The Toolman

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THE TOOLMAN Hello, this is the Toolman speaking. You dialed my number so you must want to know how I would give you the beating you crave for so much wimp. First let me tell you why I am called the Toolman. The reason is that I use all sorts of wrestling tools in giving my opponents the beating they are looking for, such as vises, hammers, prybars, wrenches, piledrivers, screwdrivers, clamps and spreaders, plus some very special finishing tools. My work is hard, brutal, thorough and totally devastating. If this is what you are looking for stay on the line – pause – I see that you are still there. This means that you know what kind of beating I will give you if I get on the mat with you. But I must warn you beforehand that you had better be able to take punishment because once I get started there is no stopping until you are stretched, squeezed, slammed, battered, punished, and forced to scream submission twice and then have me stake you to the mat so that I can have my way with you. When I take you on I don’t fuck around, no fucking amenities, no handshake, no rules and no time limit. From the very first I stalk across the mat and use my first tool, the vise, to wrap around your head mashing your face into my sweaty armpit. Then my biceps will crush down on your skull making you dizzy. After a while I change to another tool, the wrench, to brutalize your neck with vicious twists. This brings your first moan. I continue to drag you all over the mat pumping your head up and down until you start to sag. Then I use a swift and brutal hip flip that takes your body down to the mat with the force and sound of a slab of meat hitting the cutting board. I will have retained the headlock I had used to bring you down but quickly change to another tool, the clamp, that I apply with my bulging arms around your neck in a variation of the Japanese strangle or sleeper. Your body will go into frenetic motion as you squirm, thrash, arch up, and slam your arms and legs against the mat. Your face will get reddish as I brutally squeeze off your air supply. By this time you will be slipping into unconsciousness. But I don’t want this to happen to you just now because I want you to be aware of the punishment you are going to endure. I drop you almost lifeless to the mat and quickly strip you naked and then strip myself naked too. I then come back down to the mat and lock you into my pressure tool by getting you into a full nelson that bends you head cruelly into your heaving chest and forces your arms high over your head. I will brutalize you with this hold for a good three minutes just short of snapping your neck. I then add another of my vise tools, a boa constrictor legs scissor, around your midsection. Your contorted body is now subjected to the excruciating agony so intense that you will feel that your intestines might be squeezed out of your asshole. You will make your first scream. For the next ten minutes I use my reverse piledriver tool to lift you up and slam your ass down onto my knee. Then I use my spreader tool to force your legs as far apart as your skin can go which brings me another of your screams. I now turn to my finishing tools. I turn you on your stomach and climb on top. I use my reaming tool to stake your ass to the mat and work it in you ass until it is fully engorged and almost smoking. At that point my white lubricating part of my reaming tool coats my tool and fills your ass. Now you fully know what I would do to you. If you are man enough just call me and make a date. I promise you that I will not disappoint fulfilling your craving – my tools are waiting for you.

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