One Enchanted Evening….

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The night began like so many before it. A cocktail party held by clients at their offices: a large , airy hall enclosed by glass, surrounded by woodland. From the outside, the building glows it’s own ususual, artifical light. Vardi lightly playing by a string quartet as the sound of people’s conversations drowns out the music ever so lightly. The light clanking of crystal, the smell of people’s perfumes.
As I make my way through the crowd of sea of expensive suits and cocktails dresses, champagne glass in hand, erotic scenes from the last nights flashes through my mind. The lustful, greedy passion that we had shared: first in my office, then the resturant. I was passing through this party in a daydream. Kissing a cheek here, shaking a hand there, all while hungry for your electric touch. I smiled to myself: if only these people knew…
All this superficial gathering was too much for me. I seek out a quiet spot on the second floor balcony through a private office, grateful for the cool air on my skin. The night was beautifully clear, and I could see the city glittering in the distance. I step to the glass railing, where the moonbeam struck, bathing my body in the cool light. The party below was picking up pace as the music changes softly to Mozart.
A door opens and closes, and footsteps approach softly. I could sense who it was before I even turned around. The heat generated between us is magnetic, drawing us together. As you step closer, I could smell you scent: clean and
understated, unlike so many other men tonight. My breath quickens as the anticipation of your touch fills my mind with wicked thoughts.
It felt like an enternity before the felt your fingers lightly stroke the soft skin on my upper arm. My body shudders as I close my eyes. You other hand finds my hip and you pull me possessively close, the full length of your body pressed against mine. Your warm lips find that curve on my neck. Something so simple yet so incrediably erotic…
You fingers continue to find my arm, my hand, my shoulder, my neck… that light electric touch alone caused me to become wet with anticipation. I feel you slowly growing hard with your every stroke of my arm and every taste of my neck.
“I’ve been watching you all night” you whispered in my ear in a deep, throaty voice. At that, my knees nearly gives out and every nerve in my body screams with desire. A soft moan escapes my lips. My arm wrapped your neck and your pull me closer still. “I love watching you. You have no idea how long I’ve been watching you…”
My mind was emptied of all thoughts except for your touch and your words. Something close to a whimper escapes my lips.
” I regconized your shoulders and your neck from across the room…even before I saw your face…”you continued in my ear, our desires growing still with your every breath in my ear, every stroke of my arm ” I watch you from across the room, and know we share an extraordinary secret… I know… that you… are… mine…”
At this I can hold back no longer. Our lips meet in fire as my hands finally roam your body, touching what they have been aching for all night: The feel of your warmth underneath the crisp linen of your suit. I savor the taste of your lips on mine: sweet, lustful, indulgent…
“I would give up anything….” You whispered in my ear….
We stumbled back into the stranger’s office to his desk. I could feel my desire coating the inside of my legs in warmth. I reach for your, needing to feel your cock in my hands. I release your cock from its confines and run my fingers ever so lightly up that ridge. A soft sigh escapes your lips. I look into your eyes…
“Please…”I whispered “Fuck me….”
The time for tender seductions is over as animal instincts takes control over both of us. The longing… the needing…the wanting…
You turn me around and bend me over the desk almost roughly. With one motion you lift my cocktail dress and slipped my now soaked panties down. Your hand seeks out my sex as your insert one finger, then two, then three….touching me in places that you know drives me wild and causes my body to shudder again and again, moans of desire, of need coming from my throat.

You thrust into me from behind, with a force that causes both of us to cry out.

Tighter, faster, I feel your cock getting bigger and harder inside me as you fuck me harder and harder. A welcomed release shudders my body…but instead of stopping, your fingers seek out my clit to drive me higher again.

Our minds have shut down to everything else except for the passion of the moment, the secret that we are sharing…

You stab into me again and again, my tight sex tigheneing even more so as better to feel your cock, your fingers ministering to my secret spot…

We cry out in triumph together come at the same time, one final stab, one final shudder, one final cry as the rest of the world melts away….

Below, the party continues.

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