At My Master’s Son’s Beck and Call

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At My Master’s Son’s Beck and Call
By nightseeker67

Fayth stood in the drawing room of the Blake family, waiting for her first instructions as to what she must do. Just the other night she had stood in this room to be interviewed by an aging, sickly, yet still commanding man who was looking for a governess for his youngest son. She had thankfully obtained the job, and she was given instructions to be in this room at noon to wait for further instructions. But it was almost 1 and no one had shown up! She fidgeted in the new dress that she had been provided, growing hot and impatient in this sweltering room. When the clock struck 1, she still stood there and was about to leave when the sons of Master Blake finally appeared. Master Blake had three sons: Michael, at age 2, Jeremiah, age 9—the one she was instructed to teach—and Nathaniel, age 20 (courting age). All three were handsome—though in Michael’s case downright adorable—but it was Nathaniel who drew her attention. At 6’2 he towers over my 5’4 and his muscles are strong and compacted enough that he could lift more than three times her weight and she certainly wasn’t light. He has a strong jaw, sensitive lips, and hazel eyes that make her quiver under her bodice. He has the authoritative air of his father but a boyish smile that she adored. Fayth bite her lip as he approaches her, carrying young Michael in his arms. He held her body in thrall just with the look in his eyes and she was suddenly terrified that she had put on the wrong outfit for this meeting.
“Ms. Jackson, as of tomorrow Father instructs you to teach Jeremiah on the topics you are qualified in: folklore, geometry, literature, astronomy, and music—vocal and instrumental. You will be highly compensated at the end of every month, receive a holiday once per season or depending on the celebrations, and shall be treated with utmost respect and care. Should you choose to wed, you may retain this position as governess for as long as you wish. Servants, a room, attired, and other necessities will be given to you as you will see if you follow your new lady’s maid, Cassandra,” Nathaniel said, gesturing to a thin, but shapely young woman.
She nods her head still mesmerized by his hazel eyes but says boldly, “and my interactions with the members of the Blake family?” Fayth blushes suddenly at her own boldness and even more when a devilish spark ignites in his eyes. He licks his lips and whispers, “Whatever is to your liking.” She nods her body trembling and he leaves with his brothers. Ms. Jackson finally lifts her head and Cassandra, her new servant, smiles a knowing smile at her and beckons for her to follow her towards her new room and new life.

Over the next few weeks, Fayth met Jeremiah in the parlor and educated him on the tales of England, the positions of the stars, and the ways of nature. Throughout each of the lessons, she had come to notice Nathaniel always observing them. Whether he did this due to a command of his father or his own whim, she had no idea. What she did know was that every time she saw that man, her body warmed, nipples tightened and pussy dripped. This continued on and on, and then one day Cassandra brought her a note addressed to her. “For you, madam.” She thanked her and broke the seal on the note to read it:
Dear Ms. Jackson,
As you may have heard, a ball is being held in honor of my father’s birthday on the 10th and it is my wish that you would grace us with your lovely presence at the ball. I have also written to ask if you will give me the privilege of being your escort for this affair—no strings attached mind you. I hope to receive your affirmative quickly. Have a pleasant day, Ms. Jackson.
Looking closely at the letter, she was shocked to realize that the letter was in Nathaniel’s own handwriting—meaning that he had spent time to painstakingly write her this note. She bit her lip, wrote him a note saying that it would be her greatest pleasure to attend the ball with Nathaniel as her escort, gave it to Cassandra to deliver, and dove into her closet to find the perfect gown.

Fayth and Nathaniel glided across the ballroom floor in a waltz, their bodies pressed against each other. Nathaniel was dressed resplendently in an exquisitely tailored tux, and Fayth was breathtaking in a crimson red dress that highlighted her dark skin and accentuated her curves. They danced on and on throughout the night until they ended up on the terrace of the Blake estate. They slowed to a walk and stood on the terrace staring up at the night sky; Nathaniel drew Fayth close to him and pressed her against the balcony railing staring into her dark chocolate brown eyes before leaning down and kissing her. They kissed gently and hesitantly at first but soon they were kissing with passion, their bodies pressed tight against each other. His hands cupped the back of her head and pressed her tightly against him, not a hair’s breadth of space between the two. Their passion increased with each second till they were practically tearing at each other’s clothes; his mouth moved from her lips to shower her neck with kisses and nibbles, his hands cupping her ass. Fayth panted hardly able to breathe, unable to believe that this man was kissing and holding her. He raised his mouth from her neck and kissed her hard again clasping her body close. They moaned into each other’s mouth, their hands moving on each other’s clothing, ripping open buttons and untying knots. They fought to get under each other’s clothes seeking to press their naked skin against each other.
Suddenly, the terrace doors opened with the butler standing in the doorway. “Master Nathaniel, your father requires your presence for greeting the members of Parliament,” he said showing no surprise at their passionate embrace.
Nathaniel cursed but responded to his butler, “Of course, Richards. I shall be there momentarily.” As the butler left, Nathaniel gave Fayth an apologetic smile before kissing her gently but with as much passion as before. As they stared into each other’s eyes, he whispered in her ear, “I’ll be back I swear. Don’t let any other man steal you away for the night.” With one more stolen kiss, he followed his butler’s path off the balcony toward his father.
Her breathing still uneven, Fayth hurriedly refastened her bodice and went to her bedroom. Hardly bothering to remove her shoes or firmly close the door, she fell back on the bed her hand between her legs. Thinking of Nathaniel, she began to finger herself thrusting her hips, moaning quietly. Her pussy got wetter and wetter as her mind fantasized over what might’ve happened had Richards not interrupted. She moaned longingly for the feel of Nathaniel’s naked body above hers as he penetrated her violently, his hands molding her heavy breasts. She forced three fingers inside herself, her thumb rubbing her clit as she imagined Nathaniel was the one doing it, making love to her trembling body. She continued this exquisite torture on herself not knowing that someone was watching her…..


