Ahsley's first time

“Were having John and Linda over for the weekend, in two weeks,” my mother said to me only about a week after my sixteeth birthday. Fuck, I thought. John and Linda were the biggest squares ever concieved. The only good thing about them was their son, Calvin. Calvin was chiseled to perfection, had the most beautiful face, and had eyes that made you melt the second you looked into them. Also, he was a fantastic kisser. “Calvin wont be coming though.” I felt my heart sink as my mother spoke the words I had been dreading. Ever since that New Years Eve kiss, I’d wanted to see him again; to kiss him again.
I never really understood what he liked about me. I was short at only five foot three, I was skinny, but I didn’t have tiny boobs like all the other girls I knew. I wore a DD bra, but that was starting to be tight. My long blond hair swept across my chest and back. Although I never had a problem getting a date, I always thought I was too Ambercombie for calvin. Even though I was a virgin, I had been hoping Calvin could change that…

The two weeks went by relatively quickly, but when John and Linda came through the door folowed by their son, I was extatic. Calvin was even more gorgeous than I had remembered. I ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug a girl could give. My breasts pressed up against him, creating some fantastic cleavage, and he gave me a polite kiss on the cheek. We showed john and Linda to their room; a sofa bed in the den. Although Calvin would be sleeping in my brothers room next to mine.

That night, Calvin took us all to see a movie. We flirted through the entire thing, even though our parents were two seats away. We didn’t care, they’re was an attraction that couldn’t be beat. Halfway though the movie I got up to get some popcorn; he followed me right out of the theatre, and as soon as we stepped into the dark alleyway between the actual thetre and the lobby he planted that same fantastic kiss right on my mouth. Never had a kiss been so tasty, or erotic. I felt as if fireworks were going off. I had never been so determined, because I was going to make sure fireworks were the only thing being set off.

As he kissed harder, I tugged playfully at his lip with my teeth. A gentle groan came out of his mouth, as he pushed me up against the velvety wall. I could feel myself getting wet. But I had to stop it. What if my dad came to see what was taking so long? Even if Calvins tongue pressed up against mine was the greatest feeling; I stopped. Winked at him, and went back to my seat. He sat back down with the popcorn, and put his hand on the bare skin of my thigh. I felt a tingle rush from my toes right to my fingers. He lifted my miniskirt up so he could see my red silk panties and playfully stroked one finger back and forth over my quivering clit. I told him to stop, after all; what if someone saw.

I left the theatre. It was too hot.
I took a bus back home, telling everyone I wasn’t feeling well.
I got home and took off my skirt, bra and tee shirt, and put on a flimsy tank top to sleep in.

Twenty minutes later I heard the door open and shut. Seconds later Calvin was standing in the doorway to my bedroom. “Why’d you leave? I thought we were having fun.”
He had no idea.
I got up from my bed, and kissed him. First soft, then a little harder. I could feel my nipples getting hard, and I could tell Calvin could too because the next thing I new Calvin put his arms around me and lifted off my shirt; he had a full view of my breasts. He had the most fantastic look of extacy on his face when he saw the first juicy round nipple. He immediatly took one into his mouth, and I heard a sigh come out of one of our mouths. But I was so distracted, I couldn’t tell who’s. I pushed him off of me, and pushed him seductively onto the bed. I lifted his shirt, and just the sight of his abs made me groan. I licked my thumb and dragged the wetness down from his collarbone to the tip of his pants. As I undid the tie on his shorts, I kissed him harder than any kiss in the history of mankind. He was sitting off the edge of my bed, and I climbed on top of him, wrapped my legs around him and kissed him seductively. As he fondled my boobs, I could feel him getting harder and harder up against me. All that seperated us was his bermuda shorts, and the same red panties I was wearing before. “Oh, Ashley” he moaned, “you’re so beautiful. so hot. you’re like strawberries and whipped cream. You need to be eaten…”

He winked, and sexilly pushed me onto the bed. He started stroking me through my panties. The sensation of silk, up against my wet slit was incredible. I had played with myself before, but never had it been this good. He pulled my panties off reveling my clean shaven pussy. “You’re so classy” he whispered into my ear playfully. Then he surprised me; he stuck his tongue right up against me, and started licking. As if I were a fudgesickle dripping on a hot summer day. My back arched as he toyed with me. Just as I was about to come, he stopped and kissed me. Then he went at it again, and just on the brink he slowed his pace… “Come on Cal, stop teasing me. I need this… SOO bad. Please Cal.” He looked up at me seductively, “You sure?” he said. “YES!” I screamed, and as he licked and sucked more furiously than before, waves of pleasure washed over my entire body. I started to shake out of pleasure, but he kept going. And then he surprised me again; he stuck his tongue right inside me. He could feel the inner walls of me contracting around his tongue, and he loved it almost as much as I did.
I collapsed.

He told me he’d be right back, and slipped out of the room. He came back with a bag from an xxx shop, and dumped the contents out on the bed. There was some lube and some condoms. “You knew this was going to happen?” I asked; “Of course. After that kiss on New Years, I thought of no one but you. Fuck, you’re soo sexy.” I smiled seductively, and pulled off his shorts. I giggled when I saw his boxers. Yellow smilie faces. A famous socialite once said “That’s hot”, and that’s exactly what I said to Calvin. As soon as I pulled off his boxers, I took his member right into my hands. “I’m sorry if i’m not as good as you were with me. But i’m trying, ok baby.” He looked at me, his eyes were only half open, and completely glazed over. “Anything you do withh be perfect.” And with that I grabbed a condom and rolled it right over him. I grabbed the base of him with my right hand, squirted some raspberry lube onto him and slipped the rest of him right into my mouth. He was so big. But I knew I could handle it; I started licking the tip while pumping with my hand, as I took more and more of him into my mouth, and could tell he was getting close. So I let go, and climbed on top of him. As I rode him, my breasts bounced like dodgeballs in a room full of children. I was right on the edge, and I could tell he was getting close. He came first, and seconds later it happened to me.
I was soo spent. I collapsed on the bed next to him, and rested my head on his chest. His breathing was in perfect unison with mine.
I fell asleep, and in the morning he snuck off to his own room.

And to think, I still had two more days with him…

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