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Oh my!
Have I been too hasty?
I should have told him that I’d think about it for a week or so.
The reality of what I had done started to burn itself into my brain; a nineteen year old guy whom I had only contacted once before in a chat room: my eight year marriage to Steve. Now I was risking so much in agreeing to meet the guy because he had flattered me and told me that he was enthusiastic about my writing.
I had even mistaken his chat room nickname as that of a female and was reluctant to chat with him in P2P. The first shock was that of his explanation of his nickname. But his explanation had me enthralled and we chatted for some time. I warned him that I was somewhat older than he at thirty-five. His “girl”, he said, was thirty-eight and he preferred that age group.
As, I guess, with all young men, he wanted to impress me with his claim to having a nine inch cock. I told him that as a naturist I had seen many cocks of all shapes and sizes, and although I never tired of looking and imagining riding one that caught my fancy, I needed only one, that of my husband. Steve’s never failed to satisfy me although it was not of the large proportions of some.
I have made up my mind! To meet him on the basis of the fascinating story behind his choice of chat room nickname and to discuss those subjects that had interested him about my writing.
Nothing more!
I don’t know what it is. What is happening?  Steve and I made love last night and he remarked how horny I was. I didn’t understand it myself. But I couldn’t disguise how intense and how frequent were my orgasms; they drilled right throughout my body. Steve even had to stop me at one stage, his was fearful that I was going to tear off his cock at the roots as I sucked at it and pumped it so greedily. I always swallow his seed and pretend I love the taste, but that is not exactly true. But last night I couldn’t get enough; I begged him to cum over me so that I could have it; on my lips, my fingers, anywhere. It must have spurred him to great things because he was truly a stud, fucking me so hard, so long, so many glorious times. And I adored it!
This morning I begged Steve to fuck me before he left home. And he did. On the bed. In the shower. In the kitchen before I would let him out of the door to leave on a week’s tour of business.
In the car, although I tried all the usual distractions of radio, CD etc., my pussy still remembered Steve’s cock pounding it, and my clit still buzzed from the grazing it had received from his tongue and my finger nails, so that I found  my fingers wandering to my crotch. Anticipating that my raised libido may prove inconvenient I had popped extra panties into my bag; there was no prospect of me going commando without ruining my dress. I stopped on the journey a couple of times to pee, to relieve that insistent itch at my pussy, and change my undies.
Oh my gosh, I knew him as soon as he walked out of Arrivals at the airport; so young, so tall, so… so… well, hunky! And geeesh, his pants were so tight that, unless he packed his spare socks there, there was no mistaking that he was hung!
I stood there almost mesmerised, and he had to say hi before I awoke from what seemed a dream. I asked how he was sure that I was his writer. And blushed as he paid me so many compliments that my panties almost fell off right there and then. For one so young he had all the right lines to sweep a girl off her feet.
Of course there was no way that I could take him to my home! So I had booked us in an hotel close to the airport in a town miles from home; two rooms adjacent. Ok, OK! I know that I had been determined that we should only talk, but last night’s events, and my raised libido this morning warned me that it would be prudent to be prepared for all eventualities.
He was so attentive, and that he was used to a women of mature years was obvious. His manners were excellent and he was so romantic! Whenever I had to go pee I looked at myself in the mirror and wow I needed no blusher; my face was glowing. Did he recognise all the signs that a girl is hot? Was he chuckling to himself that he had me wetting my panties? Thank goodness I had packed those spare panties!
The rest of the afternoon passed in a haze of oestrogen fuelled by the testosterone that my “fan” exuded and it was soon time to dress for a show and dinner.
I told him that I had to shower and make myself look presentable. He too was going to take a shower. We had opened the door dividing our two rooms so that we could talk whilst settling in and I guess that I knew that sooner or later the moment would come when one or other of us would be caught unawares; dressing, undressing or just plain naked. And rather than be wary of it I was rather hoping that it would happen sooner rather than later.
Under the shower the hot water began to relax me and bring me down a little from my rather excited state. So my scream at the sudden slap on my butt was to be expected.
