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Couple Rewards Doctor for Saving Husband – 1


I am Neena, wife of Raj. It was Sunday morning. We arrived at the hospital at about 7 am in our car. I was not in my senses. My husband Raj was badly hurt. His breathing was erratic. I feared for his life. The previous evening he fell down from a height and hurt himself. Since then he had an acute problem. Our family doctor visited that evening and gave some medication. However, his condition deteriorated through the night. We had to rush him to the hospital next morning.


A team of doctors examined my husband and opined that my husband needed immediate operation. They said his life was in danger. I was desperate. Hospital staff rushed my husband to the operation theatre. I heard from junior doctors that the surgery was quite complicated. It would take almost five hours. They assured me that the surgeon performing the operation was Dr. Umakant, who was an experienced and an expert surgeon. I absent-mindedly heard them and closed my eyes; praying to God for most of the time during the operation.  I saw the surgeon coming out several times, to organize various things, giving various commands to the nurses and attending staff. I was impressed with his energy and attention to detail in ensuring success of this surgery.


After the surgery, the surgeon came out of the theatre, removing his gloves and said to me smilingly, “Mrs. Raj, you are very lucky. You brought your husband just in time. Had you been late even by an hour, perhaps, he could have lapsed in coma and the case would have been beyond reasonable possibility of survival.”


For the first time that day, an expression of relief appeared on my face. I folded my hands in greeting and blurted out with a mixture of excitement, happiness and surprise, “Oh! Sir! So! You are the famous Dr. Umakant! I am so glad to see you. How is my husband?”


“Yes, he is OK and will be fine,” said Dr. Umakant.


I could not control my tears. I saw how well Dr. Umakant had organized the pre- and post-surgery procedures and I had learnt from the nurses, how well he operated my husband. I was very grateful to Dr. Umakant, who tried hard to save my husband.


During the first three or four days, many junior doctors, nurses, patients’ relatives visited our room in the hospital, asking me how my husband survived such a serious accident. The news of my husband’s miraculous survival circulated in the hospital like wild fire. Everyone came and told us how Dr. Umakant, through his hard work and expertise, took my husband out of jaws of death.


When I met Dr. Umakant after the operation, I told him that, but for his untiring efforts, my husband could have collapsed. It was only due to his untiring and genuine efforts that my husband survived. He smiled back and told me that he did nothing extra. What he did was his duty as a doctor. However, I knew that Dr. Umakant had put in commendable effort, or so it seemed to me. I felt that Dr. Umakant did not act, as any normal doctor would have done. He went far beyond that.


About five hours later, Dr. Umakant came to visit my husband Raj in the special room, to check how he felt. My husband Raj was asleep. I woke him up. Raj opened his eyes and saw Dr. Umakant smiling. It was a wonderful smile. Dr. Umakant’s teeth were nice and uniform. He was indeed a very attractive man. He took my husband’s hand in his and said, “I am Dr. Umakant. You are a very lucky man to have survived this accident. Your wife was very worried and was praying all through. Her prayers have worked.”


My eyes were moist. The doctor tapped on my shoulder in genuine sympathy and said, “Your husband is ok now and will be normal in about four weeks. However, he must take complete rest for at least three weeks. During this period, you must take good care of him. If you have any problem of any kind, do not hesitate to come to me. I am always available” The doctor then called me outside the room and gave me instructions on post surgery care and what food to eat, what medicines to be given etc.


I found the situation overwhelming. The accident and then the operation by Dr. Umakant, felt as if my life completely changed during those critical six hours. It was like a windfall of blessings after the catastrophe. Dr. Umakant’s gesture touched my heart.


I caught his hands in genuine affection and told him, “Dr. Umakant, I am extremely grateful to you for what you have done for us.”


I could see acute embarrassment written large on his face.


My husband quickly learned from the hospital staff and me; what Dr. Umakant did to give a new lease of life to him. I told my husband that but for Dr. Umakant, I would have been a widow. Raj nodded his head, took my hand in his, and smiled.


For the first four days, Dr. Umakant regularly visited our room twice a day. This was a great boost for me. I developed complete confidence in him as a dependable and competent doctor. I would not trust anyone else and insisted on Dr. Umakant’s advice for all treatment related issues; small or big. I also realized that he went out of his way and devoted a great deal of his time and attention to the treatment of my husband in preference to his other duties. He worked tirelessly to treat my husband’s rehabilitation and recovery related issues.


My husband Raj and I felt greatly obliged by Dr. Umakant’s prompt, tireless and sincere attention to him. Raj is emotional and very affectionate. He held my hands and said, “Neena, if ever there will be an opportunity, I would love to repay this debt to him.”


There was one thing about Dr. Umakant though, which I found strange. I was puzzled to see Dr. Umakant in the hospital through the day and night. He never appeared to be absent. I checked on this with the hospital staff and learned that he and his wife had some serious problems. For the last few months, Dr. Umakant did not sleep in his house. He slept somewhere on a patient’s empty bed or on the stretcher in the hospital. He would do extra duty hours just to forget his domestic problems. The hospital management was quite pleased with that. He went to his house only to change clothes. Usually, he ate in the hospital canteen.


I was disturbed hearing this. I felt a tinge of pain realizing that such a wonderful, decent and loving person was undergoing such tension. I felt a surge of sympathy. I felt like helping him get over this situation. However, I did not how I could help. My respect and feelings for Dr. Umakant increased considerably.


When my husband Raj, learned of this, he told me, “Neena, when you go home today, please bring that inflatable bed with you on your way back from our house. I would ask Dr. Umakant to come and sleep in our room on that bed. Our room is air-conditioned and he can sleep here in comfort. I do not want him to sleep in patients’ beds or on the stretcher in the night.”


I went home every day in the morning from the hospital, for about three hours to freshen up, cook and set up the house. When I returned from home that day, I brought the inflatable bed with me in the car. The bed was compact and comfortable. When deflated, it would become small and easily portable. We could deflate and tuck it away when not required. When we needed to spread it, we would inflate it with a small compressor, which was a part of package.


In the hospital at night, I was allowed to stay in the room as an attendant. The room was about 10 ft by 10 ft. I slept on a sofa cum bed provided in the room. There was just about four feet space between my husband’s bed and my sofa. We decided to spread the bed between Raj’s hospital bed and my sofa. That night, when Dr. Umakant visited us, Raj insisted that Dr. Umakant should sleep in our wardroom on the inflated bed.


Dr. Umakant politely declined the offer saying that it would not be proper. Raj rejected this and said that Dr. Umakant was not violating any rules, as he was not on duty in the night. After a lot of haggling, when Raj stubbornly refused to accept no as an answer, Dr. Umakant had to agree. That night he slept on the inflated bed. The bed when inflated was at the same level as my sofa. One could easily roll over form one bed to the other. It was almost as if Dr. Umakant and I were sleeping on the same bed. My husband’s bed was slightly higher.


