Me and my girlfriend go(swapping partners)

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Me and my last girlfriend when to a sex club for swapping partners. You go around the club together meeting couples and see if there is an attraction. We did this for about 2 hours and where just about to leave when we meet a couple and got to talking they where both younger than us looking for a older couple with experience. Me and me girlfriend where looking for a younger couple we could teach some new sexual acts so we agree and they agree to swapping partners. We would all meet back where in a three hours. So off I when with Meg who was medium build and 23 and I was 37 and medium build. I asked her is there anything you would like Greg you boyfriend to do with you or to you sexually that your are scrared to ask him. Meg said i would like him to fuck me in the ass but i am scrared it will hurt and i will want him to stop. I said back to her will you let me try that with you and if it hurts ask me to stop. If we need to try it a few times tonight before you are relax to enjoy it i am ok with that. The key with that kind of sexual act is that you have to be relaxed and lubed up well and he was to be hard as a rock. So i start off by lubing up her asshole well and going down on her pussy and making her cum on my face to help her get relaxed. I then said you are relax now and please suck my cock until it is nice and hard. She was turnon by what i did for her so she enjoy sucking my cock and i told her to take it slow and work you mouth allover my cock so it is wet and hard and ready to go in her ass. It took me two pushes to get my cock in her ass and then a started moving it in and out slow. She moaned a little and ask her does it hurt? and she answered no it feel good. She said you can stroke my asshole with your cock a little faster and if i like that i will let you know. So i was fucking her tight little asshole at about middle speed for about a few more minutes and then she said fuck my asshole faster and deeper. I did do that and at that point i was fucking her asshole as deep as possible and about two thirds as fasted as possible. I was about to cum in her tight little asshole that had never bein fucked before and she started screaming bang my asshole harder and faster and please cum in my tight little asshole.So I fucked her tight little asshole as fast and deep as possible and felt my balls tighting up to shoot her asshole full of cum and i blast her asshole with a large load of hot cum. She looked at me and said is that how you let a guy fuck your asshole as a slut. I said talking dirty to a guy always gets him more turnon to cum. When I meet up with my girlfriend that night she told me that Megs boyfriend what to fuck her in the asshole so i showed him what to do. My girlfriend said what did Meg what to do and i told her the samething so i showed her what to do. Then,when me and my girlfriend got home we were both so turnon by each others story of that night that I just had to bang her really harder in her asshole and give her a hot load of my cum in her asshole.

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