Secret Bathroom Encounter

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I arrive at the party and you are not there yet, but I know you are coming. A few minutes later, I see you come in. I know you are with her, I see you holding her hand as you walk in. I see you look at me. I am standing next to him. We are all here, but we both know that won’t stop us.

About half an hour go by and we are both mingling. But I am not really paying attention to the conversations. I know you are staring at me the whole time. I know you love my dress and that you are really turned on. I can see it in your eyes. And that turns me on too, and you know it.

I can’t take it anymore. I excuse myself and start going towards the bathroom. I glance at you t make sure you know where I am going. You nod slightly. I walk slowly, trying not to seem too eager. I open the door and it’s unlocked, no one is there. I go in and close the door fast. I know you are coming. In a few seconds.

There is your slight knock. You come in and quickly close the door behind you. We look at each other for a few second. Before anyone says anything we are at each other. Kissing, passionately, our hands our lover each others bodies, breathing hard.

You turn me around and place yourself behind me. I can see you in the mirror kissing my neck and my shoulders, slowly lowering the strap of my dress. You put your hands on my breasts and massages them, still kissing my neck. I close my eyes and lean on you. I can feel you press against me and I can feel how hard you are. I smile as I look in the mirror. You are staring in my eyes in the mirror and watches as I slowly put my hands behind my back to touch you and let you know how crazy you are driving me.

You continue to kiss my neck and shoulders and both your hands are under my dress caressing my breasts and I can’t stop watching you in the mirror. Your hands go down to my thighs and slowly up, until you reach my underwear and pull it off me. I know you reached your limit. That’s fine, I reached my also.

I hear you unbuckle your belt as I pull my dress up. You put your hands in the small of my back and bend me forward. As I lean on top of the sink, my hard breathing fogs up the mirror. I feel you penetrating me as your hand moves to my front and starts rubbing me in that place, in the way you know it makes me crazy. I can barely breath as I feel you coming in and out of me and feel your fingers touching me in a perfect way. I have to bite my lips to stop from screaming, and as you see me do that through the mirror, that seems to turn you on even more, because you start moving faster and harder. And so am I. As I move my hips back and forth as hard as I can, I know you are almost there, but I bet I’ll get there first. And I do. That’s okay cause you follow me a few seconds later.

After, we are just still for a few seconds. Trying to catch our breath. As I put my dress back in place and you get redressed, we don’t say a word. After we are ready, I turn around and look in your eyes. “This can’t happen again”, I tell you. “You are right”, you answer. We both smile. That means we are both thinking “Yeah, right”. I slowly brush my lips in yours and leave the bathroom. You give me a few seconds head start and then leave. We won’t be crossing looks anymore. At least not tonight, it’s too dangerous. Bu that’s okay. We know we will be thinking about the same think.

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    Very nice!!!

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