My husband usually expresses his grief and happiness by touch. He is a touch person. In the night occasionally, my husband hung his hand, touched Dr. Umakant’s hand and affectionately moved palm over Dr. Umakant’s face. Dr. Umakant reciprocated my husband’s affection and squeezed my husband’s arm. I liked my husband’s gesture. Following him, I also extended my arm in the night and moved it over Dr. Umakant’s face and hair. He reciprocated it with the same affection and squeezed my arm.


This became a routine and for the next three weeks, Dr. Umakant slept with us in our wardroom. By that time, we were reasonably comfortable with each other. In the night, after we slept, occasionally I would take Dr. Umakant’s arm and squeeze it to show my affection. Raj would usually have his one arm hanging in the night to touch Dr. Umakant. Dr. Umakant also would extend his arm to touch my head or arms affectionately or accidentally. However, I never felt that he ever attempted to touch me with any sexual intention.


I liked Dr. Umakant as a male. He was attractive in a sexy way, yet very decent. He was tall, strongly built, thin frame but with almost flat stomach.  His hair was usually ruffled. Yet it looked nice. He enjoyed excellent reputation as a good surgeon. He was always smiling, in spite of his problems. During our stay in the hospital, I cooked things of Dr. Umakant’s liking and brought them from home every day to the hospital for him to eat.


I felt a particular feeling for him in my heart that I could not understand or analyze. His height, casual attire, polite manners, charming smile, careless hairstyle and eagerness to help; moved my heart. Was there a hint of slight sexuality in it? I did not know. Did he also develop some kind of mildly sexual attraction for me? I had no way of knowing.


I noticed him occasionally stealing glances surreptitiously at my breasts and sometimes at my behind. Sometimes, I thought that he got a jolt when I touched him or he touched me accidentally.


I was good looking myself. I had round oval face, perky lips, long hair knitted in typical Indian style, large almond shaped eyes, height of about five feet five inches. I was quite trim not too thin, with slim waist. My breasts and hips curved out of my waist. I always noticed men around me, stealing glances to look at my body. My vital statistics were 36D, 26, 36. I was almost thirty years but looking less than twenty-five.


I was always particular about my dress. Those days, I wrapped my saree tightly around my waist and hips, which accentuated my curves. Raj liked me to dress that way. I wore tight, narrow sleeveless blouses, with back largely open or half covered. This exposed my navel and curved waistline in front and back, well below my belly button. This also left tiny bit of my breasts showing off above and below my blouse. Raj told me that men found this provocatively noticeable and he liked men to notice and appreciate his wife. From my college days, irrespective of how I dressed, I had learnt to accept and ignore men’s lusty glances. I did not bother about their looks.  Perhaps, I enjoyed them.


Once, when Dr. Umakant stole a glance to look at my breasts with a hidden expression of appreciation on his face; our eyes accidently met. I blushed and looked back at him with a smile. I was used to such glances and accepted them as normal. However, I saw expression of embarrassment on Dr. Umakant’s face, as he quickly shifted his eyes away.


My husband did not miss our mutual attraction. However, before he had an opportunity to comment; I frankly told him one day, “I feel that Dr. Umakant may be attracted to me, as I have noticed that he stares at my body particularly at my breasts when I am not looking. I think he likes to talk to me, even if he has nothing of substance to talk about. When we accidentally touch, he jerks, as if jolted by an electric current. At the same time, I must admit that he has been always respectful and decent. I find him very affectionate. I think he is also very cute and lovable, isn’t he?


My husband just smiled and said, “Look Neena, I am not surprised by your admission that you like him and find him attractive.” Then laughing he added, “I am not gay, but I too find him attractive, affectionate and lovable. Moreover, he is extremely helpful to me. I think it is because of him that I am alive today. I am also not surprised that he is attracted to you. This is natural. You are very beautiful and sexy. Any young man will be easily attracted to you.” There was a lusty smile on his face.


After a pause he continued, “Besides, you are aware of his problems with his wife. He is craving of a woman’s love for a long time now. I am sure that at this time, he is undergoing extreme physical and emotional torture. I am aware that he is very ethical and never flirts with any hospital female nurses, doctors or patients. As a man, I know how traumatic it is for a man to be away from physical love of a woman for so long. I think he has not had any sex for may be months.  Please do not react harshly, even if by chance, he touches you or makes any sexual advances. We are so much indebted to him. I would not want him to feel hurt.”


I looked at my husband and said, “You are right Raj. I see sadness, pain and craving for a woman’s love in his eyes. You have complicated the matter further by giving him a bed next to me. In the night, when he sleeps beside me; his hand touches me accidentally. Initially, I was afraid of his sexually touching me. However so far, I must admit that he has never touched me with sexual intent. I just do not understand how a man deprived of sex for such a long time, is able to avoid the temptation of touching me sexually, when I am sleeping right next to him. I find it very unusual. May be his moral ethics prevent him. May be he is afraid of offending our feelings.”


All the same, I could not but notice particularly that Dr. Umakant appeared mesmerized by my round and full breasts. This is because, in spite of his best attempts to avoid staring, he stole glances at my breasts whilst we talked. I had lush, ripe and full breasts. My blouse could not effectively contain my breasts and part of it overflowed the covered fabric. He also stared at my belly and exposed body portions, when he was sure that I was not looking. Although I noticed this, I ignored it. Most of the males behaved thus. Dr. Umakant was far better than the others.


One night after Dr. Umakant came to our room and we all slept in our beds; my husband asked Dr. Umakant about his relationship with his wife. Dr. Umakant admitted that he had problems with his wife. He described his sensitive personal problems. He said that his wife was suffering from some psychological disorder, which her parents had kept hidden from Dr. Umakant’s family at the time of their marriage.


Dr. Umakant frankly told us that he and his wife never slept in one bed. His wife was sexually frigid and resisted Dr. Umakant on their wedding night. She blamed Dr. Umakant for all the negative things in their lives. In order to avoid Dr. Umakant, she always found some excuse to fight with him bitterly and managed to keep him away. Dr. Umakant felt that his wife hated him for some reason. He did not know why. At the same time, Dr. Umakant said, his wife was very respectful to his parents, served them, and did all the chores in the house as a good homemaker.


We were stunned to hear the sad tale of Dr. Umakant. As he spoke of his problems and anguish, Dr. Umakant became somewhat emotional. There were tears also in my and Raj’s eyes. I said, “Dr. Umakant, I understand your problems. Please do not lose heart. Things will change. Your wife will one day realize her mistake. Please do not think for a moment that you are without a family. My husband and I owe you a great deal. Please consider us as your family.”


