Against the Wall

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It just started as a make out session in the dark of my basement; the only light was produced by the television. Slowly my shirt is removed, and so is my bra only to expose my B cup boobs. His hands start to play with my nipples at I can feel him getting hard underneath me. Teasingly I begin to rub my puss against him through our clothes. “oh god.” he whispers before I pull his shirt off of him, with difficulty. I lean forward so our skin is touching as we makeout. His hands traveling down to my ass and squeezing it and quickening my pace of my rubbing. “suck my cock” he says to be. “No” I reply. “SUCK my COCK, Whore!” I reply with “no” once more. Before I could do anything, he pushes me off the couch onto the floor. I stand to get back on him; he stands and pushes me into the wall, my breast pushing into the cold concrete wall. “let me go!” I laugh, as I feel my nipples get harder from the cold. I try and push away from the wall, but he is pressing me against it with more force than I can fight. “stop!” I laugh again. “stay like this” he say to me. I feel his weight let off, but his hands go to my pants and unbutton them. Quickly he pulls them down along with my underwear, I step out of them. His hands travel to my extremely wet puss. He starts to play with my clit, then one finger goes in. Then two, soon he has three. I moan with pleasure. But my pleasure is cut short, he pulls his hand away and I feel the buldge in his pants pressing against me. I moan again, “I want it.” I moan. “do you want it bitch?” he asked. I nod my head. “then suck my cock!”
Submissivly I do what he says, I turn around and pull his pants and boxers down. Slowly I take his 9 inch dick in my mouth. I let my tongue swirl around his head as my hands play with his balls. he moans and I know he is enjoying himself. A couple minutes pass before I start to deep throat him and his hips begin to thrust in to my throat faster. He pulls out of my mouth , before he grabs me by the hair, pulls me up and pushed me against the wall as he shoved his manhood into my puss. “YES” I scream as my legs wrap around him as he fucks me. “yes yes yes” I gasp over his moans.
His pace keeps getting faster and he is becoming more forceful. This makes me so hotter as I can feel my tempeture rise. My body starts to tense up. “I’m going to cum!” I say as my whole body clenches around his cock as he keeps going. My body begins to twitch and my eyes roll back alittle from pleasure. he keeps going for about fifteen more seconds before he finally cums inside of me.

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