Love at first fuck

kayssah looked at her phone. Sighing, she read the party information. She hoped that she would find someone that could give her a good time tonight at the party but she didnt think that it would be possible.
Putting on her little kitten costume, she bit her lip wondering. “I hope something happens tonight.” she giggled and walked next door to the party.
As karyssah walked into the party, she saw this guy. He was tall, tan, and absolutely perfect. She heard him whistle then say, “little kitten, why dont you come over here and give your owner some loving?”
Karyssah giggled and walked over to him. “I came over here, now what all do you want?”
He pulled her closer to him and she could feel him hard. She bit her lip and looked into his eyes. “come on daddy, take me into your room and fuck me so hard.” she giggled as he took her into his room locking the door.
He unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off. Karyssah went down and pulled out his 12′ dick out. It stood straight up as she moved her hand up his shaft.
“oh kitten, meow for me,” he groaned as she took his dick into his mouth. He unbuttoned her top revealing her 44c breast and started sucking on them making her nipples hard.
Karyssah pulled off her bottoms and rubbed her thriving and wet clit. She moaned as he fucked her face. She knew she was close and she rubbed it more. He slid his dick out of her mouth and started rubbing her.
“oh fuck yes, daddy!” she moaned loudly. “fuck me hard! As hard as you can.” she begged.
He did what she asked and put all of his dick into her. He fucked her tight little cunt and had her screaming.
“damn, I’m gonna cum!” he screamed as he came inside her.

More to come later… (:

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