Being Worthy lll

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“You know scumbag, you’re beginning to bore me. I might just let you fuck me and then get rid of your sorry ass!” Mistress Cheryl snarled down at me as I laid there on the hard basement floor. The gag prevented me from answering, but I was thinking that would be fine with me. My cock agreed, especially when I realized she was totally naked.


“But you have not yet earned the right,” I heard her say as she untied my hands and feet. Andy rolled me onto my back and stood guard as the blonde held a long piece of rope. Her 34c’s dangled as she crouched down between my splayed legs, wound the end of the hemp around both of my balls and pulled it tight.


“I told you slave, that I love torturing balls just to watch fucking wimps like you beg for mercy.” She emphasized her statement when she yanked on the rope and ordered me to my knees. Andy tied my wrists behind my back as I looked up at my gorgeous bombshell. She had a caustic smile on her face.


Then she turned her back on me while keeping a firm grip on the long rope. Laughing out loud she began walking, forcing me to follow her. Trailing this beautiful babe’s bouncing buttocks was easy to do. But then, she’d turn sharply right, then left, then right again. Failure to keep up caused an immediate and painful pull on my bound jewels.  “Isn’t this fun?” She mocked. “How do your balls feel, slave?” She kept this up for ten minutes, enjoying my displeasure sadistically.


While I was being led around the room by my balls, Andy had gone across the vast room and took a seat in an upholstered chair. My enforced parade ended at Andy’s bare feet, and I got a sickening feeling about what was about to occur. Not only was the big man’s feet bare, but the rest of him was also.


“Remember slave, I told you earlier that to gain my pussy you’d be required to suck Andy’s cock!” Shaking my head defiantly I received a sharp yank on the ball rope. My screwed up face showed the agonizing pain as she kept up the pressure. “You will suck his cock slave!” She rebuked as she ripped off the duct tape and yanked out the panty-gag. That was followed by a sharp slap across my face. The ball torture continued as she dragged the rope back between my legs so that my sac was pulled backward. “I will keep pulling on your balls until you start sucking slave!” I tried valiantly to remain defiant, but the relentless pain broke my resolve.


Then pulling my head up by my hair she forced me to look at Andy’s monstrous cock, which was pointing straight toward my mouth. I was about to do something I’d never done. My heterosexual feelings precluded me from ever having any kind of erotic interaction with a man. However, at the command of this dominant little blonde bitch all of that was about to change. Inching forward as Mistress pulled on my balls from behind, I moved my face toward the steely piece of manhood. “Lick it around the head!” The smooth feeling on my tongue caused my own cock to surprisingly spring forward. Several laps around the head caused the big man to gasp. “Down the shaft!” She commanded. “Slowly”! I obeyed. “Lick his balls, he loves that.” Once again the feeling on my tongue was electric “Take his balls in your mouth!” Andy was moaning aloud. “Now lick back up the shaft!” Mistress kept a firm grip on the ball-rope during this ordeal. When I had reached the head again, I licked it without being told. “You’re learning,” the lady complimented. Now take his cock in your mouth as deep as it will go.” Not only was Andy’s cock long but it was thick, and my mouth stretched to get it all in. Slowly and steadily I accomplished the feat. Relaxing my palate, I could feel the organ pulsing. I had to be ready to swallow fast. Then I felt strong hands grip my hair. Instantly, the big man slammed his mighty meat repeatedly in and out of my mouth. The pressure on my balls ceased, as my mouth was being raped. At that moment I was hoping he’d cum fast, because the painful grip on my hair was hurting like hell. A torrent of salty spunk hit the back of my throat and it was all I could do to keep from choking. Swallowing furiously, I managed to get most of it down, allowing some cum to drool from the sides of my mouth. Of course Mistress pushed my face down to the floor and ordered me to lick up every drop. Then she ordered me to do the same to Andy’s cock and balls.


Waiting a few minutes to allow Andy to get settled, Mistress Cheryl removed the ball-rope and told the big man to spread eagle me down to the floor, face up. Once I was in place, the natural blonde babe straddled me so that her pussy was directly over my face. She taunted me. “This is what you want, isn’t it scumbag!?” Since I was not gagged I could answer, “Yes Mistress.” Then she slowly lowered her pelvis, so that her juncture got closer and closer. “Look at my pussy, slave.” I looked. “Tell how much you want to fuck me, to stick this big bad dick up my cunt!” She said as she reached back and gently began fondling my engorged cock. “Please Mistress, let me fuck you!”  “Say it with more feeling slave!” Looking up into her watery blue eyes, I begged, “Please Mistress, will you allow me to fuck you!?”


For an answer she stood up, moved back just enough so that her pussy was in line with my hard cock sticking straight up. Slowly she lowered herself. Words were not necessary when I felt her touch me. I feared I might cum right then, but I held out. Then she spoke. “You will fuck me my way, I’m on top, I will control this fucking and you better not cum before I tell you!” Very slowly I felt her envelop my cock in her warm, juicy cunt. The feeling was euphoric as I felt like a fish being swallowed whole by a hungry shark. I loved every second of it. Her up and down movements sent waves of pleasure through my system.


That’s when I saw Andy who was holding a jar of what looked like blue ointment. While Mistress was riding my cock, she instructed him to rub some of that Mineral Ice on my balls. Two thoughts went through me: Another man was going to put his hands on my balls, and this stuff could burn like hell. Since her body was blocking my view, I could only feel Andy’s fingers rubbing the gel on my balls. At first it actually felt soothing, but slowly the burning sensation took over, while the man liberally rubbed the stuff in.


Meanwhile the lady was getting all the pleasure she could from my still hard cock saying, “Come on fuck me good. Let me feel that big dick.” The full meaning of agony and ecstasy was fulfilling itself literally. My cock wanted to keep fucking, even though it was the lady who was controlling the action. I felt like I would explode anytime, while my balls burned. “Come on slave, give me that cum, let me have it now!” she screamed as her breathing escalated. Keep fucking, yes yes! Then she let out a mighty yelp about the same time I released into her. My balls burned for an hour after I left.


On Monday morning while sipping a cup of coffee at my desk, the phone rang. Picking up the receiver I smiled when I recognized the voice. “How did you like that Bill? Was that the fantasy you wanted played out?”


“Cheryl you were great, and so was Andy.”


“Hey, if you think up another scenario, let us know.”


“I sure will, but it’ll be my turn to dominate you next time.”




“Have a great week.”


“You too.”








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  1. susan gilmoor

    I loved your story I so enjoy torture on slaves, I would love a chat.
    susan xx

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