We were all emotional. We all lay in our beds. Raj had his one arm on Dr. Umakant’s face. I looked at my husband. He signaled me to move closer to Dr. Umakant to pacify him. I slid from my bed to his bed, wiped tears off his eyes and wrapped my arms around him. Instinctively, he placed his arms around me and took me in his arms. He pressed me close to him. Accidently, his one hand touched my breasts. I saw that it was almost like an electric shock for him. He jerked, withdrew and mumbled sorry or something. It was also like an electric shock for me also. However, I told him that it was ok and went back to him and hugged him closely.


As I hugged him, I felt his erect cock pressing my crotch. That was unavoidable. In fact, I felt a slight pity on him. There I slept in close embrace in his bed and he could do nothing. I almost felt like holding his cock and at least shagging it to masturbate him.


This time both of us ignored his arms touching my breasts. There was a strong current flowing through my body. I was in a stupor. Dr. Umakant tried to control tears rolling down his eyes. My husband moved his arm over Dr. Umakant’s body trying to pacify him. It was sad to see a man like him in such a condition. We hugged closely and held each other tightly for some time.  I gradually separated from him and returned to my bed. As I was returning, I saw some extra ordinary expressions on Dr. Umakant’s face. I could not fathom the depth of his feeling.


The next day, I told Raj that I was sure that Dr. Umakant was physically attracted to me. I told him about Dr. Umakant’s feeling my breasts and his embracing me close to him in the night. I casually said that Dr. Umakant was aroused. I hinted that he was aroused so much that his cock stood like a pole and when I hugged him, it poked into my crotch. That was despite the fact that when I hugged him, Dr. Umakant did his best to move his penis away from my body by pushing his crotch as much back as possible. Whilst I was narrating all this; Raj quietly picked one of my hands and placed it on his penis, covered under his dress. Even in that condition of his sickness, I found that Raj was having a hard on. I could imagine high velocity flow of adrenal through his veins. I was aroused myself talking about Dr. Umakant. My husband was excited hearing about my experience of sleeping with Dr. Umakant.


When I finished, Raj made me sit near him and told me, “Neena, it is my desire that we should do whatever we could, to see that the marriage problem of Dr. Umakant is resolved.” I nodded my head in agreement. I could not agree with him more.


Raj stayed in the hospital for three weeks. During that period, after that incident, although Dr. Umakant slept with us in the same room, he avoided any physical contact with me in bed. I saw Raj and Dr. Umakant spending a lot more time together talking of many things.


After my husband was discharged from the hospital and we returned home, we were in regular touch with Dr. Umakant. It appeared that the environment in his house deteriorated further. Meanwhile, our relationship with Dr. Umakant became closer. Dr. Umakant became a frequent visitor to our house. He would come, check Raj for any post surgery problems, check his stitches etc. and then he would sit with me and Raj and would listen to music or just talk with us.


Raj and I visited Dr. Umakant’s house twice after my husband was fit to go out. We met his parents and his wife. We were surprised to see his wife. She was beautiful in the real sense of the word. She had lovely face, sweet smile, very proportionate figure. At the first glance, I saw my husband melting down. I could see him making special efforts to avoid staring at her boobs and shapely figure. She wore a simple dress. We found Dr. Umakant’s wife normal in all the ways and it was a mystery for us, why she behaved such with Dr. Umakant. I developed suspicion that perhaps she had a lover and did not want to marry Dr. Umakant. However, when I talked to her, woman to woman, she told me that she studied in girl’s school and college and did not like to meet boys. I knew that my suspicion was wrong.


During that period, Raj told me that he had met several psychologists. He said that he was doing some internet research on ‘Frigidity’. My husband was very determined to solve the marital problems of Dr. Umakant.


Raj and Dr. Umakant became very friendly. I respected Dr. Umakant, yet I was free with him. I got very excited talking to him and (I thought) so he was. When he visited us, we would all sit close together and talk about all kinds of things. Some times after a few drinks, both Dr. Umakant and my husband would pester me about my college experience. They would ask me if I had flirted with any boys. I would tell them of my casual flings with some boys in school and college and so on.


Raj once told me that although, I was reserved with others, when Dr. Umakant came, I became very chirpy. Raj joked and said that he felt as if I was crazy about Dr. Umakant like a teen-age girl. He laughed and said that he felt that I was in love with Dr. Umakant. I jokingly replied that God knows, there could be some element of truth in it.


Once in the night during our fucking session, Raj asked me how I thought Dr. Umakant managed without a woman for so long. He said that as a man he knew how difficult it was for a man to remain without a woman for such a long time.


In reply, I said, “I feel that he is undergoing a lot of pain due to his forced abstinence. As a woman, I could see sadness, grief and desire for sex in his eyes; despite his attempts to hide his feelings.”


Raj asked me, “Do you not think that we should help him?”


I replied, “Yes, I think we should do whatever we can to help him. The question is how?”


Raj then said, “The problem with his wife is that she is afraid of sex. In medical terms, such a behavior is known as frigidity. It is more like a disease. This could happen because of things, which happened during a woman’s childhood. It could be due to violent rape at a tender age by any of her close relatives, whom she trusted. That experience could have affected her mind so deeply that she developed hatred for men, particularly if he looks at her body with lust. It is very difficult for parents to know about this, because the small girl would be afraid to tell anyone of the experience. However, she would get tortured remembering of the same through the rest of her life. This disease is treatable. However, the treatment is very awkward.” Raj paused and looked at me.


I asked him, “What is the treatment?”


“Dr. Umakant’s wife should be convinced that Dr. Umakant is not interested in having sex with her. He should approach his wife with no desire for sex in his mind. He should not even look at her body with lust in his eyes. Actually, he should visibly avoid her even when he may stay in the same house or sleep in the same room. He should never attempt to sleep with her on the same bed.” I was aghast with surprise.


“How could he accept that? What about Dr. Umakant’s sexual desires? If he is unable to have sex with her, why should he stay with her? Raj, she is so lovely and sexy that no man can control himself. I could see your condition, when you saw her.” I saw my husband fidgeting in his seat awkwardly.


I smiled mischievously and continued, “The solution is more troublesome than the problem. How long he has to do like this. When would she finally be ready to have sex with Dr. Umakant?” I threw a volley of questions at my husband.


Raj said, “Yes dear, I know that in his present state of mind, Dr. Umakant is unable to concentrate, understand and appreciate this point. Do you think that in his present state of mind, he is able to see things in the right perspective? He is under tension and deprived of sex for months or years. When he approaches his wife; his mind is always clouded with sex.” He paused. I was quite impressed with Raj’s power of analysis. I nodded my head signaling him to continue.


Raj continued, “So if he has to behave so that his wife accepts him, he has to feel contented about sex. He is craving for sex now. He should have so much sex that he would not be hungry for sex. Only then, he can genuinely behave in such a way that would convince his wife that he does not want to have sex with her. He will be able to win his wife over gradually If he is relaxed and not under tension.”


