Lets make a day out of it!

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I anxiously await your arrival, its been ages since we have seen each other and I am full of nervous anticipation at the prospect of seeing you again. I have a bottle of nice chardonnay cooling in an ice bucket, yellow roses in a vase, and some nice jazz playing softly in the background. I have a nice romantic evening planned for us.

There’s a knock at the door and there you are – you are still in your business suit and you look breathtakingly beautiful, you’ve got the ubiquitous wheeled case with you and you flash your brilliant white smile at me and soflty purr “Hello lover, pleased to see me?”

I take your bag and wheel it inside after you, as I walk past I catch a whiff of your perfume and it instantly causes a stirring in my loins.

I follow you into the room and the sight of your nylon clad legs and tight short skirt just increase the stirring in my loins and thoughts of a romantic evening together take on a more dark and urgent tone.

I catch you as you are just removing your jacket. I take you in my arms and kiss you hard and fully on the lips, my lust fully up – intoxicated by the smell of your perfume and your stunning beauty.

You reciprocate my passion – we have both been waiting a long time for this, and the niceties are dispensed with. With fumbling fingers I try and undo the buttons on your blouse. Frustrated I rip open your blouse, buttons fling everywhere! (my apologies to your tailor but my need is greater right now!). You give a surprised shriek and laugh at how badly I want you – but dont do anything to stop me.

I hold you against the wall, your arms wrapped around my body, our tongues eagerly searching each other out. You wrap a leg around my waist and I feel the heel of your stilleto dig into my butt (bear with me – just let me have my little fantasy that you actually spend all day working in 5 inch spikes ok!)

I hike your skirt up around your waist and am pleasantly surprised to find you are wearing stockings and garter belt. I look at your chest and notice the expensive looking exquisite lace bra you have on (I do so appreciate a woman who likes good lingerie ) your magnificent breasts rising and falling rapidly with your excited breaths.

I push the flimsy material of your panties aside and feel the warm wetness of your pussy – a soft moan escapes your lips as I gently massage your clit. You raise a hand subconsciously to your breasts, tweaking a nipple through the fabric of your bra, gently biting your lips, eyes closed, lost in the moment. I run my tongue up the side of your neck and dart my tongue into you ear, causing you to giggle girlishly.

I turn you around so you are facing the wall and rub my hard member aganst your butt through my trousers – you push back against me, your hands outstretched above your head. You look wanton – hair disheveled, blouse torn open, breasts hanging over the cups of your bra, skirt hiked up around your waist, cute ass sticking subtly out – almost daring me to take you. God you look hot!

I unzip myself and my throbbing cock instantly springs free, hungry, like a beast searching out its prey, its tip glistening with clear pre-cum. I pull your panties down and you kick them off, my fingers deftly tease your sopping wet pussy and I place the tip of my rock hard cock agaisnt your welcoming entrance. I slide easily into you and a soft ‘Mmmmmmm” escapes your lips. You push back onto me with each stroke, your eyes closed, abandoning yourself to the feeling. “oh yeah baby…. that feels nice baby,mmmmm’ you encourage me. I tweak your proud nipples with one hand, while holding your belly with the other, holding you in place on my hot cock as I continue to thrust into you, the pace accelerating with your encouragement ‘ come on Steve, yes, yes, thats it baby, give it to me baby, take me, take me hard, I want it bad baby ….. give it to me”

Well, I dont need any more encouragement than that, I spin you around and drag you to the floor. You shake off what remains of your blouse and shimmy out of your skirt while I rip at my own clothes. As you semi-recline on the floor my fingers make their way to your sopping pussy and I tease your swollen clit. Your wild eyes look at me and then look at my quivering member inches from your face as I kneel in front of you, and you say ‘give me your cock Steve. Give it to me’ With that you take my cock in hand and take it in your mouth, your full red lips enveloping my shaft, your tongue flicking to and fro over the tip. I hold your head and begin to slowly ‘hump’ your mouth, passion and lust driving me – soft romantic lovemaking giving way to base animal instinct. Your head bobs up and down on my hot meat, your eyes closed in concentration, soft muted moans escaping your mouth – wet, slick sounds as my shaft glides remorselessly in and out of your mouth.

