Your Lover Mylover

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Your lover My lover.

The lights in the house were off. His wife did not expect him home untill tomorow. So he didn’t call out but silently climbed the stairs to the second level. It was a two storey house. The bedroom door was slightly open but he could see into the room without opening. Even though the bedroom was dimly lit he could make out his wife laying on the bed naked and groaning because there was a naked man grinding her slowly on their bed. He looked on in surprise watching the man move oh so slowly up and down on his wife. His wife’s hands caressing the man all the way down to his butt and her feet the back of his thighs. He watched the man’s ass. It was nice and flat and smooth. He wanted to watch his dick disappear into the man’s ass. Visions of him banging that ass and hearing the man scream in both agony and lust appeared before him. He stepped away from the door and undressed. He entered quietly. Suddenly his wife gasped when she became aware of him, her husband, getting on to the bed. The man jumped up but he grabbed him and together they fell off at the feet end of the bed. She hastly crawled to that side as she heard her lover gasped that sounded like a scream stuck in his throught. As she looked over the edge she saw her husband ontop and between her lovers legs. The gasps were now rythmic. Her lovers head was lolloing around on the floor. His eyes dark and glazed almost sleepy. Then her lover looked at her and her husband like he couldn’t control the situation. The lover was bobbing the way her husband was fucking him. This bobbing motion becoming faster and faster. Then a sound exploded from her husband and she new he had orgasmed. He collapsed on her lover; caressing the side of his face, down his neck and over his chest. Her lover looked drained. Her husband got up and she could see the wet cum on his belly. They had both orgasmed. She didn’t know what to make of this. As she stared at him he bent down to kiss her, caressing her face as he did so. He kissed her so that she moved back into the position she was when he enterd the room. Then he told her :”Wait here”. He got off the bed and picked up the lover in a firemans lift and laid him on the bed next to her. He went over the lover to his wife and while she was laying on her back opened her legs and violently forced his dick into her asshole. He was brutal in his love making.”OW!” Your’e hurting me! Please Stop!” The more she begged him the harder he fucked her. She felt as if she was going to be ripped ussunder. Pure red hot lust was building up in him. He had always wanted to fuck her like this. She was the one doing the bobbing now. She grabbed her lover laying next to her to get her maniac husband off her but instead he leaned over to caress her face and kissed her. Her cries were muffled now. The red hot lust became a searing white flame as he watched the lover kiss his wife. He pumped her faster.Again the cum exploded from him. His wife had passed out. He slowly pushed the lover off his wife. The lover rolled over and he got between the lovers legs and just layed there. Nuzzling him in the neck while his one hand reached over to caress his wife’s breast. The lover started French kissing him and soon they were making out on the bed. Caressing and stroking each other; rolling over to give each other a chance to be on top.Eventually the husbands dick found it’s way back into the the lover’s ass. Now the husband was the one who was oh so slowly grinding the lover. The lover groaned. They were so tight against each other that not even a ghost could pass between them. They became oblivious to the wife laying next to them still out cold. Oblivious to the world. As the hours passed by the husband managed to control his cum untill first light. As day light started to fill the room the husband stared at the lover with soft and gentle pleasure in his eyes. His hands went to the top of the lovers head to keep him from moving up and started to kiss him. With a grinding thrust shot his cum into the lover. Jerking as he did so.

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