What my husband said made a lot of sense. I agreed with him. I thought about it and added, “May be that it would even be better if she learns that Dr. Umakant has an affair with some woman and he is not interested in his wife. We women are very jealous. Jealousy is an integral part of a woman. We may not let our husband come near us normally. However, when we come to know that some other woman is trying to snatch him from us, we become tigress in bed and go all out to please our husbands.”


My husband jumped from his chair. He said, “Neena you are brilliant! This thought never crossed my mind. If we could create such a situation, it would positively make her jealous and she will make serious attempts to win over her husband from the clutches of another woman. In that situation, jealousy will take over frigidity and she could probably begin to have sex with Dr. Umakant.” I nodded my head in agreement. However, one question surfaced.


I asked Raj, “But how could we create such a situation? How could Dr. Umakant have so much sex that he ignores his wife? I know him. He would never go to a prostitute. He is so strict.” Raj looked at me and smiled.


He said, “I know that. My plan is different. I would like to invite him one night and make him sleep with us in our bedroom. We should make him talk his heart out. He opens up with you easily. You should loosen him up. You should encourage him to be free with you. You should ask him to throw his inhibitions. I would like him to completely open up, lose his inhibitions, throw away all caution to the wind, and be completely free with us. I would also like you to open up completely, lose all inhibitions, throw all cautions to wind and let yourself go. This will make him forget his worries for the time being.”


I nodded my head. After all, what my husband said made a lot of sense. Even if Dr. Umakant forgets his woes for a short time, he would relax and feel better. I could see that when Dr. Umakant sat and talked to me, he felt much better. Several times in the past, when I just touched or held his hands, I could see tears welling up in his eyes. I knew that he loved my touch. He certainly loved me. The first time after we returned from the hospital, when he came to our house, I hugged him to say thank you. When I moved away from him, I saw him crying. I again hugged him, trying to pacify him. However, instead of feeling pacified, he cried and sobbed like small child. I realized at that time that my touch made Dr. Umakant very emotional.


I always trusted my husband’s judgment. I saw no reason to disagree with him. All the same, I asked, “But then that would be temporary. With whom would he have so much sex that he would ignore his wife?”


Raj said, “Dear, I am serious and sure. You and I both want to relieve Dr. Umakant of his stress, don’t we? We have to repay, to some extent, what all Dr. Umakant did for me. Do you not agree? I have no answer to your questions. However, let us give him some relief. We shall see what to do as we move slowly. This is the time; we can do something for him. Would you cooperate?”


I controlled my reactions. That tinge of excitement and juice leaking between my legs started. I did not want to be obvious. Even I was eager to have him in my arms. I appeared to be thoughtful. That short embrace in the bed with Dr. Umakant in the hospital had fired me up. I said, “Raj, I would love to help, if you are sure. I am very confused. Let us see.” Raj kept quiet. I looked at him. He was deep in thought.


The next day at about nine thirty in the evening, when we were about to go to sleep, Raj complained of chest pain. I panicked and phoned Dr. Umakant asking him to come immediately. Dr. Umakant came within half an hour. I opened the door for him. When Dr. Umakant looked at me, his jaw fell open. Only then, I realized that I was wearing a provocative nightdress. The dress was thin and showed my body contours clearly.  I felt like standing naked in front of him. Anyway, I was in panic and had no time to think. I ushered Dr. Umakant in and took him to my husband.


Dr. Umakant checked Raj carefully. He smiled and said that, there was nothing to worry. It was just muscular pain. Relieved, I asked Dr. Umakant to have dinner. He said that he had eaten something in the hospital. He did not want to eat. My husband Raj then took out a bottle of whisky and poured three glasses from it. I refused. Both of them sat and began drinking.


It began raining outside. The temperature fell. It became somewhat cold. I had finished my work in the kitchen and served them something to eat. Neither of them was hungry but they ate something all the same. I told Dr. Umakant that it is too late for him to go to his house. Why would he not stay at our house for the night?


Dr. Umakant said that he had a bad fight with his wife that evening and planned to sleep in the hospital. He accepted my invitation. I asked Raj to take out one of his nightdresses from the shelf and give it to Dr. Umakant. Raj was already in his night suit. Raj took him to our bedroom and made him change into Raj’s nightdress.


I looked at myself in the mirror. My gown was low-cut, which exposed quite a lot of my cleavage. There was a string to tie up the top flap of the gown. When untied, the gown would collapse under its own weight making me completely naked. This was the gown presented to me by my husband. He had insisted that evening that I should wear that gown. He had also asked me not to wear any under things. I was naked under the gown. Sometimes, When Raj and I were alone, he asked me to wear this gown. On that fateful day, I wore that gown, because I did not expect Dr. Umakant.


I called my husband and asked him, “Is it proper for me to wear this gown, when Dr. Umakant is here? Should I change into something more decent?”


I could see a tinge of irritation in Raj’s voice. He said, “You look fine as you are. Have we not discussed about this yesterday? You said that you would do everything to relieve him of his problems. What is his problem? His problem is that he craves for love of a woman. He is married but still a bachelor. He has not seen a woman dressed like this. Would you not like to see a smile on his face or would you rather let him continue to suffer as he has been doing? You know how he craves for your touch. Would you not like him to feel your touch tonight and make him feel relaxed?” my husband threw the ball in my court. I knew that he was right.


I did not know what to say. Looking at my puzzled face, Raj continued, “Do not worry your mind darling. You know him well. He is so nice and decent. He would not do anything that will violate your honor. You know that he would never force himself on you. You just need to relax and be free. Just go along with the flow and enjoy. Let us see what happens” I dumbly nodded my head. My husband went into our main bedroom to join Dr. Umakant.


I have full faith in my husband. I always believed that whatever he says or does is for the good for all of us. He had never let us down. I unhesitatingly always accepted what he asked with firmness. It always worked. However, I was slightly apprehensive yet excited, fearing something unexpected. I had nothing under that gown. I hesitatingly started to join the two men in our bedroom.


From a crack in the door, I saw them sitting on the bed. As I was about to enter, I heard Dr. Umakant say, “Raj, you are very lucky to have Neena as your wife. She cares for you and loves you so much. She is very devoted to you” There was a slight hint of regret that indicated his own situation in comparison.


I heard Raj asking Dr. Umakant, “Doctor, tell me frankly, do you like Neena?” I stopped to hear Dr. Umakant’s reply.


Dr. Umakant was simple and straightforward. He replied without any hesitation, “I not only like her, I love her. She is an ideal wife and the most desirable woman.”


In the same lighthearted vein, Raj asked Dr. Umakant, “How would you feel, if Neena was your wife?”


I stopped dead as I heard Raj say it. I felt embarrassed with the direction in which the talk was heading. Since it concerned me, I listened to the conversation with great attention. Both men appeared to be tipsy. They did not notice me standing at the entrance of the room.