I reach under the sofa for a toy (you leave toys lying all over the house dont you? ) and as you continue your ministrations on my member I slide it up and down your moist slit, you moan softly and increase the tempo on my shaft as I gently tease your clit. I slide the dildo slowly in and out of your dripping pussy at first, marvelling at its slick wet appearance, coated in your sweet pussy juices. Then I speed the tempo up – your hand once again tweaks a nipple as your passion builds.

With a wet sound of exhaling air you slip off my shaft and roll onto your hands and knees and say ‘fuck me now baby – I want that cock deep inside me – shoot your cum deep into me Steve”

I plunge my engorged member deep into your slick wet pussy -‘yesssss’ you murmer as I slide my entire length into you ‘God that feels sooooo good baby’ you encourage me. I feel you push back onto me with each stroke, your breasts sway with every thrust and I reach out to cup them, gently tweaking your nipples.

I wet my finger with saliva and slide it gingerly into your ass –‘mmmmm’ you purr. I gently work it in and out a couple of times and you wiggle your ass in encouragement. Taking that as an indication that you want more I grab a couple of ice cubes from the ice bucket and slip them into your ass followed by the tip of the dildo – you shriek at the sudden cold shock and tense just a little, but then I feel you bear down on it, willing it deeper into you. I push the dildo to the hilt inside you and can feel it through the walls of your pussy against my shaft as I continue to slide in and out of your now dripping pussy.

The sensations are incredible! With increased urgency I thrust deeper and harder into you, the sounds of flesh on flesh searing themselves onto my brain – the feel of the snap of your garter belt pressing against my thigh, the feel of your nylons brushing against my skin, the heel of your shoe digging into my calve – all sensations heightened as the adrenaline coursing though our veins takes hold.

You rest on your elbows on the floor, ass high in the air, eyes closed in ecstacy as I pound harder and deeper and faster into you ‘mmmmm…that’s it baby, yeah cmon baby do me good………mmmm oh yeah baby’ you bite your lip softly as I begin to slide the dildo in and out of your ass in synch with the rythmic thrusting of my cock inside you. Wild with lust I grab your hair and pull you toward me so you are kneeling upright, your body against mine, my hands kneading your breasts as I search eagerly for your tongue with my own. My thrusting becomes more urgent and you feel as if you are being torn in two as I impale you on my throbbing member ‘I’m cumming baby…. I’m cumming’ I manage to spit out, my eyes starting to swim. I put my arms from behind,under your armpits, and clamp you on the shoulders, driving you even further onto me. “Yes ….. yess…. cum in me baby, cum in me Steve…. give it to me…. I want it… give it to me ….I want it soo bad….. mmmmm’ Your encoragement sends me crashing over the top and I cum with one final almighty thrust that causes you to cry out in a combination of pleasure and pain ‘n
nnnnnnnnngggghghgghhhhh !!!’ I shift my hand to your clit, still holdi
ng you tightly against me from behind, and I tease it. The combination of my hot seed flooding through your pussy, the dildo in your tight ass and my ministrations on your clit finaly takes you to that higher plain and you bite your lip and let out a semi stifled animal groan ‘AAAAAArrrrrrggggghhhhh’ as you come. I feel your body spasm against me, both of us slick with sweat, you hair a mess, makeup smeared all over your face- but you look beautiful to me.

I slowly withdraw the dildo – causing you to sigh softly as it comes out. I pick you up and hold you near to me, kissing you softly yet fully on the lips as we catch our breath.
‘Welcome home’ I say sheepishly at you – I really did have a nice romantic evening planned for us you know’ You look at me sceptically. “Honest!” I say. Then, with a twinkle in your eye you say ‘Well the night aint over yet cowboy!’ and lead me off towards the bedroom…… but that’s another story!

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    this story was so hot

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