Nathaniel had met the members of Parliament and acted like a courteous young man though in truth he wished every one of them would leave so that he could find Fayth. His mouth went dry at the memory of her firm yet willing body pressed against him, her soft, pouting mouth opened in quiet ecstasy. His body was hard eager for her naked flesh against his as they met in the wonderful union of man and woman. As he finally greeted the last representative, he gave his excuse and escaped up to Fayth’s room; as he crept towards her door he heard quiet, feminine moans. Opening her door slightly, he peered inside her room and was shocked and utterly aroused at the sight of her rolling on the bed bringing herself close and closer towards oblivion.
He watched, his breathing becoming ragged, his erection increasing and pressing against his trousers. He rubbed himself through his pants as he watched, his teeth gritted, as she fingered her pussy. He pressed his face more into the door, seeking for a better look at this erotic sight…her hips thrusting and juices running over her fingers. His cock grew painfully, practically begging to be released and buried inside her tight wet cunt. Banging his head against the door, he suddenly couldn’t take this agonizing arousal and burst into the doorway. Fayth looks up and gasps trying to cover her exposed body but Nathaniel growls at her, “Do not move at all goddamit.” She whimpers and bites her lips as suddenly he is between her legs licking and sucking at her pussy. She dug her nails into his scalp as he thrust her tongue into her pussy; his hands keeping her thighs spread wide open. Fayth pressed the heels of her feet into his back his tongue making her juices slid into her asshole. Knowing this, Nathaniel started to lick her puckered hole, moving back and forth between her pussy and her ass. Just when she thought it couldn’t have gotten better, he moved his mouth to her clit tugging and sucking it as his fingers delved into her hole. He fingered her tight, wet pussy his mouth sucking her engorged clit. “Please please,” she whimpers her eyes tearing up.
Suddenly, Nathaniel stands up and Fayth whimpers, annoyed that he stopped just when she was about to orgasm. “Why did you stop?” she asks. He rips off his trousers and Fayth gasps at the size of his veined, thick cock throbbing before her. He stares into my eyes and growls “Suck my cock.” Fayth eagerly climbs down onto her knees and starts to explore his cock with her tongue and fingers; he dug his fingers into her hair, his head tossed back in ecstasy. Fayth kisses his shaft before tugging on his balls, she whispers quietly, “May I suck now my master?” “Yes you good little girl,” he answers his hands tugging her mouth towards the head of his cock. She opens her mouth, his cock buried to the hilt inside her mouth. He moans as she sucks and sucks hard on his big cock, practically gagging on it. He gasps as he got closer to the edge and pulls her head away. As she pouts up at him, he whispers, “No, not like that. I wanna explode inside your tight little pussy.” Fayth’s eyes widen as he lifts her onto the bed and plunges her cock into her; her eyes tear up as he breaks her hymen. His eyes widen slightly but the surprise that she was a virgin didn’t stop him from fucking her passionately. He pounded her pussy, his mouth covering hers to prevent her from crying out. “Harder, harder,” she moaned against his mouth, and he eagerly complied his dick banging against her g-spot.
“How close are you?” he whispered against her ear. “I’m…I’m… there!!!” Fayth cries out her orgasm shattering her focus and thought. Nathaniel bites her neck to prevent himself from screaming, his cock pouring cum into her pussy. When finally they stop cumming, Nathaniel lies on his back and pulls Fayth close to him, removing the rest of her red dress. He kisses her neck, forehead, nose, eyelids, and finally lips; he smiles and says, “I love you Fayth, sleep tight my angel.” She smiles, realizing that was the first time he ever said her name, “I love you too Nathaniel.”


They reignited their passion for each other night after night after night. Soon they shared the same room, unwilling to be parted. On the anniversary of their first night together, April 10th, Nathaniel asked Fayth to forever be his wife—and she accepted!! They now live happily, with 7 children to show for their frequent mating. Their love and passion for each other has done nothing but grown over their time together—hell! If you go visit their estate today, their love making can still be heard!

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