Dr. Umakant replied, “Raj, I swear that if Neena bhabhi* (*brother or friend’s wife) was my wife, I would love her day and night and would worship her like a Goddess. I would give her all pleasures of the world and would never let her suffer any pain.” I was pleased to hear Dr. Umakant. I walked in.


They saw me as I went near the bed. I felt their eyes focused on my body. I felt naked in that dress with Dr. Umakant watching. I was feeling very awkward. As it was, I was wearing very thin and provocative nightdress and nothing underneath. My breasts and buttocks stood out prominently. The lower part of the gown almost wrapped around my legs. I suspected that my legs, thighs and the cavity between my legs were visible through the gown when seen against light. I felt that I could have avoided wearing this gown, although Raj insisted that I wore it. I sat on the bed in a corner away from both men.


I was quiet and did not know what to say. There was silence in the room. After a while, Raj called me and asked me to sit between them on the bed. I quietly went and sat between them. I saw both men watching my body with penetrating eyes, as I sat. I could sense them watching my legs, thighs, triangle between my legs, breasts, areolas and even nipples. I made great efforts to feel relaxed under their sharp gaze. I had to feel relaxed and carefree. I had to throw all cautions to the wind. I promised my husband so. I took Dr. Umakant’s one hand in my lap and squeezed it affectionately. I had to shed my fear and be bold.


I asked Raj, “I heard both of you talking about me. Are you both up to some mischief or what?”


Raj said jokingly, “I asked Dr. Umakant how he would feel if he were your husband. He said that he would love you day and night.”


I looked at Dr. Umakant laughingly, titillating him, “Dr. Umakant, is that right? Did you say that?”


Dr. Umakant fumbled and stuttered as he said, “Yes, no no, I…mean I said ….”


I said, “I heard what you said. Forget everything and relax. Raj and I want you to relax fully tonight.”


Seeing me so close to him, Dr. Umakant fidgeted in his seat on the bed. He did not know what to say. I moved closer to Dr. Umakant and rested my head on his chest. My hair hung loose. It spread across on Dr. Umakant’s chest. I could sense Dr. Umakant looking down at my cleavage. He could not only see the cleavage, perhaps, he could also see my breasts, areolas and nipples. I felt Dr. Umakant’s fingers lovingly poking through my hair as I nuzzled my head on his chest. I felt so cozy and excited. I said, “Dr. Umakant, Raj looks so straight and simple. Today I am his wife. But do you know how he fooled me into marrying him?”


Raj said, “You say I fooled you? You were throwing all signals to me. I was the one to get trapped in your web.”


Dr. Umakant was visibly relaxed. He smiled. He said, “You two stop your arguments. I am eager to know how you two got married.” He was excited with me nuzzling my head on his chest. Feeling me so close to him, was a dream he always fancied, I thought.


I said, “It is a long story. It is cold outside. Let us slip under the blanket and I will tell you how my husband not only fooled me, but planned so intelligently that like a fool I fell into his trap and married him.”


I pulled out the bedcover and threw it off. I slipped under the blanket and tugged both men to come under it. They slipped under the blanket that covered all three of us. I lay between the two men. Raj pretended as if he was not interested to hear my part of the story. He said that he had heard the same story hundred times. He got up from the bed and switched on the TV. He sat on the sofa to watch the TV, leaving Dr. Umakant and me in bed under the blanket.


I began to narrate about my college days. I described how boys tried to chase me and tried to get closer to me. I said that I brushed them off. I was one of the most sought after girls in my college. I knew that all they wanted was to flirt with me or get into my pants. All of them just wanted to have fun. However, my husband was different. He followed me but never tried to harass me. He waited for me, offered me his seat in the bus, paid for my ticket. Once I had a fracture, he took leave from the college and attended to me for several days in the hospital; when there was no one to look after me. Dr. Umakant was absorbed in listening to my adventures.


As I went on, I slowly slipped closer to Dr. Umakant . I hugged him and made him hug me. Whilst describing this, I made him envelope me in his arms. I nuzzled my head on his chest. I made him roll his arms around me. I could feel his arms moving on my back and slipping down. I could feel his arm pressing on my buttocks. As I moved up and down, my gown rose up to my knees or above. One of his hands touched my thigh. He withdrew it immediately. His cock was hard like a hot iron road. It poked in my belly and I could feel it. I felt the discomfiture of Dr. Umakant. He kept looking in the direction of my husband. Raj noticed this. I signaled my husband to come and join us in bed to make Dr. Umakant feel comfortable.


Raj moved in and slipped behind me. He said, “Dr. Umakant, you said that you would love Neena day and night, if you were married to her. Actually, you do not need to marry her to love her all day and night. You may do it now without marrying her. That way, I shall not lose her.”


When he heard this, Dr. Umakant was noticeably perplexed.


Raj said, “Let me show you.” Raj bent over me, placed his lips on mine and kissed me sweetly on my lips. I turned my face to look at Dr. Umakant . He saw us kissing. He was puzzled and did not know how to react. Raj kept pressing his lips on mine. His tongue and lips began to play with my tongue and lips. In one breath, he sucked my tongue. I let him suck my tongue into his mouth. He kept licking it for a while and coated it with his saliva. I withdrew it to taste his saliva in my mouth.


Raj made me turn to face Dr. Umakant . my husband slid behind me and pushed me closer to Dr. Umakant. He asked Dr. Umakant, “Do you like her lips? They are very tasty. Do taste them. Neena dear! Let Dr. Umakant taste, what I have just tasted.”


I slowly placed my lips on his. Dr. Umakant did not know what to do. He appeared hesitant. I rested my lips on his. He could barely speak in muffled voice. He said, “How could I? Is this ok? Neena, please….. is …. Not..” I pressed my lips hard on his to silence him. Slowly the man in him took over. He began to reciprocate. My mouth was wet and coated with my husband’s saliva. Dr. Umakant started to lick it. He held me tight to him and sucked my tongue in. After sometime, when I wanted to suck his tongue, he inserted his tongue into my mouth. I sucked and licked his tongue. That made Dr. Umakant crazy. My sucking and licking his tongue made him lose all his control. I could feel his big cock poking me hard into my crotch. All of his pent up feelings burst open. How he wished to kiss my lips for a long time. I felt that he did not kiss his wife or any other woman for months. He could not control his manly emotions.


He began to kiss my lips, my cheeks, my nose and my neck one after another. After some time, he moved away and told me, “Neena bhabhi, please forgive me. I lost my control. Raj, I am sorry, I got carried away.”


After I separated from him, I turned to face the ceiling and caught his and my husband’s arm. I pulled both men onto me. Just at that time, my husband spoke softly in my ears, “Neena, this is the time, let me see you forget the caution. Make him feel comfortable. Flirt with him.” I was already aroused. I had felt Dr. Umakant’s cock poking in me. That feeling was unbearable. The truth was, I was also losing control. My husband’s words were like adding fuel to the fire.


