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It was Friday night. I was lonely still a teen and headed to my friends Josh house. He was pretty cool, but kinda a geek, I usually came over to lust his sister. Their mom just got over a divorce and usually stayed in her room, she was blond maybe 140 pounds, nice breasts, gorgeous tits that loved to poke out. Well that night Josh fell asleep and I couldn’t fall asleep on te ground of his bedroom. His mom finally came in and asked me if I wanted to come and talk for awile, she was in an almost see through nighty so of course I said yes. We sat on the bed and talked, she asked me how my last year of high school was, I mean coming of age and all. I said it was alright, she asked “Have you leanred any new games?” I told her I’ve played truth or dare and nervous and 7 minutes in heaven.

She asked me what nervous was, I told her, it was where someone felt up your leg till you got horney. She asked if she could try, I said ummm sure, kind of taken back. Her red nails and soft hands glided up my shorts, into my boxers as I jumped, she laughed and asked “Okay haha you can sleep in my bed tonite, if you want”

I had no need to sleep on the floor and excepted, she said under one condition, we sleep i nthe nude, just so clothes didn;t spoil her bed. I said ummm okay and stripped under the blanked, she did too and i layed their. She started telling me, it gets so lonely with out a husband and suddenly grabbed my cock as it sprang to life 9 inches. I freaked an tried to get away but she jumped on top of me, with those sexy nipples and that…WHAT? shaved pussy…o God. She started bounceing, and kneeled down to french me, she lowered herself and started sucking my cock like no tommarow. I cam and she sucked it all. i flipped her over and statred lapping at her pussy as she moanded in excitment. I crawled up her and stuck my dick in her pussy as i sucked her titties. I found her ass and started ramming it doggystyle in and out, in and out and we lay there tired, moaning, and then jumped into the shower…….

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