Restroom Rendezvous

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They met online and he was instantly enamored with her. Her alabaster body would be such an erotic contrast to his dark chocolate skin… he wanted her.

He traveled for an hour to her workplace to see her. She was pleasantly surprised. He had his long dreadlocks wrapped up, and she asked to see them. He took them down – she was amazed. They almost came down to his knees! He put them back up, and they sat down in a booth to talk. It was closing time, so she locked the doors and sat back down. He took her hands as they talked – they felt like velvet. How could he get to see the rest of her? He was trying to think of how to approach the subject when she pulled him to his feet.

The next thing he knew, she led him into a large restroom and locked the door. Then she turned to him and lifted her face to his. He kissed her deeply, embracing her and sliding his hands down to her shapely posterior. As they broke the kiss, she started unbuttoning her shirt. When the garments were out of the way he bent down to kiss those milky breasts as his hands were busily unfastening her pants, and she loosened his.
Finally they were free, and she slipped gentle hands down to caress his manhood. He gasped with pleasure, then trailed his fingers to her pleasure spot, making her moan. He sat her up on the edge of the sink, and bent down to taste her sweetness. When she begged for release, he brought her down, then turned her around and plunged into her from behind. He reached around and fondled her clit, and that combined with the rhythmic strokes of his thick black tool brought her over the edge. Her spasms brought him to his ecstasy and they came together in an amazing climax. He held her as the last waves washed over them, and kissed her neck and shoulders.
They dressed and slipped out of the restroom. The other employee saw them come out but said nothing as she let him out the door. She wished him a safe drive home, and wondered if they would ever meet again.

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