My Stebrother's Friend And Me

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one day, my stepbrother’s friend had to come and pick me up so he could carry me to school. my paernts coudlnt take me so they asked seth. (seth is about 5’8, blonde hair, and blue eyes, he plays football and runs track, so he is in pretty good shape.) usually kyle or ryan ride with him to school, but today there didnt.

when he got to my house i asked, “where is ryan and kyle?”

he said, “kyle decided to drive and u know how ryan is.”

“yea i know. u can sit and wait, im still not ready.”

“do u mind if i wait in ur room with u?”

“i guess not.”


we walked back to my room and it felt like he was looking me up and down. so im still putting on my make-up and he comes over and sits by me on the floor infront of my mirror. i ask, ” do u need something?” “yea, i do.”, he says. then leans forward and kisses my cheek. i ask what was that for and he says “yea, tabitha maybe pretty, but being pretty aint everything that a guy needs. he needs a girl with a good personality, a great sence of humor, knows how to have fun and after u’ve found all that then u look in the looks department and u have ALL of that.”

“WOW! i didnt know u even felt that way about me.”

“ever since last years basketball season i just never thought you would ever take a second glance at me.”

“seth, come on! ur funny, u know how to have a great time, ur hot, ur in shape, u know how to make someone fell better, and u have the greatest smile i have ever seen!!!!”

“u really think so?”


“can i ask ya somethin?”

“sure go ahead”

“can i kiss u?”

i didnt say a word just looked at him and he leaned in close and touched my lips to his.massaging my lips with his. he went to open his mouth to……but he didnt. he just pulled away.

“what did i do something wrong?” i asked.

“no! no! i was going to ask if i could go farther?”

just looking at him gave the go ahead! then he leaned closer again and started massaging my lips with his again, but befor he opened his mouth, my mouth was open and my touge was licking his lips.he pulled back and looked down at his lap. i didnt know what he was looking at, then i looked down and saw he had a big bulge in his pants. he looked up at me, but before he could open his mouth to say something i had already pushed him back on the ground and was kissing him again. i guess i caught him off gaurd cause he had a blank look on his face when i pushed him down. i kissed him from his lips all the way down to his neck.then he reached for the hem of my shirt and started to pull it over my head letting my small b cup bra appear from underneath my shirt.then he rolled m eover onto my back and started kissing me on my neck.

i had never expearenced anything like that before ever in my life.after kissing me and leaned up and pulled his shirt over his head. letting us touch each other skin to skin.he then went for my bra clasp and looked into my eyes, asking for a gohead, i just nodded.he undid the clasp and my boobs fell out. he started kissing and touching my nippels. i thought i was going to lose it right then but then he stopped.

he then got up and helped my to my bed but before he sat down he asked “do u wanna go to school?” i said, “do u?” he didnt answer he just pulled me down onto the bed and started kissing me again.then his hands moved down to my pants, and undid the button and pushed them off then he took his pants off. without his jeans on, i could feel him pressed up against me. he then hooked his fingers in my underwear and pulled them down and then i leaned up a little while he took off his underwear.

there we were, laying skin to skin on my bed, just laying there kissing, then he gets up and picks up his pants, i wonder was this just a joke to see if he could make me look like a fool? then he pulled something out of his pants then walked back over to the bed and shows me what it is. its a condom.

he then crawls back on the bed with me but before he starts to put on the condom, i stop him by grabbing his cock. he just sits there leaned up against the pillows with his eyes closed as i start to stoke him, after a little while i slide my tounge up and down just to tease him. he leans up and says “keep doing that.” so i then put the head in my mouth and start to suck on his dick then i put his whole 9in. cock into my mouth and i start to lick and suck on him. he leans his head back and closes his eyes again. after a while rotating with my head and mouth he starts shaking. then he says ” IIIIIIIII’MMMMMMM CCCCCCUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!” and blows it all in my mouth. i swallow it all.

then he rolls me over and easily positions his cock at my pussy. “go slow” i tell him. “i wouldnt do anything to hurt u” he assures me.he then slowly pushes he way into me. he gets the head in and OMGsh it hurt so bad!!!! he slowly pushes more into me, then gradually, he is fully in me. he slowly pushes in and out. i moan in pain, but after a while of him going in and out he slowly picks up the pace a little, pushing in and out faster and faster then he is pushing in and out as fast as he will go, pushing m efarther and farther over the edge. 5 more minutes of this and i start having that feeling whenever i touch myself. i tell him i’m cumming and he says he is not far behind me. i start orgasming and that is what throws him over the edge.

while catching our breaths he says “do i need to come and pick u up???” “yea, same time” then we hurry and clean ourselves off and make it to school right when the bell rings for 1st period. while the day goes on, all i think about is what happened this morning and thinking i cant wait until tomorrow!!!!

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