Jessica Simpson Cheating on Nick

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“NICK STOP!” Jessica Simpson yelled in a whinney at her husband Nick Lacey .”What?” he said annoyed at her as he removed himself off of her . “Not tonight I can hardley walk from last night baby give me a break” she said with a pouty face. Nick made annoyed gasp at her , he was annoyed because he was horny and he wanted to fuck his wife . “Come on Jessica I’ll be nice” he said leaning on her kissing her neck .

She pushed him away and went into the washroom. She was so upset was sex all he wanted from her? He treats her like shit calls her spoiled and makes fun off her . He thought he was so awsome but the truth was he sucked in bed he didnt do anything but stick his dick in her pussy . Half the time she wasn’t even naked , he would just talk off her pants and fuck her. There was no love . She was so unsatisfied she needed more but she couldn’t divorce him because the cameras where watching them for whole other year .

“Fine Jess I’m going out to my brothers I’ll come home later .okay. I got to go the game starts at 6″ Nick said dissopointed that her did not get to fuck her.

Jessica went downstairs to check her e-mails. She came across and e-mail from Paramount pictures she opened it and it said :
Dear Jessica Simpson,
We are very happy to inform you that you have gotten the part of Dane China in the film( that has not yet been titled ) that you auditioned for . You will be playing a school girl who has an affair with your English teacher. The roll of the English teacher will be played by Johnny Depp. Please reply to us before May 15 2004 if you are still intrested in this roll.

“YES!!!” She screamed with joy not ony would this be her first movie she got to do it with Johnny Depp her favourite actor the sexiest man alive. She printed the paper and started jumping up and down . She went over to the phone to call her mom but beore she could reach the phone she heard the doorbell ring. She ran to the door in excitment not even thinking to see who it was she opened it .

She stopped dead in her tracks she couldnt belive what she was seeing . JOHNNY DEPP WAS AT HER DOOR . He looked better than ever. “Oh My Gosh i-i-its its its its YOU oh my gosh come in I mean oh my gosh ” she said she was so excited and shocked.
He smiled and walked past her and looked around the house . He looked back at her “Great house you have got here . Oh I beg your pardon I’m Johnny Depp” he said shaking her hand . “Oh I know who you are your like the best actor alive” she said she couldn’t belive the Sexiest Man Alive was standing infront of her . “Well I’m her because I heard you got the part of Dane china and I was in the area so I thought I would bring by your script “he said .”oh” she said “yeah i just found out i got the part”

“Where is your husband he asked I have always wanted to meet you to I always watch your show” he said curious as he looked down and noticed she was only wearing a long t-shirt on her legs where so long and silky. “Oh him he got mad cause i wouldn’t fuck him and left” she said pissed .” I see” .

“Come in sit down lets dicuss the film” she said. “Alright I have about 2 hours” he said. They sat on the couch . She got up and went to get a beer for both of them. He watched her get up and walk to the fridge everytime she took a step the t-shirt lifted and u could see her thong . She had a really nice ass he noticed she was really hot . She came back and put the beer on the table. She noticed him notice her and she liked it . Nick never looked at her that way. She made an excuse to get up again .”Oh shit i have to water the plants one second” she said walking away this time swinging her hips even more than before. What was she doing ? She loved Nick. No she didnt care she diserved to flirt with Johnny . She went into the kitchean and got some water and poored in on a plant up high the she purposly shook her hand so some of the water would fall on her breasts and expose them slightly becuase she was only wearing a long white t-shirt no bra.

She walked back into the room . Johnny could now see her hard nipples. He was really turned on. He thought to himself “maybe she is coming on to me “. She sat down and let out a little giggle . That was it she couldnt take it she wanted him so bad . “So.. how is it being the sexiest man alive?” she asked putting he hand on his leg “Well its ..” then she leaned over and kissed him before he could finish saying anything. She liked the way he kissed her it wasn’t fake like Nick’s kisses it was real. She felt like she had new him her whole life just by that one kiss.

He lifted his hand and touched her breast. She had nice breast he thought to himself. The her put his hand under her shirt and started playing with her nipples. She liked that feeling she had only felt that feeling once and that was on her wedding day when Ncik took his time. She let out a little moan. Then he lifted her shirt over her head fully exposing her breasts. He started to kiss her and slowly moved down taking his time kissing her neck and then cupping her breast in his hand he started kissing her breast and then sucking on her nipples. She began to get really wet . Then she grabbed his head and pulled him down on top of her and took of his top. They started kissing again. By now sex would have been over for her and Nick what a loser she thought. And now she was getting so much pleasure and they where just kissing. he went down and started sucking her tits again. She kept on moaning.

She turned him around so she was on top then he smiled at her and she smiled back. The kissied again. And then she unbuckled his pants and moved her head down kissing his chest. Then she moved lower and unzipped his pants. She then pulled out his long cock and took it in her hand. She kissed the head and the rapped her mouth around it . Johnny Depp let out a moan. He had always wanted to fuck Jessica Simpson and now he was going to. She took his cock so good. All he could so was stare at her .His cock looked so good in his mouth. It felt good to.

He liked her alot her dumb coments her whinniness. Things most guys would hate he loved about her.

She looked up at him and smiled and he looked at her and smiled . She knew it was going to happen. She leaned over him . He pulled down her thong and then she kicked them past her feet.

“Are you ready?” he asked “yeah baby I want you so bad I’ve always wanted you” she said . Then she slowly rised up and put her wet pussy lips on the top of his hard cock then moved down. She moaned as she felt Johnny’s cock moving inside of her . He had his hands on her ass and she had her hands or her tits rubbing them. The rolled over onto the floor and he started fucking her harder. She liked it and she started screaming with pleasure. He watched her boobs bounce. The felt so good . It felt so right. And now they were both going to cum. Jessica came first .

Johnny moved his dick over her face and let is loud out all over her face. She ate what she got in her mouth. Then Johnny moved down and started to eat the cum out off Jessica’s pussy she felt so good. “Oh fuck oh fuck ahhh” she was cumming again. He ate her again.

They started to fuck again this time sitting up. Her hand went over his stomach. His body was just as hot as his face was. She looked over his shoulder only to notice Nick standing there . “Oh fuck oh fuck Nick wait” she said screaming be Johnny Depp was still fucking her .Nick ran and left. Jessica didn’t really care she kept on fucking him it was to right to be wrong .

Johnny left a couple hours later . “See you on set” he said . Jessica was in love with a man . And it wasnt her husband.

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