wedding night affair

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“Phillip! I cant believe it!”
“Its true Fiona.”
“But surely she isn’t. I mean she can’t be a lesbian.”
“I saw her and sent her packing and now you’re going to help me. Go and get your coat and meet me in the lounge.”
“but why?”
“because you don’t want me to be humiliated do you so you’re going to come with me and pretend to be my bride. No one will notice and we can sneek out and drive away.”
“fine ill meet you there.” She answered phillip and then went to get her coat.
Half an hour later they were speeding down the highway when Fiona finally asked him where they were going.
“I’m taking you to the hotel I booked because I want you to be my blushing bride. No I take that back I want a woman who knows exactly what she’s doing so in short I want you.”
This took Fiona’s breath away and he could see by her reaction that she wanted it, wanted him, as badly as he wanted her.
“When do we get there?” she asked.
“in 15 minutes” he answered
“that’s a long time”
“you can wait witch”

When they got to the hotel, he wisked her inside and up to the room and when she turned around to turn off the light he came up behind her. His fingers brushed her shoulders and she nearly cried out. He unzipped her dress and she held it to her body.
“Let it go Foina.” And she did, standing there in her shoes and panty hose.
“Now walk to the doorway and take off your panty hose but leave your shoes on.”
She did his bidding and when she went to walk back he said no.
“Stay where you are until I say so.”
She stood and watched him strip and then becon her forward while he sat on the bed.
He commanded her to straddle him while he ran his fingers over her body until her nipples were like steel pokers, touching her everywhere except where she wanted him to. When he finally started to probe her pussy she nearly collapsed but managed to stay standing.
“OH MY GOD!” she screamed as she began to think, im goin to come I have to i…
He stopped and she ground. Phillip made a similar sound and he pulled her knees down onto the bed on either side of him. His stunning erection pointed at the heated heart of her until she couldn’t wait any more. She sank onto him and when she presented a nipple to his mout he took. She felt good. When she suddenly came with a rush and he bit down on her nipple and took hole of her hips to keep her moving.
When he finally exploded in her she came again.
Then he kissed her and then went down on her to eat up her sweet juicy pussy. He held her so she couldn’t get away. His tongue playing games teasing her and then darting in but coming straight bac out again.
When she began to beg him he lifted her bottom and drove his tongue into a spot that brought a scream to her lips. Her bac arched as she came and came and came. Her bac started to unkink after a few minutes of this.
“I love you like this. You don’t have the power to stop me doing wat I want to.”
She groned as he pulled her onto him and started thrusting.
Now listen to me. Im going to be your only lover from now on do you under stand?”
She couldn’t answer.
“do…you…understand!” He said as his thrusting became manic.
Yes, she thought, you’ve made yourself very clear.

The end
Now I must go iv cum 3 times writing this so its taken me a while.

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