Strong hands slid over my hips and up onto my tits where they gently but so expertly began to caress and squeeze them. A hardness pressed against my ass and began thrusting slowly back and forth. My heart began to pound in my chest and it seemed that my lungs could not get enough air. An exquisite fire pulsed through my veins.
I wiggled my ass against the hardness and felt it twitch against my lower back. Oh my god how big is it? Tilting my head back to meet his, he nibbled my ear. A hand slipped easily between my legs from the rear and fingers insinuated between the puffy lips of my pussy. I had anticipated, as I entered the shower that I would allow myself an indulgent session of onanism, but this was so much better. A long, thick finger stroked my pussy from rear to clit and the sensation was enhanced as hot water joined the finger. I tried to lower myself onto the digit of pleasure without success. The tip of his cock tickled against my ass and I became impatient to hold it and feel it in me. My fatuous claim to do no more than chat to this guy was washed quickly down the drain with the hot water.
With one hand on my hip, the other gently but firmly on my shoulder he encouraged me to bend forward. As I did he positioned the tip of his cock at the lips of my pussy, refusing to allow my attempts to impale myself on its length and girth. Bent double and with my pussy fully exposed I needed desperately to be fucked. I hadn’t seen the nine inch monster let alone hold it or feel its girth opening my pussy. I reached behind hoping to grasp it, only to receive a gentle but firm slap.
This guy knew how to make a girl almost beg to be fucked. The tip of his cock ploughed me from ass to clit, tarrying to tease my pussy then return. Over and over again. No matter how I tried to trick him into penetrating me, he was one step ahead.
Now his tongue wriggled and lapped where a moment ago his cock probed teasingly, but now it twisted and turned just a little more intrusively, dipping between my labia. From habit, I reached for my clit, and teased it with my long nails. I rubbed it hard. I flicked it with my finger tip. In moments ,rising from within me, that oh so delicious tingle. A warning that very soon my body would explode with a sensation that I have never been able to describe to myself let alone commit to paper. I heard my voice imploring him to fuck me.
My eyes widened and I had to move my feet wider apart as my pussy began to be expanded by an incredible thickness. Oh so slowly, his cock delved deeper inside me. The sensation was exquisite. Deeper and Deeper. Wider and wider it opened me. I moaned loudly.  Then it was upon me! The orgasm rushed through my entire body, concentrating finally in my throbbing ass and causing my vaginal muscles to squeeze his cock tightly. I heard him groan and he had to stop the relentless exploration of my depths. Only for the briefest moments though and then the progress continued until I would swear that i would soon be kissing the end. The gentle slap of his balls on my ass told me that I had inside me for the very first time nine inches of hard, thick, throbbing cock.
If the slow opening of my pussy was an experience then the sudden withdrawal of such thickness was enough to take my breath away. Then three quick, deep strokes had another orgasm bursting through me and pumping on the cock that was filling me. He groaned louder and I smiled, i knew that kind of groan. Next would come a grunt and then his cock would throb and spew hot cum in powerful jets. I deliberately manipulated my muscles to imitate as far as possible the result of an orgasm knowing what it would do to his thick cock. A groan, a hesitation, a grunt, then he withdrew and with a loud groan splashed cum up my back; i heard it hit the wall with a splat.  We held each other, kissed, washed each other then toweled each other dry.
 At the restaurant he told me proudly of his girl. She stood 5’6″ tall in her bare feet but liked to wear 4″ heels which he said accentuated her slim legs. Around 137 pounds gave her a slim figure which she kept in trim by regular visits to the local gym. Auburn hair completed the package together with green eyes. As he was lost in a minds vision of her he stopped, looked at me with scrutiny then asked me to stand for a moment. It seems that I could have been her double. At that I pouted, and told him, honey, I am only thirty-five please dont add another three years. We laughed, too loudly, for other diners turned to look at us and I could see in many a girls’ eye a look that told me they would like to have been me.
Through the meal I listened to his story, making mental notes of some details that would make a good story. Would his girl accept that he had fucked a stranger after knowing her for no more than a couple of hours? He turned my question back at me and asked if my hubby would accept me being fucked by a stranger under the same circumstances. I too chose not to answer.
We adjusted the temperature of our rooms to make them comfortable for what we knew would be hours of activity.


Jenni Gee

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