Stars Fantasie's Come True

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Looking back at herself in the long golden mirror, admiring her body, the perfect curves, soft skin. She lifts her hand over her face, flicking her blonde hair out of her eyes. She moves closer to the mirror, staring back at the startling blue of her eyes, with the contrast of fair skin, makes her indeed a very sought after young women. “Star, are you ready?” shouts Lucy, who is her maid “come on, your father young women is waiting on you to dine, look at you, why have you not changed yet?” “Because I don’t want to, I was admiring my beauty, my breasts are becoming allot more pert, I like the touch of them!” replies Star as she clasps them in her hands, squeezing them gently, rubbing her nipples discreetly.Hurrying about the room to get Star ready, Lucy stops and glimpses at Star, looking her up and down, with lust in her eyes. She suddenly snaps out of it, quite shocked with herself again. It only seems to happen when she is near Star a warm feeling crawl over her body, she can’t explain it. Head held high Star makes her way down the long dark hall filled with pictures of her ancestors over hundred of years, dimly lit with candles that throw shadows against the high ceilings of the castle. Star turns the corner and is faced with a table of her fathers friends and his so called associates, they all stop and stare up at her in a daze as she has the most magnetic beauty, it is very hard not to notice her. Star normally loves all the attention that she receives at her father’s gatherings, but tonight she feels strange as if someone was looking inside her head, examining every move that she makes. Suddenly she looks round and is confronted by a set of emerald green eyes, staring deep in them she feels a invisible force pulling her deep into the thoughts of this person. Flashing images shoot past her eyes of her naked, sweating, her nails scraping down a pillow. Looking away slight shaken as to what she had just seen or thought she had, she steps back and looks up to be confronted by a face similar in so many ways, she has a feeling she has known this person before very intimately but it cant be she knows that this is as complete stranger. “Hello there, are you ok? You look quite shaken?” says Adrian, who is an associate of her father across on business from New York. Lifting Stars left hand, he gently brushes his lips arcos the back of her hand, looking deep in her eyes, smiling “I am very pleased to meet you at long last, it has been a very long time since I have come across beauty so surreal.” What seemed for eternity Star finally heard the words of the stranger but very familiar person, slightly nervous she found herself, which was quite an unusual feeling as she has a lot of confidence and has never felt this with presence of a man.”Errm?.. its nice to meet you, sorry I never got your name!” Star replies daring not to look into his magical eyes.”Adrian, my name is Adrian, I am here on business for your father. I hope you do not mind that I will be staying a few days?””No of course not Adrian, the pleasure will be all mine” smiling she takes Adrian hand and leads him over to the other side of the room, nearer the stairs that lead up the to the bedrooms, she does not know what she is thinking, those images that she saw has imprinted in her mind so she is very intrigued. “Why do I get this strange feeling that I have known you before very well? It’s a eerie feeling, words cannot describe it?” Star asks, flicking her locks back over her shoulder, smiling with her eyes, so they sparkle bright and daringly.Adrian answers if he has been waiting on the question to come, taking her hand “Star you have been in my dreams for a very long time, I had to trace you, every day I have powerful images in my head of you making passionate, strong, lustful and very adventurous sex!””Is that what I saw when I looked in your eyes! I have to admit I have know you five minutes and I want you so bad, my pussy is very wet!” She asks as she again flicks her hair back to reveal her long neck.. Adrian looks at her as she plays with him inside of her head, imaging what she will do. Grabbing Adrian she turns and pulls him up the stairs away from the prying eyes off all the guest, bursting into the first room she comes to, turning now walking away from Adrian to the far corner of the room. A four poster bed lies in the middle of the polished wooden floor, candles light the room all over, giving the atmosphere of dark and dangerous. Standing in one corner of the room is Star and the opposite end Adrian, both just standing staring at each other in disbelief as to what is happening between these two strangers.The sexual urge that is circling the air becomes stronger, just the thought of smelling the sweet smell of Star sends his member into an uncontrollable throbbing muscle.Staring long and hard into each others eyes they move towards each other slowly and cautiously, they meet in the middle of the room, clasping Stars face in his hands, stroking her face, brushing his lips across her face blowing warm air all over. His lips finally meet hers, slow to begin