Kelly and Family 1

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I was maybe 15 at the time, ten years ago. I tended to just walk around naked in my, house, i dont know why, but I did it. One day my neighbor Kelly, a gorgeous women with a daughter in seventh grade and a husband. she was kin of tall with short blondish hair and gorgeous chest. And her legs went on forever. I always thought of her, on this day though she came by, i didnt know what to do, i was nude! so i opened the door and poked my head out, she was in a bath robe! She asked “Can I use your shower, mines kinda cold.” Of course I would but I was still in my birthday suit so i said “ya wait a minute though” I started to run for something to throw on but she came in, i turned and my little friend popped up. She didn’t look surprised, in fact she walked in and strriped the bath robe. She was wearing nothing! Her pussy, shaved down to perfection, her tits, small but freaking perky and her butt, round and sexy. She came over to me, still speechless, and pushed me on the couch. She then stratled me and nibbled my ear while saying “dont think i havent watched you, now fuck me baby” and she started sucking my cock hard core, she licked my balls and slowely went up the shaft, then told me to shove her head down and up, i did and she moaned and groaned until she had a mouthful of cum, and swalloed it all. Then she spread her legs and said “lick me babe” i kneeled down, dreaming about those legs as i held them up and away to suck kellys glorious pussy, i stuck my tongue inside and instantly it felt orgasmic, she moaned and screamed and forced my head farther, then pushed me back and jumped on me. she slide my dick into that tight pussy and went up and down bouncing on it, her nice cheeks rubbing agisnt my body. she took it out and stuck it in her tight ass and bent over and said “do it doggy babe” and i started, slapping her ass and fingering her pussy. i finally got my dick all inside her and sshe slapped me and pushed me over, then took a dildo out of her bathrobe pocket and said “your turn” and shoved it in my ass. in the meantime she fucked me hard and long, her pussy never getting loose. finally, she departed and promised better next time…..

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