The Motel Meet

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We start out standing beside the bed. I begin undressing him very slowly. I take his one hand in mine and I bring it up to my mouth where I begin to ever so softly suck on one of his fingers as I undo the button on the cuff of his shirt, then I do the same thing on the other hand. Then I start kissing his neck, then his chest and down down belly with each button I undo…moving all the way down to the last button. Then with my tongue I lick him and give him little kisses all the way back up again as my hands gently run up each side of him, over his chest and accross his shoulders and down his arms taking his shirt off as I do. Then I run my hands under his arms and accross his back, pulling myself in close to him and kiss him. Then I kiss him back down his neck, chest and belly…he can feel my fingers digging gently into and down his back as I move down. Then I slowly undo his belt, then his button and zipper on his pants and pull them down off of you, underwear and all….mmmm his cock is already hard and just waiting for me to wrap my lips around him….Oh and I do….but before I take his cock in my hand and start to rub him up and down slowly, I reach between his legs and run my fingers between the cheeks of his ass and up to your balls…I do this a few times before I begin to swirl my tongue around his cock and suck gently on the tip of him. Then I turn you around and kinda lean him over. I kneel down behind him and begin to suck on his balls one by one and then I lick him with one big, slow, wet lick from his balls right up his ass and flick my tongue ever so gently as I reach around and rub his cock at the same time. I do this several times, spreading the cheeks of ass ass further apart each time I do…swirling my tongue around and so gently and softly fingering and playing with his ass he doesn’t even realize I’m doing it. After I’ve sucked on his balls and played with his ass for a while, I lay him on his back on the bed and I tie his hands up so he can’t do anything but lay there and enjoy. Slowly I begin to undress myself while he lays there and watch, and once I’m naked I lean down and kiss him as I reach down and run my fingers up his ass to you balls rubbing and squeezing them gently then I rub his cock up…then back down. Then I climb on top of him facing away from him and I bend over with my pussy in his face and lick him from the tip of his cock, right down the shaft of him, between his balls ending with a little nibble to just under them….Mmmmm and he’s looking at my pussy, wanting to touch her and play with her but all he can do is look. Every once and a while I lean back enough that he can lift his head and give her a little lick and tease. Then I turn around and position myself between his legs, lifting them and spreading them apart. I start to lick and suck on his balls again, then I lick that little spot between his ass and his balls…then I move further back again and with shorter more aggressive licks I move down and back up his ass…mmmm swirling my tongue around it, playing with it with my fingers (and by this time he doesn’t care where my fingers are going….he is as horny as horny gets)….rubbing and pulling on his cock as I do. Then when I know he can’t take any more….I jump on top of him and fuck him sooo hard until you cumm

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