Maureen and Ray

We were at a Christmas party at my friends parents house and as the evening wore on I saw my wife Maureen speaking to my friend Wayne. A few minutes later she came back to me and said,” you know what Wayne just told me?” “No what was he saying?” ” He told me that his Dad fancies fucking me.” My wife was 19 at the time and we had only been married for two years, but I had already discovered that she was highly sexed and that she had been to bed with one or two other men since our marriage including my mate Wayne. “Jesus, he is old enough to be your father,” “yes I know but Wayne had told him that he has been fucking me. Then his Dad had said, “you lucky bastard, I have always fancied Maureen, I would love to have a crack at her.” So why are you telling me this?” “Well I was wondering what sex would be like with an older experienced man. Has he had a lot of experience?” “Jesus, of course he has, he is sex mad and he is always telling us that he has fucked loads of women.” ” Mmm, I think I will go and have a talk to him,” “what are you up to now?” I asked. “I am just going to have a talk to him but if he chats me up I think I will let him fuck me.” I watched as she went over to Wayne’s Dad who was called Ray. Maureen was wearing a red minidress, very short and low cut to show her breasts off. I thought that dress is enough to turn any man on. For a few minutes they appeared to be just chatting, then Maureen said something that caught his attention, he replied and she leaned forward and whispered something to him. They talked for a few more moments then my wife disappeared into the kitchen, Ray looked around and then quickly followed her out. It was about 40 minutes later when Ray reappeared looking very pleased with himself, it was about ten minutes later before Maureen came back. Her makeup looked smudged and her dress looked a bit creased and a little dirty, she went straight upstairs and after about another quarter of an hour she came back, she had obviously been tidying herself up and repairing her make up. “What happened?” I asked her, “what do you think happened,” she leaned close and continued, “I let Ray fuck me and he wants to be able to meet me again, but I will tell you all about it when we get home.” It soon became obvious that most of the people at the party already knew what Ray had been doing with Maureen in the alley and some of the women were obviously not happy about it. I heard one woman say.”look at her just sitting there with her hubby after she has been outside with Ray and all the men were watching them.” We did not stay too much longer and when Ray saw that we were leaving he came over and asked my wife, “can we get together again sometime Maureen?” “Well Baz is on night shift all next week so why don’t you come around one night?” “I thought that our Wayne was sleeping with you when Baz is on nights.” “Oh he is, but not every night now that he has got that new girlfriend.” “Oh yes he told me about her but he said that you are a much better fuck than she is and now I know what he means.” “Well I know that he has date with her on both Monday and Tuesday so any one of those nights will be ok,” “what about both nights?” Ray asked, “ok if you really want to.” After we got out of the front door Ray’s wife called us back and told me, “Ray really enjoyed fucking your Maureen, he does like a bit of young pussy, has he arranged to see her again?” “Yes, next Monday night when I will be at work,” “good if he is spending the night with your Maureen I can tell my boyfriend to come and spend the night with me,” she turned to my wife and told her, “just make sure that he doesn’t come home too early Maureen, he sometimes gets jealous of my friends.”When we got to bed Maureen whispered, “do you want to know what happened tonight?” “Of course I do, start from when you first went to talk to Ray.” “OK, at first we just gossiped and although he was looking at my breasts all the time he didn’t make any suggestive remarks, so I said, ” Wayne told me what you said about me,” “Oh and what did he tell you?” “He said that you fancied fucking me.” That got his attention and he said, “that’s true, so are you going to let me fuck you?” “Yes, when do you want to do it.” “How about right now?” “Ok, but where are we going to do it?” “Go into the kitchen and I will follow you.” You must have seen that, anyway when he followed me out he took me outside into that sort of passage way between the houses. As soon as we got out there he said, “get stripped off.” “Its cold out here,” never mind about that, I want to see you naked, I have always wondered what you looked like with your clothes off. Then I will soon get you warmed up.” So I got undressed for him, he kissed me and had a feel of my tits then he dropped his pants and pushed me against the wall and tried to get his cock up me. He did get the end of it into me but then he said, “you will have to lie down so I can get it right up you.” My clothes were on the floor so I lay down on them and opened my legs and he soon got stuck right up me. It was cold and the floor was hard and lumpy but I started to enjoy it, he does know how to satisfy a woman. Once he got his cock right up me, he settled down into a steady rhythm not too fast but pushing hard up me. Then he said, “Maureen you have a lovely body, young and firm. But what I really like is you are so tight, I can feel inside you right along the length of my cock.” “I know what you mean, it’s the same for me I can really feel all your cock inside me when you push it hard up me.” By then I was starting to pant and moan, I was really enjoying it.” “Jesus it is a wonder that no one saw you,” “oh they did, one guy came out and saw us and he went back in and must have told his mates about us because lots of men had a look out of the door to see what we were doing. Then after a few minutes a couple of guys came out and just stood watching Ray fucking me, so I just closed my eyes and let him enjoy himself. Then I heard them talking and I had a quick look and there were about half a dozen men watching us. Then I heard one of them say, “who is that Ray is fucking?” “It’s little Maureen.” “Maureen who?” “Maureen Gunn, she is Baz’s wife.” Ray took no notice so I decided to give them a show, and I wrapped my legs around him and started to push up at him with each thrust. “Jesus look at that, she is really enjoying it.” Another voice, “yes Wayne said that she is a real horny little cow.” I pulled my legs back so that my knees were nearly touching my shoulders and Ray seemed to get even more excited and he started really ramming his cock hard up me and he soon had me squealing, then he started to grunt as he was cuming up me. “Jesus Maureen, I hope that you are going to let me fuck you again some time, that was the