I Will, I Do

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Our bodies glisten in sweat from our ravishing of each other. I clung to his body as he rammed himself repeatedly into me and I beg for more of him….

We met at work, I was coming in the door way to apply for a job and he was on his way out to do a job. We glanced at each other for the briefest of seconds and that seem to be just enough time to form some kind of connection, but we both kept on our path. The job I didn’t get but I wasn’t worried as I had found something that day, if only for the briefest of seconds that had made the whole thing worthwhile. It wasn’t until weeks later that our paths crossed again. This time we both stopped and let things go beyond a glance. His name, he told me was Carl and I told him that mines was Evee, both were a lie, but again that was ok. We decided to go and have lunch that lead to dinner as we talked or rather told lies about ourselves. The light of truth couldn’t not enter what we started and it all had to stay as it was a lie. Over the next few days we met for lunch and dinner, we had gone from the talking to touching and beyond in terms of all that were publicly socially acceptable behavior. Then late one night, as I lay naked in my bed dreaming with my eyes open of him and wondering if he was thinking of me too, I heard a knock at my door. I cautiously answer it as it was in the wee hours of the morning and I was not expecting company of any kind. I looked through the peep hole and saw what I knew one day I would see. I opened the door to him naked and invited him in. He came in with his eyes taking in my naked body saying not a word with his lips, but his body language spoke volumes to me, as well as his presence this late night in my home, a place that he had never been or invited to.

“I need you, I want you, will you?” he whispered to me as I shivered not from cold, but from need and want.

I closed my eyes to block out the view of him and the need that I saw in his eyes. The lie must be maintained I thought. I don’t need you and I don’t want you … but will you?” I asked him as I opened my eyes and my body to him.

“I will, I do, “he said as he pulled me to him and I kissed his lips.

Then it began.

Stripping him of his clothes, I kissed every inches of his body as I breathe the essence of his scent into me. I wanted to put as much of him to memory, as I sucked at his marvelous nipples until the stood up like pebbles from his chest. I sucked mouth full of his skin as I went down his body I tasted his flesh which was sweet to me. I was not alone in putting this lie to memory, he was doing the same, kissing, licking sucking, touch, inhaling all that was me. When he buried his face between my legs to drink of the essence there I rubbed my face against his cock breathing in the warm musty scent. I than slid its’ thick mushroom head into my hungry mouth and was rewarded with a taste of his true maleness and wanted more. I sucked and massage his cock as his tongue and mouth found my button and gave it much needed attention. MMMMMMMMMMM I thought as we oral worshipped each other sex. I needed more, I needed to feel his strength I needed him in me. The very thought seem to ignite my demanding mouth. I was in shock and hurt that he pulled himself out of my mouth.

“Nooo little one,” he said as he flipped me over onto my tummy in my bed and pushed and pulled my body so that the back door of my pussy was open to him for his pleasure.

I was now shaking and moaning controllably and needing and wanting more. In one movement, he slid his self into me, going deep and spreading the pulsating and contracting walls of my pussy. I screamed and moaned at the same time, with pain and then the pleasure of it all. He rode me, like a cowboy in a rodeo riding a horse, he road me. Slapping my ass cheeks as he rammed his cock deeper and deeper into me, I felt no pain only wild sensual joy. He then reached around and started to finger my clit which was now as hard as his cock. I came screaming, cursing, sweating and joyously with him in me, touching me, and fucking me better than I had ever been fucked in my life. I collapsed on to the bed with him still in me and his cock still demand more from me, which I gave and he took. When his orgasm had run its’ course, he collapsed on top me and we laid there not talking for words were not needed as we slowly found our way back.

In time, he held me to him as he repositions us in the bed and covered us both with the bed spread. I lay in his arms as he hummed a tune from a song that I knew well in my ear. “One Heart Calling” by Nelson Rangell, I had introduced him to Rangell’s music and others like him. I moved to be closer to him if only on the surface of his skin as he turned me to face him. He looked into my eyes and it began again, this time face to face.

Against my lips he whispered,” I need you, I want you, I will. ”

I whispered back,” I don’t need you, I don’t want you… I do …” as he again claimed my body with his and so the lie continues…

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