Timing is Everything

It was a normal Thursday night in Austin, and a group of us were at a bar on 6th street. I am there with my girlfriend at the time. About midnight I head off to the bathroom and as I open the door I see a small group of guys standing around looking at this girl who is sitting on one of the sinks. She is 20 or 21, brown hair, probably 5’9″ with a very nice body. She is wearing a short skirt and a white tank top, obviously pretty drunk. She is rubbing her tits over her thin shirt and says to the group half drunk and half playfully, “am I pretty? Am I?” Then she stands up and turns around, lifting up her skirt, exposing a nice tight ass and nothing on underneath. She bends over and says “is my pussy pretty?” as she shows the room her little bald pussy. I nod as she looks at me and smiles, grabbing my hand saying, “you think so… come here” and she leads me into one of the stalls. My dick gets instantly hard as she closes the door behind us and immediately undoes my pants and pulls out my ready cock. I am standing in the stall as this sexy girls is bent over sucking my cock. One of my friends that had been in the room had taken the job of keeping the door closed (though he opened it pretty frequently to keep the show going for the crowd). She takes my cock deep in her mouth, alternating between deep long sucking and lightly licking the tip of my cock. After a minute or so, I wanted to fuck that pretty pussy she had showed earlier. I pulled her up as I lifted that little tank top, exposing her perky C-cup tits and buried my face in them. I turned her around and grabbed her hips, her skirt now the only thing she was wearing pulled up around her waist. I aimed my cock as she bent over again, presenting her pussy for me to fuck. I entered her quickly, her tight pussy wet and ready. She was facing the door of the stall and as my friend opened the door to show the crowd, they saw her tits bouncing as I fucked her wildly from behind. I could feel my cum start build as I pounded her, and as I reached my climax I pulled out and sprayed her ass with my hot cum. Our encounter had lasted not more than five minutes. I put my wet cock away and zipped up and walked through the now larger crowd of 30 or so. I left her there covered in jizz, wearing virtually nothing. I pushed through the crowd and 10 steps outside of the bathroom I saw a couple of cops pushing their way toward the bathroom. I found my girlfriend and said, “there was a fight, cops are here let’s go” and we made our way to the exit. I had sex with my girlfriend that night, my cock still covered in the juices of the bathroom girl. She never found out about what happened and I have no idea what became of the girl in the bathroom….

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