Lust Thwarted

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Being twins sucks. But it does mean your brithdays are ont he same day. And when you’ve boht got the same freinds. its gets fun when you hang out.

But whne James and Steph get tired of their friends constanly tlaking about sex. they get pissed off. and wnat to show them a real night. With them.

Whne the three got to steph and james house they noticed all the lights were off. So they rang the doorbell, waited…… waited.

They rnag it again.

and finally just knocked on the door. It swung open.

All three entered. ‘HELLO?!’they said.

‘OH hi guys! your early! come to my room, James is just getting ready for the party’

there were no streamers, no ballons, no strobe lights and no music. The 3 wlaked up the stairs into stephs room, the lights were off, but they stumbled in. ‘hey steph where r you?’ said nick. Right here! she yelled, as she flicked on the lights. Revealing a very naked Steph.

The 2 boys just stood there dumb founded.
Jane was..suprised to sya the least. she fell backwards onto the floor.

Just then James walked in naked as the day he was born. His dick hanginga nd blowing in the wind, 7 inches, floppy.

James came to the bed and sat next to steph, they kissed and looked at the 3 stupified teenagers standing before them.

‘You guys… are..sick! said andrew

‘No’ said steph ‘we r just here to give you a taste of what you are always pestering us about. SEX!’

‘whaT DO YOU MEAN?’ askes jane. ‘Your gonan fuck each other?!’

‘no no, not jsut us. Oh, and why the way, I locked the door, you can’t leave.’ said james

he then kissed steph again. And fonfled her ripe juicy breasts.

he licked her erect nipples and looked the the three standing there. ‘You wanna join in?’ asked james.

Jame took off her bunny costume, revealing, no panties. ‘i was hoping to pikc up tonight’ she said.

Andrew took his wig and cape off, leaving his wonder woman costume nearly all intact.

Jane then kissed him hard. ‘I’ve always wnatd to do that Andrew’ she panted.

They kissed again, and she grabbed his dick, already hard. Thye fell to the ground.

Steph looked at nick. ‘r you gonna join in?’
‘NEVER, you freaks!’ he shouted.

‘ohhh.. honey!’ said james. ‘why dunt you just relax. let me take care of you.’

Nick moved to the door, nearly tripping over the heavily engrossed two on the floor.
He heaved at the handle, puleld and pushed. It was definetly locked.

The naked james was walking towards nick.

He started kissing nick. Hard.

Nick tried to pull away, but he had him up agaisnt the door.

He kept kisisng him. as Andrew and jane fondled each other on the ground. Andrew had janes supple tits in his mouth. Jane then slid down to Andres rock hard prick. She sucked him deeply letting his cock slide between her lips.His quivering pole made her work harder and faster. She licked the underside of his shaft, working his balls with her hand. He grabbed her head, and started fucking her mouth. His 6 inches was beig engulfed by the red headed godess. She was deep throating his meat. he sighed ‘Fuck me jane.. please just fuck me now’ She smiled up at him. With his cock in her mouth she moved slowly up her sexy boys body. She stopepd half way with her breats cacooning his balls. ‘I’ve wanted to do this to someone, this is as good time as any.’ She then wrapepd her big firm tits around his pulsating rod. She moved her tits up and down his shaft, clasping ehr tits together.
‘Ohh yes, fuck my tits!’ she sighed. ‘fuck them good and hard!’

All the while Steph was sititng on the ebd watching the amazing spectacal coming forther before her eyes.

her brother was sucking face with her best freind. While Andrew and Jane where gfetitng it on with each other for the first magical time. The sighs and moans coming from, andrwew and jane, made her touch her drenched pussy.

James stared at Nick ‘So nick, you wnat to dress like a fagogt huh?, How about you act like one!’

Steph walked over to them both ‘What are you gonna do to him james?’ she asked while grabbing nicks groin. ‘Ohhhh’ she giggled ‘you enjoyed your encounter with james did you?’ Nick turned as red as a tomato, and had to accept that he did enjoy the experience he had just had.

‘Lets not let these cocks go to waist boys’
She pulled down Nicks leather pants, and boxers to reveal a tiny little dick. Steph had to control her laughter. ‘Hows about, I suck you off nick?…with one condition’

Nick was horny as hell at this point ‘ANyhting he yelled, ANYHTING’
‘I want you to suck james’s fat cock first!’

Wihtout any pause nick lowered himself to James’s cock, he wasn’t hard at all. Nick felt a bit sad that, he ahdn’t turned james on at all.

