Surprise come in small packages

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I grew up with Bill. He was like the brother I never had but he was more than just that. I could say anything to him without fear of being judged. He knew what to say and when to say it. Most males always wanted to sleep with me but Bill, even though he often joked about us having sex, never went that way with me. On any given day I would have probably gone to bed with Bill under the right conditions but he always said that if we did it would change our relationship forever and he wanted to keep us close. The more he rejected the idea, the more alluring the sound of being with him became. One night, while lying awake and not being able to sleep, I could no longer take it. I had to do Bill once and for all even if it meant putting our long term friendship at risk. I wanted to know what it felt like to feel his naked body all over mine. This was going to be no easy task since besides Bill’s long term convictions about us, he now was married too, making my chore that much more difficult. I needed a plan and I needed to be bold. I knew I had one chance at success and if I failed, I might never get that chance again.

It all came together July 4th weekend. I needed Bill at my house and clueless to my real reasons. On that Saturday I asked Bill, who prided himself on cars, to help me shop for a used car to replace my current set of wheels. I pretended I was helpless without him. When he agreed to help me, I knew I was making progress. I asked him to come over by 9 AM so we could get a jump on the day. I was so horny over my plan I wished he could have arrived by sunrise. My boyfriend wound up spending the night, which threw me a curve. I thought the whole plan was going to die because of that too. Ironically I put my diaphragm in just in case my boyfriend got any ideas, which would have derailed my plans with Bill. Luckily my boyfriend showed zero interest in me, leaving me horny and with my diaphragm still in.

About 5 minutes after my beau left, Bill showed up, ready in his mind to look at cars. I had other plans! I apologized to him about not being ready because I was kept busy by my boyfriend. I asked him if he minded if I took a quick shower and then we could leave. He didn’t mind. Now, I had to get him into my bedroom and in view of the shower. I said I had a plan, right? I asked Bill to come check out the new flat screen TV I bought and asked what he thought of it. Being a techno geek to a degree, he could not resist. Now I had him in my bedroom, on my bed and watching TV. It was getting there. While he surfed the TV, I went about picking out my clothes and undergarments right in front of him. I was being very obivous yet subtle at the same time. I was desperately trying to get him to focus on me. I finally got a little bold and asked him to help me pick out an outfit, including my undies. He seemed embarrassed but also seemed like he enjoyed it. He picked out the sexiest bra / thong combo in my collection. Now came the most difficult part. How do I get him to see me either nude or in that get up? I knew it was no easy chore but the only plan I had was for him to get me a bath towel by conveniently forgetting one. I left him to his TV watching and jumped into the shower. I thought my task was going to be impossible but Bill literally opened up the door that day. I heard him tell me that he had to use the bathroom and if I minded. I told him no problem but not to flush or else I would get scalded. When I heard him in the room, I quickly turned off the shower and pulled the curtain away, pretending I didn’t realize he was there. He stood there motionless as did I. He never even saw me in a bra and panties before and now I stood there totally naked, dripping wet. He looked confused yet he he looked very aroused. He could have left the room and I could have pulled the curtain back but neither of us did either. He gulped and broke a silence. We needed one of us to nreak the silence and I thought it better be me if we are to both do what I want. I told him the truth as to my real reasons for wanting him there. I then told him I had a diaphragm in if he wanted me. By this time, I was out of the shower and maybe 2 feet from him. I sensed his arousal. I told him that whatever we did beyond that moment would be our secret. He didn’t say a word. Instead he came over to me and kissed me like most men would kiss a sister. I was momentarily upset but then Bill kissed me like I was never kissed before. My whole body went limp. I couldn’t take it, being so horny already. He kept kissing me and I felt his body begin to get aroused more than mine. He bent over and started kissing and sucking my tits. He was animalisitc yet hotter than you know what. I would have fucked him right there on the bathroom floor but was enjoying the other stuff so much I just had to wait. When he started playing with my pussy, I just about melted. He lifted me up and carried me the 10 feet to my bed and just plopped me down on my bed. I took off his clothes, dying to see his manhood. It felt like I was unwrapping a Xmas present when I was pulling down his pants. His cock was HUGE! I was in heaven. I began to stroke it and I heard him moan. I wanted so badly to impress him. I looked at him as I slipped his monster into my mouth. I thought I would choke and gag but it was like candy. I saw him completely out of control now and I knew he was mine for as long as I held his cock. I kept sucking and trying to deep throat him but that was a tough one. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me that he was dying to feel it in my pussy. He was so determined and I was so willing. I could not remember ever feeling this horny or filled with anyicipation but his cock could not get in fast enough. He played at the beginning and toyed with me, saying maybe we should stop. I knew I couldn’t so I know he couldn’t either. After a minute of this, Bill plunged his monster cock in me and I was the happiest woman on earth. He didn’t exactly start fucking me but instead just gazed into my eyes as to savor a moment a long time coming. It was after that he began doing what I always wanted hin to do. For 30 minutes or so, Bill just banged away as I came and came. He was all that and more. Now it was my turn to make him cum. I looked up at him and told him he better hold on tight. I gave him the ride of his life and screamed that i wanted him to cum and cum. When he heard that, I felt his cock get even larger and that sent me into outer space. As we went into overdive, I felt Bill start to cum and when he did, I started to have this orgasm from another world. I didn’t think orgasms could be so intense but this oen was a killer. We both kept cumming and it felt like forever before we stopped. Bill collapsed next to me. He obviosuly never felt anything like what he just felt and neither did I. It took us 10 minutes to catch our breaths.

When we finally did get back to normal breathing, neither of us were sure what we felt but we both knew we liked what we felt. We knew that we wanted to do it again but Bill said he was married, I had a a boyfriend and we could ruin the friendship. He retracted that last statement by saying he enjoyed a friendship that might include something like what we just did. In my mind, I want at least another time with him. I will wait and let you know what happens

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