I pulled Dr. Umakant closer to my breasts and said, “You told Raj that you wanted to love me. I want you and Raj to make love to me to your heart’s content. Do not hesitate even for a moment. My husband wants this also. Both of you are my husband for tonight. I want that both of you enjoy the night together with me. Am I right dear?” I looked at Raj and asked him.


Raj simply nodded and moved his hand to open the buttons of Dr. Umakant ’s trousers. He took my hand and placed it on the open fly of Dr. Umakant. Dr. Umakant had a big bulge. I felt his tight, long and thick rod in my palm. It was greasy coated with his pre-cum and slippery in my small palm. I rubbed around it slightly. It was big. It was much bigger than my husband’s was. I was scared to touch it and yet I was excited to feel such a big cock in my palm. I had never before seen or felt any cock other than my husband’s.


I made Dr. Umakant slowly dispose off his trousers. I could then see his long, thick and erect cock clearly. The cock shined in the dim light that fell on it. His cock jutted out hard and erect in my palm as I rubbed it slowly and lovingly.


I felt my husband’s hand tugging at the string of my gown. He pulled it loose and the gown opened up exposing major part of my breasts. Dr. Umakant looked at my swollen tits lustily without touching them.


“Do you not love to feel these juicy nelons?” Asked Raj. “See how they feel.” He picked one of Dr. Umakant ’s hands lying by his side and placed it on one of my breasts. In spite of the initiative taken by my hubby, Dr. Umakant felt hesitant. I felt a trace of irritation. However, I understood Dr. Umakant ’s situation. Rejected by his wife, he had perhaps lost all the self-esteem. He had to regain it and he needed to have confidence in himself.


I moved closer to Dr. Umakant and positioned my lips almost touching his, inviting him to kiss me. He lowered his face and pressed his lips on mine. He placed his two hands on my exposed breasts and began to feel their shape. I could feel his palms lifting my breasts. Was he trying to assess their weight? Slowly he moved his fingers on my nipples and rolled them between his fingers. I was highly aroused at his actions. I had dreamt him doing all this. I could feel heavy leakage of juices oozing out of my pussy. The flow was so much that I was afraid that it would wet the bed and the men would notice it. I looked at Raj as I kissed Dr. Umakant. Raj appeared pleased to see me in a tight embrace with Dr. Umakant. I wanted to see an expression of guilt or jealousy. Instead, I found an expression of happiness and content. Perhaps, he felt that he returned a part of the favor to Dr. Umakant.


When Dr. Umakant finished his kiss, my husband was waiting for his turn.

He took me in his arms and again a long session of kissing started. This time, my husband tasted Dr. Umakant’s saliva coated on my lips. However, Dr. Umakant continued working on my breasts. As I was still engaged in the kiss with my husband, I felt his fingers probing the triangle between my thighs through my gown. I had the gown still on me just around and below my navel. I looked at Dr. Umakant to check, if he saw my husband’s actions. He did. For Dr. Umakant, this was too sudden. He was aroused and breathless. I kissed my husband harder.


I pulled Dr. Umakant’s face down on my breasts and thrust my breasts onto Dr. Umakant’s face. Dr. Umakant was feeling the softness of my breasts on his face. I was between two men. I had to be free with them. This was what my husband wanted; and of course, in the deep corner of my mind, that was what I also wanted. I was lip locked with my husband. I kissed him with equal zeal.


Raj saw Dr. Umakant’s face drowned between my breasts with my hair fully masking his face. He could only see his head and my hair. I suspected that he got a big kick out of this scene, as he also pushed Dr. Umakant’s head further between my breasts and said, “Dr. Umakant, you said that you wanted to love Neena, if you got the chance. Here is your chance.”  I felt wetness pouring down between my legs hearing Raj.


Dr. Umakant gasped for breath as my breasts completely suffocated him. I was combing Dr. Umakant’s hair affectionately. I pulled Raj also close to me and said, “I have my two sweet babies.”


Raj replied promptly, “Mom! We want to suck your milk. Will you please let us suck your milk?”


I was not the one to let go. I said, “Babies do not need mom’s permission to drink her milk.”  I adjusted my position and pulled both men onto my breasts. Each one nuzzled his head on one of my breasts.


I was itching for him to suck and bite my breasts. He sat feeling the softness of my two sweet melons there for an interminable period and then, began to lick the cleavage between my breasts with his tongue. After awhile he stopped and looked up at me as if he did not believe his luck. I let out a low moan, as Dr. Umakant kissed my breasts. He pinched my nipples hard. My nipples had become hard and tight in his mouth and fingers. My areola became darker and swollen. I jerked and shivered.


In the meanwhile, my husband bent down and inserted his one hand inside my gown between my legs. He also bent and kissed my one breast. He rolled his tongue over my swollen areola and bit my nipple. He saw Dr. Umakant also working on my other breast. Both men were looming on top of me as I sat there between them. Raj placed one of his arms over Dr. Umakant. My husband made me spread my legs and inserted his other hand between my legs. Of course, I was wearing that nightdress.


I have long nipples and he seemed to enjoy rolling them between his fingers. It was an exhilarating experience for me. I was wet between my legs. I began to have twitching feelings in my pussy. I looked at my husband.


My husband knew that breasts fondling made me very vulnerable. He realized that I was nearing my climax. My husband is an expert exploiter. Whenever, he is in a mood to fuck and I am not; he would uncover my breasts and fondle them with such an expertise to arouse me enough to make him fuck me. I would get aroused so much that I would orgasm simply by having my breasts lovingly manipulated. Dr. Umakant was doing that job without realizing it.


As the two men manipulated me, I was twisting and turning.


I caught Raj’s body and pulled him closer to me. I caught my husband’s cock in my hand from over his dress and began shaking it lovingly. Raj removed his own nightdress and placed his naked cock in my hand. It was leaking his pre-cum. For the first time I felt the smallness of my husband’s penis.


I decided to go ahead with the inevitable, as I realized that my husband was determined to share me with Dr. Umakant. I unbuttoned and removed Dr. Umakant’s top. I had two cocks in my hands. I sat on the bed with a pillow behind my back. My two lovers were looming over me. My two hands shook their cocks.

I was highly aroused and wanted them to suck my breasts hard as I was nearing an orgasm. I pulled their mouths over my breasts, handed one of my breasts to each of them, and said, “Please, please suck them dry. I am close to coming.” I began to moan and shake as both of them kept biting my nipples and suck my breasts,. I held both the cocks tight in my hands. I shook my heads in both the directions. A mild, low intensity electric current seemed to have passed through my body. I stiffened and released a big sigh. I had my first orgasm that night.


