At the Island

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Doc & I went to an Island for a weeks Vacation, I didn’t realize there was a Casino there!

I figured since we haven’t had sex for over 1 month, I’d turn him on with my new pink bikini! There are alot of people think I’m Carly on General Hospital!

While He was getting ready to go to the Casino, I slid into my new Bikini! When he saws me, he just said Have fun at the Pool and left for the casino!

I went to the pool and ordered a drink! The waitress told me “A lady like you should take a long walk on the beach, to the Left! So I did! I was watching the people in the Ocean and I figured I’d put down my Blanket and get some sun!

I laid on my Stomach and untied my top! Then I Untied my sides to the bottom! After a few minutes I heard some Whispering and I just kind of looked behind me! WOW to my surprise were 4 NAKED young guys, probably half my age! There they were staring at me and their Cocks were sticking straight out! I didn’t know I had came up on a nude beach!

I just Figured I’d surprise them & moved my ass until my bottom came off! I spread my legs to show them a little as hole and I Heard the one say WOW she’s a Natural blonde, I can see her Blonde muff!

At that I had sun glasses on, so they didn’t know I could see them! I rolled over on my Back and gave them a Pussy Shot!

I thought they were going to cream right there! There was only me and the 4 studs! Amazing, 4 different colored Cocks and all a little smaller then docs!

After about 5 minutes the 1 said Wonder if she wants to fuc1k and by then I was so turned on! I’ve never had another cock in me other then Doc’s 8 inch Hard Cock!

I took off my glasses & said “Which 1 wants to fuck this Pussy an they all said I!

I id, k only regular fucking, but don’t any of you have a condom and they Said no!

I figured What the fuck ad told them come on! So 1 at a time they laid on, slid their cocks in me and filed my Pussy with YOUNG Cock Juice! As the last 1 was done, along came a Chineese guy and he just looked, I said don’t you want some and he shook his head yes! So he proceeded to slid his bigger dick in my soaked pussy and within 1 minute he shot his load!

All 5 boys left and I figured I better hurry back to my room and n my pussy of ” Guys Cum”!

I put on my Bikini and walked to to the Casino! On the elevator were 4 ladies and 1 couldn’t help notice the white stuff dripping out of my Bikini Bottom! I whispered to here “You aught to try the “5 Guys Cum”!

I o to my room and just as I was undressing, In came Doc! He saw my Bare ass and said WOW you ant it right now and I said “You’ve never licked my pussy, I’m dripping with cum thinking of you tongue in my pussy, will you lick my pussy and when I turned around he saw the Cum, he threw me on the bed and ran his tongue into my Pussy, I told him I’m cumming and he licked all the Cum, coming out of my pussy!

Later when e wre at the Pool 1 of the boys came past with his girlfriend, and smiled, Dod said waht is that about and I Said, OH nothing, he just fucked me on the Beach! Doc just laughed! Later another boy came past and smiled, doc said YEH I know “He fucked you on the beach and I just smiled!!!!!

Since then We are now fucking 4 to 6 times a week and he licks my Pussy every time, good and long and I tell him I’m cumming, even though I’m not!

Can’t believe I had 5 colors of cock in me!

This is a true story!

It happened at Caolaventado

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