cunt and her thumb up her butt. I was in heaven and hated to leave but I had to. Maybe I can have another experience like that some day.

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