The Sexy Innkeepers

My wife and I were on vacation in Italy, bouncing around from city to city just being regular tourists. Towards the end of the trip we checked into a small bed and breakfast in a small town just for one night. We arrive and are greeted by the hosts who are two Romanian girls in their 20’s. One is tall and thin with dark hair and very delicate features. The other is shorter and blonde, with a nice tight body. They give us the tour in passable English and show us to our room. They say they will be around all night if we need anything. Just after they left, my wife said, ‘I think they like you, they kept looking at you.’ I said I hadn’t noticed, but I had, and I also noticed how sexy they both were.

We went out for the night, had some good times, plenty of wine and came back to the B&B around midnight. My wife immediately slipped out of her clothes and we commenced a hot session of sucking and fucking. She was especially loud, moaning and telling me to “fuck me with that big cock”. As we finished I blew my cum deep into her pussy and laid there happy and content. A couple of minutes later, I got up, leaving my now sleeping wife, to look for water. I slipped on some shorts and quietly walked into the common room. I found a couple of bottles of water and started back to my room, but before I made it, the shorter blonde appeared and said with a smile, “we hear you.” I replied, “I’m sorry, no more noise I promise” and she responded by walking towards me and whispering “I like it”. She was wearing only a tiny pair of panties and a thin white tank top. Her full tits strained against the fabric as she came close to me and placed her hand on my wasteband and pulled me toward her. She said, “I show you my room” and I blindly followed her through a door. Waiting in the room with the taller brunette laying on the bed completely naked, her long legs, perfectly flat stomach and small perky tits forcing my cock into complete rigidity. The blonde pulled me toward the bed and she climbed onto the other kissing her deeply and reaching her hand down toward her trim and waiting pussy. They broke from each other and turned their attention to me. The blonde pulled off her top, releasing her full tits. They pulled out my hard cock each licking one side, one of them saying ‘I taste your wife’s pussy’. They worked my cock, taking turns licking and sucking, as I kneeled on the bed with them bent over, their backs arched and their little asses up in the air. I moved around behind them, pulling the taller one’s hips back onto my hard cock. I entered her wet pussy easily, and reached over to the blonde’s ass that was right next to the brunette I was now fucking. I held on to my brunette with my right hand as my left explored the blonde’s pussy. I reached 2 and then 3 fingers deep inside her matching my fucking motion. I then switched over, now fucking the blonde and fingering the brunette, the blonde’s big tits bounced hard with every thrust as I buried my cock into her. My fingers work the other pussy and moved up higher to the brunettes tight ass. She moaned as my finger, wet with her pussy juice, slid deeper and deeper into her tight asshole. She pushed back against me and I worked another finger in, now with two in each of her holes. I pulled my cock out of the blonde and moved it over to the other, sliding it up and down across the brunette’s asshole, eventually pushing it in slowly, the blonde had moved and laid down, presenting her bald pussy to the other girl. The brunette licked hungrily as I pushed deeper and deeper into her ass. The blonde looked into my eyes, grabbing and caressing her perfect tits, pulling on the nipples as she was having her pussy eaten. She started to moan and buck, reaching orgasm. The show was too much, my cock buried deep in a tight ass and a beautiful blonde eye fucking me as she came, my cum welled up and exploded, filling her ass with my hot jizz. We all collapsed in a pile of sweat and sex, my cock still inside her. I eventually gathered myself and returned to my room, crawling into bed with my sleeping naked wife. The next morning, we got up and went about our trip….

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