Me and his wife

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I was 18…it was my senior year in high school and i was ready for it to end. I was still living with my parents until my job turned full time. I didnt have much privacy but I did have alot of time on my hands, and no better way to spend it but to get into trouble. She moved in down the street and was the most amazing woman i had ever saw. She had long blond hair and the most mesmerizing blue eyes. At the time all I did was stare and probaly looked rather dumb, at first i thought she was moving in with her parents but then i noticed a guy that was a little young to be her dad. He walked up to her and kissed her and now i knew she was taken if not married. I thought now theres no way to get to know her with him in the picture. So i figured that i could talk someone into talking for me but the only person that i knew that lived close enought i didnt really care for. But i guess you have to make sacrifices to get what you want… so i called nicole, she was surprised to hear from me since i hadnt called her since the 5th grade. So i finally talked her into coming over and i told her what was going on and what i wanted her to do. At first she was against it saying i only called her because i wanted her to do something for me. But finally she was talked into it with the promise id hook her up with my buddy Danny. So we go to the girls house that i later found out to be Brandi and she started talking to her and found out that she was married and had a son. But never the less i had to have her. After they talked for a few she called me over to introduce us. Of course her husband was right there and wasnt looking too happy bout the whole thing but he didnt say anything. He interupted to say that he had to go for another load and he would be back as soon as he could. After he was gone she invited us in for something cold to drink on account of it being 82 outside. So we walk in and sit down and start talking she tells us she has been married for 4 years and that she had a 2 year old son that lives with her parents. Since nicole was in a rush to get Dannys number she was in a hurry to get this all over with. But at least she got her number for me…now all id have to do is figure out her husbands work schedule. Nothing a little *67 and hanging up a few times wont get. So we leave and Brandi tells us to come back anytime…just what i wanted to hear! So a couple weeks pass and me and brandi has been talking on the phone with the occasional secret visits. She starts telling me whats on her mind and how she feels…turns out she aint so happy in her marriage after all. She says he hits her and that he tries to run her life for her. Now i know its not just my imagination that she is starting to feel the same way about me as i have her since i first saw her. It was probaly 2 weeks later before i saw her again but when i did she didnt look at me the same and there was no question about it that she wanted me as bad as i wanted her. I walked through the door and watched her undress me with her eyes, she says she just wants to watch a movie but i know better. Ok i tell her lets do that, you get to pick i tell her. To tell you the truth i have no idea what she picked because i was too busy watching her to care. At almost the same time she kissed me just as i was kissing her and she started to unbutton my shirt and i pulled hers over her head to reveal her perfect double D’s. And to my surprise they were completely real! She takes my gold chain around my neck and slides it through her mouth playing with her tongue and i know just what she has in mind…She licks down my stomach and unbuttons my jean shorts with her mouth as she slides her little thin cotton shorts off to show me her pink satin thong. Her thighs are so warm I can feel the heat rising from her wet, shaved clit. I cant resist no longer i have to taste her, i kiss down her chest and down her sexy flat stomach and lick slowly down over her soft pussy lips. She lets out a little moan but she isnt quite there yet. I take my tongue down her clit and start getting harder as i go now she is riding my head and fucking my face rough while she screams out her passion. She flips me over on my back and starts riding me so hard i have to grab the couch to keep from cuming too early. I grab her hips and help her ride more so i can get deeper and it seems like the deeper i get the harder she fucks me and the wilder her cries get. Next thing i know she is bent over the end of the couch and telling me “get deep daddy” now theres noway i can hold back i have to cum….so i start pumping harder and harder until i let go. She grabs at me and leaves scratch marks down my chest red and close to blood before she screams pout my name and i feel her warm cum all over me and running down her thighs as well as mine, theres no way to tell who’s is who’s. She falls limp in my arms and to this day we are still 2gether and she is divorced and we are happily married.

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