just a day at the office

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i had been watching him for a while, his almond shaped eyes had caught my attention first. but i flirted back and skirted my way around him for days, it was hard to do since we worked in the same building. he had the kind of frame that some women would overlook. but i knew what i liked in a build. He was stocky, solid built and slightly bow-legged. i was even more turned on when i first heard his voice, it was slightly raspy-it had a quality to it that just made you imagine hands grabbing and stubble rubbing along your throat. just watching him made me soaking wet. his lips looked like they could keep pace with my tongue and his body looked like i could call it my playground. i was suddenly glad i had to wear a stupid skirt today cuz i was definetely going to get myself in deep trouble, the fact i was wearing thigh high stockings and a garterbelt didnt help it only seemed to make me hornier. i had been trying so hard to just be subtle but thats not really my strong suit. so what the hell. i stood up from my desk and straightened my skirt walking carefully on spiked heels over to his desk, i had purposely unbuttoned 2buttons before heading over. i knew that my figure usually distracted my other male co-workers. im about 5’2″( he couldnt be more than 6’2″), even at my height i have very nice proportions, i have an hourglass shaped figure. my 38 ddd’s were sitting nice and pretty in the new bra i had put on this morning. and i knew the skirt swished in a way that emphasized my full hips as i switched my way over to copy something for the third time in the last hour, just to see him closer. i loved the way he would look up as i walked by, i could feel his eyes caress my body the way i yearned his hands to caress me. i licked my lips as i approached his desk and bent down to talk softly.
“excuse me, do you have a staple remover.” i looked deep into his light brown eyes, his head was clean shaven(looked like he had just done it this morning actually).
His eyes focused on my face, barely looking at my cleavage. “Damn” i thought.
“sure” he handed it to me. i removed the staples and handed it back to him.
our hands touched and i swear i felt a jolt. our eyes connected and i could see something i liked deep in the depths. here i was thinking that he hadn’t noticed me. but he had.it was tangible the level of chemistry between us. i felt myself get even wetter from the eye contact.
“thanks.” i said lamely, searching for a way to make sure that he knew what was on my mind. but he beat me to it.
“do u have some time later today? i have  a report i would like some info on.”
“sure. when’s good for you?”
he paused and thought for a second, licked his lips (his lusious full lips that just begged to have mine on them) and said “is 4:30 good for you? in conference room b”
i looked him up and down blatantly “yeah,” i licked my lips allowing my tongue to slowly glide over them flicking at him as i paused “that’ll work”.
i walked over to the copier and made my copies and went back to my desk. damn it was only 2pm. so i managed to barely do my work till 4:30pm showed on my computer.i put my computer on standby and went over to conference room b. i went into the room noticing that the curtains were shut all the way. that was kind of odd i thought. i walked over to look out the window and the door shut and locked behind me. i kept walking to the window steadily and looked out. he came up behind me pressing his body into mine. i felt his breathe on my neck, i knew he could look down and see my chest rising and falling as i breathed.he ran his hands gently through my long brown hair. i sighed as he slid his hands over my breasts, i felt my whole body tighten in anticipation of what he would fo next. i felt lips gently slide over my skin trailing from the back of my ear down to my collarbone. his hands slide down to my thighs, lifting the skirt so he could rub them. his hands were so strong and warm on my naked flesh. i could feel him behind me aroused fully. he slid his hands to the space my thighs met at and explored brieflyas he kissed my neck. then he pulled away slighty, i heard a zipper slide down and felt him roughly move the thong out of the way and slide himself in gently. i tightened up around him. and he gently thrust inside of me, his hands undoing my blouse and freeing my breasts just enough to rub them as he did me from behind. i started to climax as he kissed my neck softly. his breathing in my ear- thats what was getting me there so fast. the whole roughness- yet he was really gently sliding in and out.
“i’ve been watching you.” he whispered in my ear. that phrase alone made me want to come again. “i see how everyone looks at you. i watch your ass”i had to suck in my breathe because he slammed into me “your ass looks so good when you walk by my desk. you dont know how badly i’ve wanted to do this.”
all i could do was moan as he continued to touch me and make love to me.
“i’m getting close,” he whispered in my ear then turned my face to his and brushed his lips over mine. slipping his tongue inside i felt my body catch fire all over again. damn the man could kiss. “i want you to go with me.” he kissed me till i came again, and i could feel him jerk inside of me as his hands squeezed my breasts roughly, one of his hands slid down to my crotch and he rubbed my cl*t causing me to moan louder as i came yet again moaning into his mouth.
we stood there briefly as he softened inside me, he kissed me gently. like he couldnt bring himself to stop. hell i wouldnt have stopped him. but eventually he pulled himself from me and grabbed a tissue he pushed me gently so i was bent over looking out the window as he cleaned me gently with the tissue before pulling my thong into place and rubbing a hand gently over my ass. he pulled it down and i heard him clean himself up and zip his pants. i was still looking out the window kind of lost. what had just happened– this was the best i’d ever had. and i wanted as much as i could get. he turned me around and bent down kissing my breasts as he adjusted my bra and shirt so that i looked like nothing had happened.
kissing me gently on the mouth he brushed my hair out of my eyes.
“give me your phone number” i did, i wrote it on a piece of scrap paper. “i’ll call you later tonight. if you’re up to it….”
i licked my lips staring boldly into his eyes. “yeah i’ll be up to whatever you can do to me.”
he laughed that sexy raspy laugh of his and i knew we could get into lots of trouble together…. 

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  1. Sinsational

    Not bad. I can actually picture this.

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