My friends mom

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Every Monday, I would drive over to my best friends house to watch wrestling.His whole house was into it-his brother and mother both watched with us when they were home.This time, however, nobody was home.I was as welcome as family at this house, so I flopped on the sofa and turned on the TV, which to my surprise startled someone else in the house.From the bedroom came his mother, wearing black pants and only a bra to cover her well shaped chest.She wore that through the house on a regular basis,no complaints here.With a smile, she said “Oh hi, Toms not here, his work called him in.Ill join you in a moment though, Ive just got to take care of something.”With that she walked into the kitchen.
Toms mother was the ultimate of milfs, with short blonde hair, a nice physique(I always caught her working out to some video tape), and just an alltogether great personality.Tom mentioned before she thought I was polite, and didnt mind my visiting so often.I didnt mind watching her workout, so it works out for both of us.
Anyway,She was in the kitchen for a few minutes so I decided it would be nice to help her out.As soon as I walked into the kitchen, I was met with her breasts hanging slightly out of her bra, as she was bent over the stove checking on something-I was too busy staring, and then she noticed.”Can I help you?” she said slyly, knocking me out of my daze.”i was here to ask you the same” to which she replied “No, you can help yourself though”, still stirring whatever was in the pot.I went to the cabinet with the plates, when I heard a laugh.Turning around,I saw her breasts again.All of them.She was walking toward me while saying”No silly, help yourself”she put her arms around my neck in a small hug, looking in my eyes”to me.”I was shocked, but I was also allready grabbing her ass, and looking at those tits.”I like when you come over,” she continued, moving her face closer and starting to work my cock through my pants,”you make me feel good”.With that, she leaned in for a deep kiss.I was fondling her ass in one hand, and a tit in the other, while she started to unbutton my pants.She pulled my rock hard member out and continued to jerk me off.I couldnt take anymore, and lifetd her onto a countertop.I worked her pants off, and started to lick her pussy, softly at first, but then I began to fuck her with my tongue.She moaned a little, pushing my face further into her wet pussy.After a few good strokes with my tongue, she began to moan softly again,pushing my head even further into her pussy.”mmmmmmm, make me feel good, fuck me!” I couldnt resist that offer, and took her to the floor.She leaned back and spread her legs for me, but I shook my head at her.I turned her around and started to slide my cock into her from behind, holding onto the firmest ass Ive ever felt.”uuuUUUNNN UH!” she let out as I penetrated her.I was giving it to her hard and fast, and she was pushing back in rythm with me the whole time.After what seemed like an hour he started to have an orgasm, her legs getting weak.I held her up and continued to fuck her hard through her orgasm until she came.Her pussy was so smooth and wet it wasnt long before I shot my load in her.After I pulled out, she turned over and started to lick all our juices off my cock.We both lay on the floor for a moment, when she said”I need more”.I looked at her with a bit of a smirk, about to make comment when she started stroking me off again.”Its been so long, please?I need it.”We didnt even bother to clean the kitchen, we only gathered our clothes and went to her bedroom.The rest is another story alltogether.

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