Lounge Lizards Lust

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I went to a nice lounge one night. I was feeling horny and frisky and decided to pick up a guy.
I was wearing my tight stretchy powder blue dress and my tie on the ankle heels. My hair was curled in long loose curls, it was very blonde both from streaking it, as well as from the saltwater and sun that lightened it throughout the summer.
I was wearing my mango coconut perfume, a very sexy tropical scent with the slightest hint of musk…I’ll admit here I often rubbed my pussy and rubbed the scent of myself into my wrists, behind my knees, under and between my breasts and behind my ears before I put my perfume there.
I was sitting at the bar when I caught the eye of a guy I found attractive, he was tallish and was wearing a black tight shirt that showed the definition in his chest, he had on black pants, his legs were very long, he had dark hair and eyes, and olive skin, I liked that, we were quite contrasting in looks, what with my white blonde hair, blue eyes and tanned but freckled skin and my petite height. But body-wise we matched, he was defined and my body is pretty nice and definitely toned and curvy.
I wanted to make sure he was interested so I smiled at him, he smiled back. I saw him call the bartender over and as they spoke they both looked at me.
The bartender came to me and said, “The gentleman at the end of the bar wants me to tell you that he thinks you are very pretty and he’ld like to know if you would care to have a drink with him in the corner booth.”
I looked at him, then the booth and smiled and nodded.
He came over to me and we walked to the booth. We sat there talking I was getting hornier by the minute I knew he was too. I always get turned on when a guy is turned on, it must be those chemicals and hormones that surge through our bodies.
I decided to suck on my ice cube, I stared at him as I pushed it in and out between my lips. He smiled. I then dropped it on his crotch, I reached down and grazed my nails over his now stiffening cock and got the cube I put it in my mouth and sucked on it.
I plopped it back in my glass and smiled.
He asked me if I would like to go back to his hotel room, I said yes. He told me that we could walk there through the back stairs. I agreed. He told me he was on the eight floor, each exit had the floor number. We were on the third floor level when I walked ahead of him and swayed my hips and ass. He made sounds of pleasure and said I had a beautiful body. I started lifting my dress up in the back slowly but evenly, I lifted it up the backs of my thighs, then up to the bottom of my ass I knew my pussy lips were peeking out because I heard him say, “Oh yeah baby show me more of your hot tiny pussy.” I lifted my dress up over my bare ass showing him my round, tight, high cheeks, my crack, my rounded hips and my curved in waist. I just left my dress there right on top of my bare ass….damn my pussy was on fire knowing that his eyes were riveted to my legs, pussy, ass, hips and waist. I purposely swayed my hips sensually moving my ass side to side. I felt my excited wetness just oozing.
He got close to me and at first he just held my ass cheeks in his hands with his thumbs near my crack, fitst he was cupping them, then caressing them, then feeling my silky soft smooth ass cheek skin as he rubbed them over and over, my skin was so sensitive to his touch, my pussy felt like it was dripping, I got that silky soft wet tight feeing inside my pussy, like an achiness and emptiness that needed to feel his fingers tuch me and then have his cock filling me up and gliding in and out of me. After some moments of his hands touching my ass he me held firmly onto my hips and pulled my bare ass back against his rock hard cock encased in his pants, “Ohhhhhh your cock feels so fucking big and so stiff.”I moaned.
He humped me, rubbing his hardness all over and around my ass, he stopped on the sixth floor and pulled my dress completely off,pulling it over my waist, lower back, my full back, etc, as he pulled it up over my breasts my nipples hardened feeling the material rub against them.”Mmmmmm sexy!” I said.
“Oh you naughty girl,” he said in a sexy deep voice, “no panties, no bra…what were you expecting tonight?” He slapped my ass almost punctuating his words, my pussy got hot.
I just giggled and ran up the stairs nude and in my heels.
He ran fast and caught me, he held me around my waist and turned me around, he held me out at arms length and I watched as he eyed me up and down, his pupils were so large, he was smiling and looking sexy and very horny, his eyes settled on my pussy, shaved except for my golden blonde short hairs on my pink red lips.He smiled a sexy smirk.
He ran his finger over my lips just lightly brushing on them, he did that over and over, goosebumps were forming on my skin, my pussy was wettening I felt it in my slit, I wondered how he knew I loved being teased like that.