Both the men halted for a while. I regained my composure and looked at them. I was now at ease and relaxed. I had seen my husband without any clothes on. However, I saw Dr. Umakant without any clothing for the first time. His body looked more athletic. He did not have that slight paunch, which my husband developed over the last five or six years since our marriage. There was a liberal bunch of hair on Dr. Umakant’s chest. My husband has a small bush of hair on his chest. Dr. Umakant’s muscles were strong and hard. I pressed his muscles to check its stiffness. Dr. Umakant smiled seeing me checking his muscles.


I was pleased with Dr. Umakant’s cock. It was strong and hard. It might be 6 to 7 inches long and quite thick and meaty. It was surprisingly fair. His foreskin was creased, bunched up and stayed at the base of the mushroomed head. The head of his cock was larger than Raj’s. I would love to have it inside me and give a loving and memorable time to Dr. Umakant. I wanted to wash out his bitterness and inject freshness and life into him. I wanted to do that, which only a woman can do to a man.


Raj sat on bed and lifted me to land me into his lap. I could feel his hard on, poking my ass. I was the only one somewhat dressed. My husband pulled down the gown, which even otherwise barely covered anything. In a swift action of hands, he tossed it aside. My shyness disappeared with my clothing. I rolled over to Dr. Umakant. I slipped into his his arms. I squeezed myself into his tall and strong frame. I could feel hair on his chest. He was half-sitting and half-lying on the bed.


I wrapped my arms around Dr. Umakant’s neck, brought his face looking straight into mine and said, “You told Raj that you will love me day and night; if I was your wife. It is true that I am Raj’s wife and I cannot be your legal wife. However, Raj has asked me to surrender completely to you. He wants that you should not miss your misguided wife. He wants me to offer you my most intimate womanly love, my body and physical affection to you as if I am your wife. Now please make love to me day and night, as a loving husband would love his wife. Both my husband and I ask you not to hesitate, feel shy or guilty. It is not just my husband’s desire. Since I met you, I am attracted to you and I want to have you. Will you please fulfill our desires?”


Dr. Umakant looked at Raj. Raj slid closer to him and wrapped his arms around him, taking me also in his embrace with Dr. Umakant. My husband took Dr. Umakant’s head on his chest under his chin and kissed him on his head. I was fully sandwiched between their bodies. Dr. Umakant did not know what to say. I could see tears flowing down his eyes. He was undergoing extreme emotions. He took some time to digest what I said. He just mumbled something like, “I do not know what to say. I do not know if this right. I am overwhelmed…you are a fantastic couple…”


I suspected that my husband noticed that his presence might be weighing on Dr. Umakant’s mind. He got up naked. He said, “Dr. Umakant, please make love to my wife. Please make love to her to your heart’s content. I shall join you soon.”


Raj pulled up his dress and left the room.


As soon as Raj left, I caught Dr. Umakant’s huge cock in my hand and told him, “Please make love to my breasts and my entire body. I am entirely yours tonight and for as many nights as you want.”


Dr. Umakant slid his one hand down to my buttocks. He squeezed them and pinched them. I felt like I had a current pass through. Dr. Umakant finally overcame his initial hesitation. I looked into his eyes. For the first time that evening, Dr. Umakant smiled. His smile was so attractive. Clinging on his body, I felt like a climber on a tree. His large penis was fully wet with all the excitement around. Dr. Umakant was now in his raw basic ‘man in heat’ element. He simply could not maintain his veil of decency, looking at me: naked, desirable, titillating and inviting. He made me lie flat down on bed on my back and climbed on top of me, with his two knees supporting his body looming over mine.


He looked in my eyes. I met his gaze with mine. I looked at him, smiled lovingly and said, “Dr. Umakant, I am waiting to receive your love. I have waited for quite a long time.”


Dr. Umakant asked me, “Neena bhabhi, tell me frankly, were you really fantasizing about me?”


I looked up straight into his eyes as he loomed over me. I said, “Dr. Umakant, would you believe that I and my husband dreamt of me having sex with both of you together. We were fantasizing this when we had sex after returning from hospital. We wanted that I love both of you together. Raj was very much enthusiastic and constantly persuaded me to agree for this threesome. Raj is very pained at your situation due to your wife’s negative attitude. He knew of our mutual attraction. He saw our brief encounter in hospital bed and he felt aroused. He was not jealous when I told him that I was attracted to you. As a matter of fact, when I and Raj talked about sex with you, in my mind, I was very eager that our sex becomes a reality.”


Dr. Umakant was silent. He kept looking at me with affection and lust in his eyes.  I said, “Dr. Umakant, I am waiting. Do not torture me. Please make love to me.” I knew that Dr. Umakant was not in a mood for any long foreplay at that time. Dr. Umakant turned around, lowered his body and pushed his mouth between my legs. Both his hands squeezed my breasts. He made me spread my legs and began pushing his tongue deep in my pussy. He began licking and kissing my pussy.


I was aroused and twisted and turned on bed, I said, “Dr. Umakant, please squeeze my breasts harder. Please suck them, bite my nipples and please eat my cunt. Dr. Umakant began tongue fucking me. I then took Dr. Umakant’s cock in my hands. I tended his testicles. His balls were larger than Raj’s. They hanged threateningly on my face. I lovingly massaged them. I inserted my finger between his two balls. I knew how a man loves my lovingly tending his balls. Dr. Umakant was no exception.


He jerked at my massaging his balls. He raised his body and kissed my vagina harder. I could not control my body. I raised my body to kiss his large shaft hanging over my face. At that time, I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted his large cock to enter my pussy. I pushed my lips up and sucked his balls and then his cock for a short while.


I then straightened on the bed, turned him again and pulled him so that we were face to face. I spread my knees a little wider and pushed him forward to synchronize his large cock onto my pussy. He was back at the missionary position looming over me. I saw his large cock throbbing. His excitement made it rise and fall. I caught his cock in my palm and gave it a slight shake. I knew that in that condition, he would not last for long. I rubbed his cock on my pussy lips. I told Dr. Umakant, “Please fuck me Dr. Umakant. I cannot wait anymore. However, please be gentle initially, your cock is too big for me.” I used the word “Fuck” for the first time with Dr. Umakant.


Dr. Umakant nodded. He lowered his head, kissed me hard on the lips. A little while later, I stopped him. I said, “This will make you feel better.”  I raised my hips a little and inserted a pillow beneath my buttocks. He smiled and bent to kiss me with a peck on my forehead. I had his shaft in my palm. It felt as if I had Dr. Umakant in my palm. I rubbed his cock on my pussy lips for a while; I pushed the tip of his mushroom head, with my fingers, slightly in and signaled him to start. I felt the warmth of his cock on my pussy lips.


