My English Teacher And Me

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I was walking into my favorite class.It was english class.I know what ur thinking it’s english class.You have to read and write essays,and open-ended questions.My english teacher was so fuckin hot I didn’t care about all that other stuff.She’s tall,dark black hair,black eyes,a perfect round shaped ass and she had 38D size tits. The best part was she always were skirts.All I did was do my work and stare at her all the time.Eventuaaly I think she caught on because today she asked me see her after class.After everyone left she told me to closed the door.Mrs.Lithgow my english teacher gave me her key so I could lock it from the outside and then no one could walk in.
As soon as I closed the door she pushed my against the door and started to kiss me.I kissed her back and our tongues massaged eachother as we explored eachothers mouths.I turned her around and had her up against the wall.I then proceeded to take off her sweater.She was wearing no bra.I immediately sucked on her breasts like they were pieces of chocolate.Moans escaped her mouth.
“Oh Mrs.Lithgow I love your tits.”
“Call me Tracy. When we are alone you can call me by my name.”
She took off my t-shirt and took my pants offThen she took off my boxers and licked her lips when she saw my shaft.She teased me at first by licking up and down my cock befeore putting it in her mouth.She was incredible I felt myself about to cumm but I held back. THen she lifted up her skirt and I shoved my cock into her pussy.I kept on pumping her harder and faster.Her moans were so loud I was afraid another teacher would hear us. Before I knew it Tracy had the best orgasm she ever had. I was about about to cum.
“Oh Tracy I’m going to cum!!”
“Cum inside me.Fill me up with your seed.”
Thats what I did I cummed inside her.She smiled and told me after school tom she would take me to her house.

to be continued……………

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  1. fantasy man

    i love this
    please write a lesbian story i want to hear one of those

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