He bent down and using his tongue he French kissed my pussy he found my clit and flicked it with his tongue I thought my knees were going to buckle, I grabbed his hair and tugged on it lightly, that made him tongue fuck my pussy, he pointed his tongue and moved it in and out of my little wet horny pussy hole.”Ohhhhhhh,ohhhhh” I moaned over and over and I caressed his head and ears, I widened my thighs. He placed in between my thighs and put his arms under the backs of my thighs and held my ass in his hands.
“Not here.” I implored.
He stopped and kissed me I rubbed my nude lusty pussy against his hard on in his pants. I turned around and he pulled me back to him and he humped me. He pushed me away slightly I heard him unzip his pants, he pulled out his big hard dick and rubbed it all over my ass, my crack, my cheeks, even my lower back, he placed it in the crevice of my ass between my cheeks and we walked up the stairs like that, we did not say a word, I know I was leeting myself concentrate on his hard cock and the heat of his body on mine, I think he was feeling sexy sensations too…ohhh I wanted his cock in my pussy I could tell he wanted in too.
We got to the eight floor, he opened the door slightly and looking over my head he searched for anyone on that floor, confident no one was around he led me to his room, he was pressed tight against me the whole way and it was hot.
We got to his room, he inserted his card and opened the door. He led me to his bed, he got me to the edge and bent me over it, I automatically spread my thighs wide, I wanted his dick so bad, my pussy was ready for him. I was nude and horny I needed to feel his dick…I wanted his dick to control me completely, I wanted him to fill me up and to fuck the hell out of me. He needed my pussy too, I knew he wanted to feel my wet, silk, heat wrapped tight around his cock holding him inside me giving him my sexuality and all my sexy softness as well.
He completely undressed and got behind me, I felt his cockhead just poking in my slit, just little jabs, ohhh I wanted him to screw me, but he knew I needed a good teasing first. He found my tight hot pussy opening and he just rimmed it with his cock head, I moaned at the sensation of his big helmut trying to open up my pussy. He rubbed all around my pussy hole, I felt like my pussy was gasping, wanting him in there, but scared at the same time. He poked at my hole, making me release so much lubrication that I felt like I was melting. Finally he slid in me a very slow deliberate entry. “Ohhhhh baby,” he said, “so tight, yeah baby you feel great.” I moaned in pleasure feeling that snake of his slithering deep into the hidden tunnel of my pussy.
He got his cock all the way in and just stayed tight against me, he reached around and squeezed my breasts then he rubbed them over and over his palms circled my hard sensitive nipples,”Mmmmmmmm” was all I could say over and over.He moved his cock in me,the feeling was intense and very arousing. He nuzzled into my neck pushing my hair with his nose, he sexily bit my neck a few times then he fucked the hell out of my pussy, he was
ramming in me like it was some kind of a compet
ive sport and he wanted to win at all costs, at first it hurt after all his dick was big and thick, but I forced my mind to only feel the sensation of his cock massaging my insides and then I went wild, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me!” I moaned as his cock pummeled my tight wet horny hole.
In and out he rode my pussy, he was really pushing me all over the sheets, I had to hold onto the headrest and push back against him, everytime he’ld get deep in my pussy I’d wiggle my ass and close my thighs he loved that. He’ld star pulling out and I’d open my thighs, damn we had the perfect rhythm for our fuckfest. Over and over he pumped in and out of my pussy, my juices were being squished out of me, I felt them dripping down my inner thighs, damn he was one hot fuck!
He let out a very animalistic grunt and he came, I felt it even though I was so fucked out by him and I so fucking wet, yet I felt his cum squirt inside me, he quickly reached around and under me and he found my nubby clit and rubbed it, I could not believe he rubbed my clit just like I did. Around and around his finger went, his cock meanwhile was still in my pussy, I orgasmed my pussy was twitching wildly, I arched my back and dropped my breats down to the sheets, he pushed up higher in my pussy, he was on his knees and higher up on me. He again got near my neck and bit me, “Ohhhhh shit! Ohhh shit!” I yelled as I felt his teeth nibbling on my neck and my pussy milking his cock, my pussy was pulling on his cock, my muscles were so into my orgasm. My heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to die. He waited a while and then he slowly pulled his cock out of my molded around him pussy, it hurt when he pulled it out, but in a very erotic way.
He slapped my ass a few times then rolled me over, we kissed as he laid over the full length of my body, I rubbed and squeezed his ass cheeks then rubbed his back. Mmmmmm I think I definitely chose the right guy that night.

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