The title says it all. This a story about animality and how I created a taste for it. I’m pretty normal looking guy. I’ve had a few aproaches by women and sometimes I take them. I don’t look for a long time relationship. Just a little fuck. I have a short dark brown spiked hair and brown eyes. I weight about 120 kg. I do some weight lifting and living in a farm has something to with it I guess. My dick is a respectfull 7 inches limb and 2 inches thick. It grows 3 inches more in lenght and 1½ inches in thickness when I get excited by something.

I have a female dog and it’s something like me. Allways looking for a fuck. I first fucked it when I was masturbating and it came to lick my cock. I felt nice and I didn’t need a paper to wipe the cum off because of it licking it off. When this had went on for a month or so I thought about returning the favor. I went slowly inside of her and she looked at me. I only got a little inside, when I cummed. It felt nice to cum inside of something alive for the first time.

It came a daily routine for us. When I woked up she was waiting for me. Since I was horny every morning I went directly to her ass and went in. The more I went in the greater it felt.

After a year of stretching I got allmost completely inside of her. Then the real fun started. I could ram her with force and she liked it as well. Her pussy was amazing. I cummed so much that it dripped from her pussy. She licked all the extra cum away. Allmost every freetime I had I fucked her. When she saw me unzipping my pants she turned around and allowed me to enter her.

But I did get a bit tired of this same fuck. I looked for some other animals and I decided to try the horse. It wasn’t as pleasing as my dog, but I cummed.

After six months I had gone through every animal on the farm. My dog was the best of them. I fucked it daily and enjoyed it. She enjoyed it as well. But I still wanted to try other animals. So I sold my farm to a nice looking girl and bought a plane ticked to Africa.

When I got there I went to a cheap hotel and started sleeping.

I woked up after a moment to a knock and I went to open the door. There was a nice looking black woman in there. She spoke poor English and asked if I wanted to fuck her. Well, I didn’t have any objection. She was a professional. She didn’t seem very old. Propably about 19. She sucked me and then I went for her pussy. I fucked her for good and when she cummed I turned her and took her doggystyle. This caused her to come even more and I came as well. She was exhausted and started sleeping. I took a good look at her and saw that she had a dog tatooed under her breast. I wondered why it was there, but I didn’t care for it. I rolled her on her back and fucked her while sucking her big round tits.

When I woked up she had her robe around her waiting for me to wake up. She said thanks and asked me if I would follow her. I got up dressed and followed her.

We went to a nearby village and she took me to a hut. In the hut was somekind of deer. She blinfolded me and said to me that I should fuck either her or the deer. But before that I was supposed to be circled around a few times and then I should find either one.

When I was rolled around a bit I searched the nearest ass and sticked my dick in to it. It didn’t feel like hers and I took of the blindfold and saw that she was next to it and when I turned around there were naked women and men. The all had that dog tatoo under their breast. They didn’t look at me with disgust. Quite the other way around. I think he was the chief of the tribe that came to speak with me. The woman I had fucked translated his words for me.

The tribe I was in was the tribe I had been looking for. They fucked humans only to prevent them to die from extinction. When I had fucked his daughter doggy-style she had decided to test me. I had passed the test. I was to join the tribe or die. Not much of an option, but I wanted it. That was part of the reason why I came to Africa.

It took a while to make the preparations. After all, I was the first white to join the tribe. Once the preparations were ready I was taken to a large tent and told that I should go in the tent and bring back on animal. That animal would be my ‘wife’. I was to be married with that animal and please it until it would die. After that I was free to fuck any animal or human in the tribe.

Inside were animals all shapes and sizes. From chimps to deers. I tested the dog first, then I went after the deer and other animals. I left the chimp last. It was a smart choise. She was great. I fucked her twice before taking her out. She was still dripping with my cum and the tribe seemed impressed. I was taken to the shaman and he said something. A 14 year old girl with a chimp came beside me. The shaman told us to place our chimps before us looking at each other. The chimps looked at each other and started fucking. The shaman told me and the girl to do the same thing.

The tribe seemed pleased and I was wed with the two chimps and the girl. The woamn I had fucked in the hotel came to tell me that now I was to please my chimp until it would be satisfied and then please my human wife if she would want to.

During the next years I learned the tribes language and had wonderfull sex. My chimp died after 10 years and then I was allowed to fuck any female being in the tribe. I had the biggest cock in the tribe and the women who didn’t have their animal lovers anymore came to me more than once a day to seek satisfaction. I did manage to have some time to fuck the animals as well and I gathered a whole lot of experience with them. But I wanted more. So I packed my things and went to search other animals to fuck and new women and men to bring to the tribe.

After halfen year when I had brought three women and one man to the tribe I found a pair of lion puppies next to their mothers body. I took them under my wing. They were a female and male. I fed them and when they were big enough I fucked them and started my journey back to the tribe.

When I got back the tribe was impressed by me yet again. They were first impressed by my cocks size, then by the amount of my I had and now with the fact that I had gotten a pair of lions to fuck. I was the first in 100 years to do that. For that I was free to choose the lucky girl to be me my new wife and give her the male lion. I’ve had my eye on a girl ever since I got back and pointed her. She was about 9 and allready showing very promising signs of breasts.

The day after that I was wed with her and I had her for the first time. She had an extremely nice pussy and I cummed in her immediatly and she came to me as well. They had changed the ritual while I was gone. Now she was fucked by the lion. The sight got me horny and I fucked the other lion even harder than I had fucked the girl.

After 20 years of our marriage she still wants only me and we have our lions latest puppies to fuck. The tribe has gotten bigger and we have a young girl. We have chosen a lion for her allready and even I fuck her from time to time. Just to strech her. My lion has the most wonderfullest tongue, I think. It feels like it would lick my entire skin away, but it also gives me a huge boner to satisfy it.

After I had spended another 20 years in Africa I took my wife, my daughter, her husband and our lions to America. I had collected diamonds in Africa and I was a rich man when I got back. I bought my old farm back and transformed it in to a fucking farm. Now there are at least two tribes of animal fuckers in the world. Since the beastiality is forbidden, we kept it a secret and had a great time in there. But since my diamonds were running out, we had to invent some other way to keep the farm open. And since the fuckers didn’t want to lose it either, they collected money and gave to us. But we were still low on cash.

After a month we had an idea to start a video stor
e. An animality video store. It was a jackpot. Now we could also expand our search. From t
he people who came to the shooting about one quarte were interested in animality and the rest came in for money. The more money we made the more we could pay for the acters and actresses. Now my farm is a huge studio and we have bought all kinds of animals there and we have personally tested them all.

Our life is sexfilled and happy. I hope this could go on forever.

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