best fuck I have had in a long time.” “Ok I don’t mind if you want to fuck me regularly.” “Great, but what I want to do is like tonight, I want to fuck you in different places outdoors where we might be seen by other people. What do you think about that?” “Yes I would like to do that I got really turned on when I realised that all those guys were watching you fucking me.” He rolled off me and I realised that the men were still watching us, I was completely naked and my legs were still wide apart so the all got a real good look at me. Ray pulled up his pants and said to them, “come on fellers let Maureen get dressed in private, you have all had a good look at her body and I bet that you are all jealous of me after watching me enjoying myself between Maureen’s legs. He picked up my panties and sniffed them then put them in his pocket, “you don’t mind if I keep these to remind me about tonight, do you?” So the next Monday I was getting ready to go to work when there was a knock at the door. I opened it and Ray said, “I know that I am a bit early but I have been thinking about your Maureen all day and I just couldn’t wait to see her again.” “Oh, hi Ray,” my wife said, “let him in Baz, would you like a beer Ray. Baz will soon be off to work and then we will be alone together all night and I know that you are really going to enjoy yourself when we get up to bed together. When I left Ray was already starting to enjoy himself with my wife, they were kissing and cuddling on the sofa and he had his hand up Maureen’s skirt. The next morning when I came home from work I was not really surprised to see Ray’s car still parked in our drive. I went into the house and listened at the bottom of the stairs and I could here the sounds of lovemaking from my bedroom. I crept quietly up the stairs and I could hear the bedsprings creaking and the soft ooh and ahh sounds that Maureen makes when she is enjoying sex. I went down to the kitchen and made a cup of coffee, it was almost an hour later when Ray came downstairs.He came into the kitchen and said to me. ” Jesus Baz what a good fuck your Maureen is, I haven’t enjoyed myself so much for years so I hope that you will not object if I want to sleep with her regularly.” “Have you asked her?” “Yes of course I have and she is as keen as I am to meet regularly.” “Well if my wife is happy with this arrangement I know that I could not stop her if I wanted to.” “But would you try to stop her?” “No as long as it keeps her happy then it is ok with me.” “That’s great, so I will be sleeping with your wife again tonight.” The following Friday Maureen told me, “Ray is taking me out tonight he has been telling all his mates about me and he wants them to have a look at me because some of them don’t believe that he is getting it regularly with some one as young as I am. He told me to dress up real sexy and give them all a real eyeful.” “I thought that a lot of his friends had already seen you with him at that party.” “Oh these are some other guy’s who weren’t even at that party.” “Will he be spending the night with you again tonight then?” “Yes of course he will, you know how much he enjoys fucking me.” So the next morning when I opened the front door my wife called downstairs and said,”Baz get up here and bring your camera.” When I went into our bedroom Ray was still in bed with my wife and she said, “Ray wants some photo’s of us in bed together to show all his mates, so I told him that you will take some for him.” She moved so that her head was resting on Ray’s shoulder and told me “take one,” then she pushed down the sheet and exposed Ray’s chest and her breasts and without being told I took another shot. “That’s it, just keep on taking snaps until we are finished.” Ray bent to kiss and bite my wife’s breasts and I took more pics, Then she told me, “pull all the beclothes off us s they will be able to see that we are naked.” Then she climbed on top of Ray and I saw her hand guide his cock towards her pussy and I kept on taking pics as she lowered herself onto his cock and he pushed hard up her. After a few more minutes and several more pics my wife dismounted and said, “I think that I had better suck you off.” She started to lick and suck Ray’s cock, up and down went her head getting about two thirds of it into her mouth. “Get it all in,” he demanded and she tried but without success. Then as I watched Ray put both his hands on my wife’s head and pushed it down until her lips touched his pubes and I took a couple more pics. He let her go and she kept on licking and sucking until he cum in Maureens mouth and I saw the spunk dripping down her chin. “Are you going to come with me when I am going to show my mates these pics Maureen?” “Yes of course I am I can’t wait to see the expessions on their faces when they see them, especially the ones where you are cuming in my mouth.” That evening the phone rang and when I answered it Ray asked me, “have you made the prints of those pics yet?” “Yes of course I have,” “great, tell Maureen to get ready if she wants to come with me tonight and tell her to look real sexy again.” I passe Ray’s message to my wife and she said, ” good I will go and get dressed up fot Ray.” About an hour later Ray arrived, “let me have a look at the pics,” I handed them to him. “Hey these are great, are you ready Maureen? Oh and what about tonight?” “That’s no problem you can come back here and sleep with me again tonight, I have already told Baz that he will have to sleep in the spare bedroom.” I was a little surprised whe Ray and my wife arrived home quite early that night. When they came in Maureen told me, “all Ray’s mates loved those pics that you took especially the ones where I am sucking his cock and a couple asked me if they could have some copies so you will have to print some more. One guy asked who had taken the photo’s and they were all surprised when Ray told them that my Hubby had taken them. They sat down on the sofa and I asked them if they would like a drink, “just one quick one, then I am sure that Ray will be keen to get me into bed again.” He laughed and started kissing my wife and when I came back with the drinks he already had Maureen’s dress and bra off. They soon finished their drinks and my wife said, “come on Ray, it is time for bed.” Ray turned to me and asked, are you sure that you don’t mind me sleeping with aureen so often?” So I told him the truth, “I like to have sex twice or maybe three times a week and as you know Maureen wants it two or three times a night so I find it easier just to let her go to bed with someone else and as long as she is happy I don’t mind.It is better than fighting about it everytime she fancies someone else. So Ray coninued fucking Maureen regularly for nearly a year.

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