Nick stared at the cock infornt of his face.
In what seemd an instant, he 7 inch floppy that ahd bene infornt of his face, turned into a 9inch monster. All nick could do was open his eyes in wonder. As james lsot patience and shoved his pole into nicks virgin mouth.

the first thing nick did was moan, loud!

This did things to james, that he ahd never experienced. And he shothis load straight away intopt he back of nicks virgin throat.
Spurts of cum shiot out of nicks mouth.

NIck felt at ease, that he didn’t aghve to suck ont he cock for too long. and now felt cocky in himself that he was able to amke a guy cum so easily.

Steph started sucking the cum off james’s dick, then moved to sukcing the cum out of nicks mouth. She kissed him pasionatly.

Jmaes moved bakc to the bed. and watched jane tit fuck andrew.

‘Im gona come jane! please..’ Jane then stopped. completley and looked at andrews flickering cock. She knew he was seconds off shooting his wad.

She sat on the carpet and declared ‘eat me. now!’
‘No, please jsut make me cum, i’m nearly there, please i’m so close!’ He began fisting his meat. Jane slaped him across the face. ‘i said EAT ME, eat me and i’ll look after your best friend right there.’

Without further wanking he moved over to his beauty and lowerd his mouth to her ripe nipples. He began sucking them slowly. She yelled ‘stop fucking around’ and pushed his head towards her clit. She spread her lips with her fingers and forced his mouth to her saturated pussy.

He slowly worked his tounge up and down her slit, her moans grew fast. He worked his tounge deep into her pussy. Her smell captivated him. Made him work harder and faster. When ehr moans where getitng hot and heavy and her panting ahd tunred into shreisk of encoragment he started on her clit. Sucking on it, licking it.
She was close. But not close enough. He insterted a finger into her box, then 2, 3 then 4 she was wet and wide open.
‘Please! NO MORE’ she shrieked. ‘thats enough!’ But andrew wnated to get her back for the slap. He insterted his thumb into her pussy. She was screaming with pain and pleasure. Her tight little cunt had never had so much. and it wasn’t stopping there.
Andrew was moving his ahnd slowly up her cunt. ‘PLEASE NO! ARGH..oh god…yes…NO..please..that hurts..but feels..ahhh!’ He was trying to get his whole hand into her pussy. He was stuck at the knuckles. ‘Jane baby, I’m going to fist fuck you now. Either your gonna relax and make it easy for me to get my hand in there, or your gonan tense up, and make it twice as ahrd and painful!, SO just relax’ She had to do what he said. The pleasure of it all, was wild. She had never felt so furfiled and wonderful in her entire life.

His fist meshed easily into her gaping hole.
he worked the fist up and down her hole.
She grabbed his hand and started ramming the giant ‘dildo’ of a fist up her cunt.
She bucked agaisnt his fist, until she fell back and let loose. he flet the giant wa
ve of orgazim all over his hand, as she strugled and came all over his fist.

‘Now i’ll take care of your little friend she shreiked.’

James turned his attention to the other two.

Steph was no
w sucking nicks nipples. working her way down to his tiny little dick.
She opened her mouth and took his 4inches easily, she started sucking on it slwoly, but she found herself wanting to move faster and harder on the little rocket in her mouth. Nick, was much the boaster, but ahd never been sucked off and he found this experience to be the betetr than his wettest dreams. And soon felt that familliar feleing rising up inside him. And he held it back for as long as he could. Steph could sesne he was about to cum so she worker her finegrs over his shaft and sucked hima s far in as a she could. it wasn’t soon after that she felt the smack of cum on the bakc of her throat and the heard the low moan of ncik as he unleashed his sprem into her mouth.

The two walked over to james and sat on the bed with each other. watching jane and andrew move intio position. Andrew lay on the floor, as jane moved towards him and starddled his inches. She moaned loud as andrew entered her sweet pussy. After feeling the pressure of his fist, it was nice to feel the warm smooth motion of his slick dick. He was extremley hard, and was close to coming once again. So steph walked over to andrew and plumped her pussy on his face. He greedily lapped at her pussy as she bounced up and down.

