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I’ve felt lonely lately. Every day the same routine. Get up, go to work, come home, eat, go to bed. Ever since the “honeymoon” has ended, we’ve been nothing short of roommates. We see eachoter every day but just as if we were nothing special to the other one. No sparks, no love, no… nothing. I’ve lied in bed comtemplating ways to leave, thinking about fantasies of finding someone else to runaway with, someone who would bring me back to life again. Our relationship is so dead.
As the alarm clock buzzes away, I wake up and sigh at another day, wondering if this one will somehow be better than the one before. I take my shower, rush out the door to get to work on time. Going about my usuals, checking the emails, opening the mail, printing the paperwork, etc. “Excuse me,” a voice from around the corner asked. I looked up startled, usually it’s just me until around 9 or so. I’m always the first to get to work. I like it that way so no one can get in my way as I start my day. I looked up and laid my eyes on the most gorgeous guy I’ve seen in a while aside from my husband. He was tall, very muscular, gorgeous brown eyes and a short spiked haircut, like the marines have. But what drew me in were his defined, sculpted arms. They were the kind that could pick you up and throw you around. “Yes, may I help you?” I replied. “Where can I find the air conditioning units, I’m here to fix the problem with one of the chillers?” he said. I opened my desk and pulled out the correct keys and told him that he would have to follow me to the stairwell. You have to go thru the fire exits in order to go up the stairwell that leads to the penthouse that has the chillers in it. He followed behind me carrying his tool belt. We walked thru the store and I lead him to the fire exit. I disarmed the alarm and opened up the door, he followed me thru. I lead him up the steps to the roof top door, and then across the roof to the penthouse door. I unlocked the penthouse door, and turned on the lights. Inside the huge penthouse were the 3 big generators that kepted the utilities of the store afloat. I turned back to him and told him if he needed anything else that I would be back in my office. He nodded, and said, “Not everyday your in a generator room with a hot secretary.” I blushed at the compliment and continued to head for the door. But something made me stop and imagine, could this be the fantasy that I’ve been dreaming about all those nights along side my husband in the bed. I smiled at the thought. However, my guest had taken my smile as an invitation to proceed from his comment. He told me that I should take a break and enjoy the breeze up on the roof top for a minute. He confirmed that it would only take a few minutes to fix the problem. I smiled and headed back out to the roof top. It was a nice day and I headed over to the side of the building to overlook the parking lot and the city view. People were just starting to arrive at work. I felt a hand touch my shoulder, and although I should have jumped, I encouraged the gesture. I turned around and was staring into the eyes of the worker and he slipped his hands between my legs and slid them up under my skirt. The feel of his rough big hands made my skin crawl with goosebumps. As soon as he got to my panties, I let out a moan. I couldn’t control my emotion, it felt so good to be touched. He worked his way to the top of my panties and slid his hand down until he cupped my pussy and his fingers were about to part and slide in. I was instantly wet with eagerness. I didn’t want to do it, but for some reason I wasn’t stopping it. It was like he was reading my mind. Then he slipped his finger in my pussy and I moaned again. Was this really happening? I spread my stance a little wider so that I could really enjoy the pleasure. He removed his finger and pulled his hand out of my panties. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a box cutter, and lifted my skirt and sliced the seam of my panties and tore them off with one rip. I gasped at the knife, not exactly what I was thinking was coming next. But the danger turned me on even more. He looked at my dress and said untie it. I thought to myself, that I was so glad I had worn the dress that wrapped around and tied at my side today. I immediately went for the knot and untied the dress and let it hang open so that he could assess my body. He lowered the cup on my bra and took out one of my breast and careful licked the nipple, till it was hard as a rock. Then he sucked hard on it, and I could feel the sensation reach all the way to my throbbing pussy. I was so excited now that I was willing to do anything for my fullfillment. He turned me around so that I was facing the parking lot, and told me to hold on. I barely touched the ledge before he was already undoing his belt. I heard his zipper come undone, and then the sound of his boxers being lowered so that he could expose his cock just enough to fuck me. I touched the head of it to my pussy, and I clenched waiting for it to enter. But he was teasing me. He started rubbing it down the entrance and back up again, making the wet from inside me saturate the outside. He backed up a little and then took his fingers to spread around my wetness some more. Taking the wetness from my pussy and rubbing it around my asshole. I was feeling ready and nervous. I could feel my self getting wetter as the anticipation grew. He bent me over the ledge a bit more. I could now see the people getting out of the their cars. I tried to be quiet so that they wouldn’t look up at me. Then I felt the head of his dick against my asshole. Just teasing me with it until I started to beg for it. I just wanted to be fucked that at this point I was begging for it. He rubbed it from my asshole to my pussy and back and forth again. The anxiousness was growing like a wave inside of me. Then he thrust it hard into my pussy and I let out a murmur of weakness at the pleasure. He pulled back out again fast, teasing me still. Then he grabbed my hair, and pulled me down to face his cock. He told me to suck all of that pussy off his cock. I was so eager to get more of that dick that I licked and sucked as best as I could. I was so turned on by his control over me that I was dripping with excitement. He kept telling me I was such a good girl and that made me what to keep sucking deeper. He lifted me from the ground and bent me over the ledge again and slipped his dick in my pussy so easily this time cause of the wetness. He wrapped his hang around my mouth and covered it as if to silence me. He then started fucking me so hard. I wanted to scream. I was so excited by the fantasy of it all that I didn’t notice he was trying to hurt me. Suddenly he stopped and asked, “is that not hurting you?” And I looked around at him, unable to speak cause of his hand around my mouth and shook my head no. He pulled out slowly from my cunt and rubbed his dick up and down to my asshole and then forced it into my tight ass. This time, my eyes wide, I did scream. But he muffled the sound with his hand. I looked down on the parking lot with the people, no one noticing me up there. I was getting rammed in the ass by one of the workers on top of the building and no one was noticing. My ass clenched tight around his dick and this pleased him. I could feel the tightness weaken with each thrust. He just fucked my ass and kept ramming harder with each insert. My ass was feeling numb, I was sure it was bleeding from the pain. Then I felt it. The warm sensation that filled up my ass. He had cummed in my asshole, I was so turned on by that. He pulled out letting it drip from my asshole and then told me to suck his dick till it was clean again. I eagerly did so, hoping to get more pleasure from my strange guest. But after I finished cleaning him, he pulled up his pants and walked away and off the roof. He just left me there. I didn’t know what to do, should I stop him? Do I beg for more? I decided to let him go. After all, he had just fulfilled my
with the best sex I’d had in a long time. I couldn’t wait until the next time the chillers broke down.

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