Apartment manager rides again

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It had been a month since my last meeting and it was with some excitement that I now approached the apartments. I was to see a different couple this morning. Alf and Edna. Alf is 64 and Edna 67 and I had been advised they were as dirty a pair of old fuckers, as you were ever likely to meet.
I was buzzed up from the main entrance and was soon stood outside the door to their apartment. The door opened and Alf was stood there in all his glory. Stark naked and with a very impressive Viagra enhanced hard on. He handed me a Viagra and told me to take it. Despite a brief protest he said I must take it as they wanted to fuck all morning and I was going to need it. As I walked past him he squeezed my arse and then slapped it quite hard.
Edna is in the bedroom he said and pointed the way. As I entered the bedroom, Edna was on her back on the bed with her hands and feet tied to the four corners with her huge saggy titties hanging to the side and a very hairy pussy on full display.
Lick her said Alf. I was not going to protest anymore, what was the point. I immediately got between her legs and lapped at her sopping wet cunt, She moaned loudly as I probed her hole and chewed on her clit. Alf was kneeling beside her head ploughing his very thick cock into her eager mouth. I was now tugging at a massive pair of hard nipples as she moaned in ecstasy and had her first orgasm on the tip of my tongue just as Alf shot a load of hot spunk into her mouth and of course she swallowed every drop.
She asked for me in her mouth and I happily obliged. She had a mouth like a vacuum cleaner as she sucked me deep into her mouth and throat effortlessly. Alf was chewing her nipples.
I humped at her mouth and Alf encouraged me to fuck her mouth real hard, so I did. I rode those lips for all I was worth and shot a fine load down her throat, which she swallowed without a sound, every last drop. This woman loved cum.
Alf sat on the edge of the bed and ordered me to kneel between his feet. It was quite obvious what he required so I cupped his big hairy balls in my hands and sunk my mouth down his shaft. I was bobbing up and down for ages before he started to moan and I felt his cocked swell and his balls twitch before he gushed to the back of my throat. I was held in place whilst he made sure I got every drop and licked it clean.
I was then ordered back between her legs, but this time on my knees as Alf wrapped his hand around my throbbing cock and eased it into her eager wet cunt. She bucked her hips at me as I shagged her hard and deep. Alf was alternating between slapping my arse for encouragement, tickling my balls with his fingers, pulling on my nipples which were very hard and horny and spreading her cunt lips with his fingers. This was all too much and I sunk it deep into her as I fired off another load of hot sticky cunt into this fuck machines cunt. As I withdrew with an audible plop, Alf was down licking her clean before licking all of her juices off my cock.
We untied Edna and the three of us laid still for a few minutes to recover. Edna was then on her hands and knees and I positioned myself behind her and prepared to fuck her hard doggystyle. Alf was not going to sit by and watch though, oh no. He was at my arse nudging his cock into my tight hole. This was a sandwich I liked. I was fucking her as hard as I could and Alf held himself in position so that I in effect, shagged myself with his cock. It was glorious and before long I was flooded with cum as I also shot a load up Edna.
We all collapsed in a heap on the bed and rested. I was told this was only the beginning and I could rest for thirty minutes, then we were doing it all again and more. I could’nt wait. I liked this couple a great deal.

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