As he was to begin, Dr. Umakant grabbed my breasts with both hands. I liked this gesture. How did he know that I get aroused, during fucking; if he squeezed and sucked my breasts and bit my nipples? Dr. Umakant gradually pushed his cock in. He entered my unknown depths. I felt his shaft’s length and girth at the gate of my small entrance. Even after bearing two children, my pussy had remained small and tight. I always told Raj to be careful during the initial phase of intercourse. Raj was always very careful and spent some time before coming in full force. I was thankful that Dr. Umakant was also caring and attentive. In spite of his eagerness, he started gradually and waited for my response. I wanted to suck his cock inside my pussy and wanted him to keep it there for a long time.


Gradually Dr. Umakant began pumping his rod into my pussy. With each gradual stroke, I felt his thick shaft engorge my love chamber. He slowly increased his depth of penetration. I felt a distinct difference in this session with Dr. Umakant and my normal sessions with my husband. Dr. Umakant was very slow, hesitant and quiet. Dr. Umakant’s cock also felt very different in terms of size and thickness. My husband was always quicker and more confident. Usually, my husband narrated some erotic stuff during our intercourse, to arouse me.


I must admit, I liked one thing about lovemaking with Dr. Umakant. He constantly looked so sweetly into my eyes all the time, whilst he fucked me, it looked as if he was keen to know through my expressions; whether I enjoyed his lovemaking. I was actually thoroughly enjoying his gradual and sweet stroke play and the way he looked at me as he raised his hips and lowered them to pull up his rod and push it down into deep corners of my love hole.


He clutched both my breasts as he pumped his thick shaft into my small pussy. His cock was so greasy and well lubricated that in spite of its length and girth, I felt just a small sweet tinge of pain as he pumped it into me. I felt my pussy completely filled up. It is very difficult to describe how I felt.


I was shaking as he pumped me. I looked back at him trying to manifest all the love that I had in my heart for him. Earlier I loved him for what he did for my husband. However, at that moment I loved him for what he was doing to me at that very moment. I was enjoying the experience of his thick and long cock pushing me up and down. He was an artist at fucking. He rotated his body in a circular motion, keeping my cunt at the centre. Because of this his cock, huge for me, as it was, moved still deeper in all corners of my body. I felt that he filled me up inside and that my tine pussy was stretched to its limits.


I wanted him to enjoy his experience with me. I gradually joined him in matching his up and down rhythm. As he pumped into me, I raised my hips and made his sweet monster enter into me fully. As he withdrew, I also moved my body away from his shaft to let it come out of my pussy. His long cock, in spite of my withdrawing, would not quite come out of my pussy. It would remain inside by an inch or two. God! He must be more than six to seven inches inside, then in fully erect state.


I was beginning to get aroused to the point of orgasm. Dr. Umakant had increased his rhythm. I kept jumping up and down with him, encouraging him to fuck me harder. My brain was rolling. I felt as if I was pulled in two directions from top to toe. I moaned loudly. I whispered in Dr. Umakant’s ears, “Fuck me dear. I am coming…I am unable to hold it. I am cumming…. Ohhhhh…. Ooomphhh..Umakant.. You are good. I had orgasm as Dr. Umakant also reached his point of no return. He squeezed my breasts hard moaning, “Oh God! Neena, I am bursting out. I will not be able to control! Shall I take it out?”


I replied, “Dr. Umakant, please release your load into me tonight. I want to feel you inside. I want you to come inside me. There is no need to worry. I am safe.”


At the same instant, Dr. Umakant sighed loudly and I felt a huge dam burst deep inside my pussy and warm semen spraying into my body. He kept on coming for almost a minute. He kept on pumping me for more than a minute and collapsed on me releasing his full weight on my body. I was happy to bear his weight. At last, he performed as my lover and I his. I pulled his head down and kissed him on the lips. I licked his lips first and sucked them. He inserted his tongue into my mouth and enjoyed my sucking it.


Finally, Dr. Umakant climbed down, perspiring in that cold night. His cock still large and thick but lost its straightness and hung down.  He said, “Thank you.”


I heard my husband from behind me, “Lovers never thank each other.”


My husband was naked and as soon as he reached me, he climbed on top of me and began to fuck me, ignoring Dr. Umakant’s presence. Dr. Umakant was witnessing something that he had never seen or had never expected to see. I pulled Dr. Umakant closer and asked me to put his lund near my mouth. My husband fucked my pussy whilst I lisked Dr. Umakant’s huge penis.


We fucked through the whole night. Raj slept off after his fuck. However, Dr. Umakant and I were nowhere near sleeping. We fucked at least four times that night. I began to feel pain in my pussy, because of the constant and heavy pumping by the huge poll of Dr. Umakant. it was only at about four o’clock in the morning that we fell asleep.


The whole of next day was when Raj, Dr. Umakant and I fucked again several times. Raj made Dr. Umakant stay with us for the night for the whole week. As Raj was not very enthusiastic, Dr. Umakant and I fucked three to four times every night. We slept naked, we bathed together naked and fucked like rabbits. Occasionally my husband also joined us. I could see Dr. Umakant a changed man. He smiled and laughed a lot. He was sexually a contented man.


Gradually, we asked him to go to his house and asked him not to look at his wife. He would go for an hour or two, talk to his parents, just say hello to his wife without looking at her and return to our house. He informed us that his wife stopped making scenes, when he was in the house. That was a good progress. One day I accompanied Dr. Umakant to his house. When his parents were not in the house, I caught Dr. Umakant and began flirting with him leaving the door open. His wife was outside doing some work. I opened my blouse and bra and asked Dr. Umakant to suck my breasts. As expected, his wife entered the house and saw Dr. Umakant sucking my exposed breasts. We did not pay any attention to her. Dr. Umakant began kissing me and squeezing my breasts and inserting his hands inside my petticoat.


Seeing such fragrant and open sexual display, Dr. Umakant’s wife got wild. She started shouting and cursing me. She asked me how I could flirt with her husband.


I retorted back, “Look lady. You and your husband have no sexual relations. We have. You two do not want to have sex. He wants to have sex with me. So what is your problem?” without bothering for her reply, I opened my petticoat and was almost naked in front of her. I began to strip Dr. Umakant.


Suddenly Dr. Umakant’s wife rushed in and caught Dr. Umakant and pulled him out from my embrace. She was in a terrible frenzy. She pulled him closer to her and raised her head to invite him to kiss her. Dr. Umakant caught her in his arms and lowered his mouth on her. Soon they were engaged in deep and long kiss. The kiss lasted a while as I stood and watched them. She said, “No other woman will ever kiss you or touch you. You are my husband. You are mine and I am yours.”


The Dr. Umakant withdrew and said, “But I do not want to have sex with you.”


I had never heard a woman shouting louder than his wife on that day. she shrieked at the top of her voice, “How dare you? You want to have sex with that woman and not me? Why? I am your wife. You can only have sex with me. Come in.”


I saw her catching and dragging Dr. Umakant by hand to her bedroom. She closed the door behind her. I could hear moaning and love making sounds of the (newly married) couple. I smiled to my self and left them to enjoy themselves.





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