with enjoying and savoring each other’s taste, working up into a frenzy where tongues are encircling each other, dancing around in each other mouths. Star then steps back, slowly unzipping her dress and letting it drop to the floor, revealing that she is wearing nothing, she steps out of the dress and moves across the chest of drawers, leaning her back against it she slides her self up, perching on this she spreads her leg to each corner, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy, looking straight in his eyes, teasing him with her hand as she runs her hand up the inside of her thigh, rubbing her clit in slow circling motions. Adrian cannot bear this he has to taste her, walking across to her he grabs her by the ankles and spreads her legs further open to reveal all, licking his lips he sucks hard on her clit, hearing her moan makes him want to eat her, he cannot get enough, licking, nibbling, sucking. Star back is now arched moaning and groaning at the warm sensation darting through her body as she feels his tongue deep inside her tight pussy, probing and licking with his tongue, she cant take it the feeling is so powerful, but again this invisible pull she felt earlier is stopping her from pulling away”Baby, lick me harder, I want to feel you tongue deep inside me, licking my juices till I come all over you face!” she says as she manages to pull herself forward grabbing his hair hard, pushing him inside deeper. Adrian stands back looking at Star in amazement, the beauty, the powerful surge that leaks out of her body into the atmosphere touching people all around.”Oh baby, don’t stop……” Star looks up pleading Adrian with her eyes to bring her to climax.Adrian smiles sand unbuttons his trousers, dropping them to the floor, then he rips of his shirt to reveal a toned body, he then walks across to Star pulling her head off against the wall, thrusting her head towards his throbbing member. Star looks up at him with a mischief’s smile, taking his thick cock in her hands, she runs her finger up and down slowly, admiring the muscle, running her finger under his balls, squeezing them gently. Taking his cock in both hands now, she places his thick member between her breasts, rubbing them up and down to stimulate his cock, leaning her forward licking the head, probing the tip of her tongue inside of his eye. She hears him moaning in delight, making her more turned on than ever before, suddenly she thrust his cock deep in her mouth, she can feel it hitting the back of her throat, gently digging her teeth in as she runs her mouth over his shaft, back up to the head, holding on for a second before releasing her grip. Holding his cock now at the very bottom on his base, squeezing hard causing his member to throb, pulling back his foreskin, she flicks the rim with the end of her tongue causing Adrian to jump with the sensitivity.”You are too good to be real, you were always the same” says Adrian, feeling his blood dart around his mind and body, the tingling rushes that are getting stro
er and stronger by the second. Adrian grabs Star by the hair, leaning her head back to kiss her, his tongue deep in her mouth, star the same wanting to taste herself from his tongue, she dips her fingers deep in her pussy, taking them out teasingly rubbing her juices over her pert nipples, round her lips, licking them clean with her tongue,Adrian watching this has sensational rush, cascade down his spine and legs, his legs almost turn to jelly, he must have her, he wants to be deep inside her, grabbing Star, picking her up so her legs wrap tight round his waist, leaning her against the wall, he thrust his cock hard and very deep inside her, he hears her moan in his ear. Moving there body in motion together, feeling the tightness of her pussy wrapped around his cock, throbbing inside her.”Fuck me harder babe, I want to feel you cock deep inside me, throbbing hard!” Star says, moving her hand down to her clitoris, rubbing vigorously until she reaches her climax.”Oh…… I am coming all over your cock, babe I want to you feel you come inside me!” Star screams as Adrian bangs her harder and harder until finally his cock releases warm come deep inside her, the feeling is so intense, he has never had this before an orgasm that began in his knees and worked its way all over his body.Star hears a creak at the door and spots Lucy the maid behind the door trying to get away before she is noticed.”Lucy, what are you doing get in here now!” Star shouts after her.”Em..yes miss how can I help?” Lucy replies as she walks back slowly in the room, keeping her eyes to the floor.”What do you think you are doing, were you watching Adrian and I?” Star asks looking at how flushed Lucy has become. A thought creeps into Star’s mind, Lucy is her maid to do what she wants, she looks across at Adrian passing on her thoughts through her eyes to him.”Its ok Lucy I understand, why don’t you go and make your self comfortable on the bed…
“End of Part 1

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  1. Catlin

    i think it was a good story and fuck him all the way
    ps does he have a brother

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