My Brother, his wife and My Wife.

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It was a warm summer day and my brother Sam and his asian hottie wife Pam were over for dinner. My brother and I are often mistaken for twins even though he is four years older than I am. Pam was from the Philippines is about five foot three, tiny frame, short black hair, emerald green eyes, great legs and store bought d cups, bought when she was a stripper, a decade ago.
No wonder my brother was always smiling, we talk all the time about our wives and their ways of love.
My wife Sasha, a five foot six or so brown eyed, black haired beauty is well endowed as well. She is a double d hour glass kind of figure, she has put on a few pounds over the last few years, giving her some hips but it suits her she wears it well andshe was never a stripper and her tits were real and she is still the best fuck I have ever had. Sasha was wearing a one piece dark blue bathing suit, with a button up shirt left undone over top. While Pam was wearing a two piece bikini with a sarong around her waist.
We hung out around the pool all afternoon and talked and swam and drank. As the sun was going down we sat on the deck and talked of trivial things when the conversation turned to sex.
Pam asked us if after five years of marriage if we still made love regularly, wondering if our passions were lessened. We told her after our son was born it was quashed for a while, but as he got older and was gone more, we found time to give into our urges and were once again horny for each other. When we asked if they were still going strong after eight years their response was similar at first. But what kick started their greed for each other was the that they discovered swinging.
They started going to then hosting wife swapping parties. They would find after being with other people they would get home and tear each others clothes off while they could still smell the scent of the other person on their skin. We must have had a look of shock on our face, when Pam said she was surprised we never thought of it ourselves. Being that our sex lives were so active.
“How come you told me about everything you two do, but not that.” I said.
“C’mon Sid you never thought about what it would be like to be with another mans wife?” Sam said.
“Not really Sam no”
“I have” he said as he started undressing Sasha with his eyes. ” I always wanted to screw your wife”
“welll” Sasha spurted out. “I have to admit I have always wondered if you were hung like your brother” she smiled at Sam in the way she did with me when she need a good fuck.
“Whatta you say Bro. I take your wife to the bedroom and you take my Pam to any room you want and screw her stupid” He stood up and walked over to Sasha and began rubbing her shoulders. “How bout it Pammy, wanna fuck my brother?”
“Weelll” she said putting down her drink and uncrossing her legs, as Sasha got up and was taking off her shirt. “I am game if Siddy is”
“Well then lets get it on” I said standing up and walking towards her.
“Lets go Sash, fuckin’ awaits” the two of them went into the house and left Pam and I out on the deck making out. She undid my Hawaiian shirt and began kissing my chest.
“MMMhMMn your chest is hairy, another way you two are the same” as she stuck a hand down my trunks. “And you have equal cocks”
“lets see if we use them the same” I said as I undid her sarong and let it fall to the deck and scooped her up into my arms and carried her into the house.
We could hear Sasha giggling and groaning upstairs so we knew she was into being screwed by my brother. I took her into the den and put her on the sofa and knelt before her, pulled off her bottoms exposing her trimmed pussy the bikini bottoms just covered and spread her legs. I started gently licking her glistening snatch slowly twirling my tongue up and down as she writhed and played with her tits pushing them out of the string top. Oh man she was sweet tasting.
“Oh Sid lick my clitty harder, I love it” she spit out between groans. So I probed her pussy deeper with my tongue and sucked on her clit. Then stuck a thumb into her soaking wet pussy. She was about to explode. Between me tongue fucking her and her twisting her nipples she was close to coming. So I stopped licking, pulled off my trunks and pushed back and pulled her off the couch onto the rug and positioned myself between her legs and rubbed my cock on her clit as I sucked her tiny nipples making her writhe on the rug,
“Please fuck me” she pleaded “fuck me like a bitch!”
“I am going to fuck you and then” I took a long suck on her tit. “I am going to come all over your huge tits. Then with one motion I stuck my cock deep into her cunt as she screamed with pleasure. I sat up and put one leg over my shoulder and leaned forward and kept on sucking her tits as I pounded her hard.
She was in orgasmic bliss in minutes as I sat up and held her legs up in the air and watched her tits bounce as I screwed her silly, kneading one breast.
“You rock brother, my pussy is very happy weeeeeeee!”
But watching those two tits bounce made me hot and I knew I was on the verge as I pulled out and grabbed her hand and wrapped it around my cock, and had her pull my soaking wet cock to a mind blowing come shot all over her fun bags. She smiled as I put her legs down and she was scooping the come off her chest and licking it up.
We were shaken out of our haze to the sound of clapping. We turned to see Sam and Sasha in the doorway smiling at us. We sat up against the couch as Sasha sat beside Pam and Sam sat beside her and the two woman both still naked, and their tits still glistening with sperm and sweat. compared notes . Turns out my brother and I eat pussy the same but my dick has more of a curve.
That night Sasha and I fucked all night, and we attended our first swingers party last night, at our sons Principal’s house.

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    I was rock hard from the first suggestion of swapping, good story and length. Keep up the good work. Wc

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