James turned to Nick. ‘to continue what i was saying before nick. If you wnat to dress like a fag, you might as well act like one.!
With this James grabbed nicks face and kissed him hard, again. Jmaes decided to be kind, and grabbed a pack of condoms out of the top drawer. He palced it over his 9 inches -with nicks help- and was ready ahrd for action. Nick went dopwn on his hands and knees ready to suck him off. But james stopped him. and shook his head ‘No, no nick my lad’ and grabbed the lubricant form the top drawer. Nick looked on with dred. He knew whatwas coming. He began to run. But james grabbed his arm, and threw him face first bum in the air on the bed. James seized this opertunity, and kept Nick in that position. He took the lube and smeered it all over his huge pecker. he put some on Nicks virgin ass. And plumeted his dick into nicks hole. Not slowly for comfort. Hard and fast. ripping and tearing at nicks asshole , shuved his dick further into his hole.
It was sumthing about nick that exited james.
His moans drove him into a wild frenzie. And while nicks screams of pian, slowly turned into cries of pasison. James felt he was ready to shoot. But he didn’t wnat to go alone. he best over nick and wsiepred ‘i’m gonna cum!’ Nick turned his head, and begged him not to cum, not in his ass. even if he was wearing a condom. He didn’t wnat that. But, james drove ahrder into him. he moved his ahnd under, nicks waist to reveal a hard on. James began moving his hand up and down nicks sheath.

James stopped.

Dead in his tracks.
‘DOn’t satop, please, I don’t care if you cum, it feels so good! please fuck me!’ nick yelled.
James took his dick out of nicks ass.
he ripepd off the condom. and he took nick over the the rest.

The other three were frantic,
Likcing stephs pussy had taken his mind of cuming, so andrew was taking jane onto her 3rd orgazim. Steph was buckling under andrews masterful tounge.

‘i’ll fuck yiour ass in a minute’ said james’ I jsut wnat to do something first.

James lowered himself to his twin sister.

her heaving breasts, bouncing.

he shuved his dick in her mouth. She sucked him masterfully. working her tounge around to his glisening underside.

James was moaning liud at his siters work.
he grabbed her head and fucked the hell out of her face. She was gaging and chokcing, but the pleasure she was getitng form andrews tounge and the moans she was getitng from ajmes, jsut let her go.

Nick was standing amazed and feleing violated. But soon he felt the warm feleing of a mouth sucking his rock hard cock. H e looked down and saw jane sucking masterfully on his dick.

All 5 of them, were standing and lyinga nd sititng in an on mass orgy of sexual desires.

Steph was sucking james, while andrew sucked her clit, as jane sucked nicka nd fucked andrew hard.

Andrew and jane started fucking harder, andrews cum was cumming soon.
he stopped licking stepgh in enough tiem to yell ‘I’M FUKING COMING!’

He sent a strema of jizz into her steamy snatch, She then shhhock with one giant orgasim.
This burts of pelasure made her suck nick twice as hard.

ANdrwew stood up and placed his dick next to nicks so jane could suck them both off.

This left Steph and james, they first the got into a 69, teph still sucking jeames giant rod and he used his incredibly talented tounge on her frutiful cunt.

they both quickly changed, and james started fucking his 9 inches entered her pussy ‘Oh god! jeses chris james..i can feel you around me throat.. I love it when we fuck!’

‘I’m coming baby!, but i can’t cum in you! I promised nick i’d fill him with semen.’

AT that point james got up and pulled nick away from janes mouth, bent him over and shuved his red hot meat into nicks ass hole.
he only had to get it in his ass, to shoot his load all the way into nicks hole.

James then left the slowly cumming nick, and threw his dick at jane. WHo gobbled it up, and licked all the cum off.

Nick was on the bed, with his little dick, shooting cum onto his chest. Andrew fisted himself to completion over janes mouth. WHile she and james lay together fucking slwoly.

This left steph, randy as ever.

Andrew called to nick. ‘Come on you faggot, lets ham sadwich this bitch!’
Nikc got up in a flash.
and wlaked over to steph and stood her up. andrew took his place infront of her.
And instead of shuving his thick prick into her, he shuved his entire fist up her snatch. Hasrd and Fast. She came 3 time in a row and when he didn’t take his fist out, she treid to move backwards, but was met by nick, who firmly bent her foward and shuved his pin dick into her ass. She squealed and came again.WHich cause nick to cum for his last time that day.

Andrew withdrew his fist.
and smeared all the luv box juice onto his dick.
then frimly and surley, shuved his lubricated tool into the unsespecting ass of james. Where andrew came instantly and , happily.

WHile Nick, steph and andrew, got up and got dressed.

James fuicked jane for one last time.

he sent his 9inches into her and up her.

Jane knew that she this was her last cum.
SO she brought her hand down and rubbed her clit, till she spileld hersef, for that final time.

Jane then, went down on james, she sucked his wet balls for and worked his thick dick until he sprayed the warmest spray of cum into her eager mouth.

Andrew, Nick and Jane got dressed without a word, and left quietly.

Leaving james and steph.. to do what they do every day.

They left them to fuck all night.

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